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Creator Success Stories at Pepper Content: Shweta Sharma

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Posted on 7/10/214 min read
Creator Success Stories at Pepper Content: Shweta Sharma
Freelance writing is not the only task that keeps Shweta busy. She spends her days working as a finance professional at an FMCG company in Mumbai. Writing to her is like meditation; she looks forward to it each day, every day. 

“As a kid, I always wanted to be a writer, and it all started with something as simple as taking part in an essay contest” 

Shweta Sharma is an eccentric writer who found Pepper Content a perfect companion to fulfill her writing dream. This journey started when she wished to work on her flair for writing and needed an outlet. She showed her work to her friends and family and received the real validation she needed. 

Friends recommended that she start a blog, but she was a strong believer that she needed a lot more than just a platform to upload her work – she needed a partner in crime. And thus began her memorable journey with Pepper Content. 

On Freelancing While Still On The Job

Freelance writing is not the only task that keeps Shweta busy. She spends her days working as a finance professional at an FMCG company in Mumbai. Writing to her is like meditation; she looks forward to it each day, every day. 

“I work on my writing before and after work hours. Writing is the one thing that remains a constant; I look forward to writing something each day. I write every day to keep myself calm and not think of the day job all day long,” says Shweta. 

On Juggling Two Roles 

A full-time job and a freelance career, how does she do it all? 

Shweta credits a lot of this balancing act to Pepper Content. “Pepper allows you to go inactive on the platform when you cannot take work and then come back online when you can. You can also pick up work based on your routine. It makes freelancing very comfortable” she explains. 

A majority of her freelancing work happens before work. She enjoys being ahead of the deadline for her own mental peace. “I have been able to take multiple assignments and open up my day for more work with this way of planning,” she adds. 

Her approach is simple; she has two deadlines—one set by the client, and the one she lays on herself. Proper planning gets you there! 

On Finding Her Writing Voice

Being an economics buff herself, she also loves to write in the same genre. With Pepper Content, she is one of the top writers in the Finance and Insurance domain. It’s about taking skills from your day job and gaining more from it. 

Her second most loved genre is the crypto market. “I find myself very fortunate that I’m getting all this writing work around cryptocurrency; it gives me a chance not just to share what I know, but also expand my knowledge base. One of the best reasons to start writing on a day-to-day basis is this knowledge gain.” she explains.  

On Learning From Each Assignment 

Writing for yourself is great, but writing for clients is genuinely putting your work in the public eye. The ability to write for brands has helped Shweta upskill and unlock more of her writing potential. She believes it has taught her to write from another person’s point of view. 

“Clients share a very detailed brief and structure on the Pepper platform. When assigned a topic, there are hundreds of things you want to put on paper. But having that direction from the clients makes it more streamlined.” She explains. 

We each have our own style of writing, have our own tone & voice. And with freelancing and brand work, Shweta has been able to work with more businesses and learn how to compliment her article to the needs of others. 

On Taking That Down Time 

Like her work, Shweta also likes to schedule her free time. And it’s the ideal amalgamation of books, a cup of coffee, and her favorite spot next to the window. 

At the end of each workday, Shweta likes to shut her laptop screen and get a few pages of light reading done to calm her mind and mark the end of a day’s work. This routine, she believes, is the best way to unwind. 

However, in the mornings, she likes to use reading as fuel for her brain. The active mind, ready to consume and absorb – this is when she does more focused reading, catching up on learning and the daily newspaper. 

On Taking The Path to Full-Time Freelancing 

“There is a part of me that wants to be just a freelancer, and maybe I see myself doing this soon,” she explains. “As writers, we are very imaginative about the future, So I have built it up in my head a lot.” 

She hopes to, one day, take up a role as a travel writer. But until then, she believes her journey with Pepper will help drive that result. 

“They [Pepper Content] are very transparent about how they work and what they do. It is a smooth flow of communication when you want to submit your work or clear doubts. You always find help and the right path to learning.” 

Adding Pepper To Her Life 

Just a few months with Pepper Content, Shweta has already established a name for herself in the network. 

She claims she was drawn to Pepper Content since it’s a very catchy concept and found the platform easy to work with. “It does not feel like a business or a job. They give you that space that allows you to be yourself and still make content for others. And there is no better way to build your own portfolio.” she explains.