10 Clever Holiday Marketing Strategies

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Posted on 11/05/225 min read
10 Clever Holiday Marketing Strategies
Looking for some smart holiday marketing ideas for your business? These 10 holiday marketing trends will work wonders for your business.


The holiday season is the time of the year when most businesses are always looking to attract customers and increase their sales. So, whether it’s creating brand awareness or fresh landing pages, finding various holiday marketing strategies to target new customers is always on the list of most businesses.

Business marketers and owners understand that holiday marketing is a great opportunity to boost sales and strike. If you are someone looking for a smart holiday marketing strategy, here are 10 clever holiday marketing ideas that you must check out.

What Is Holiday Marketing and Why Is it Important?

Holiday marketing is when businesses use different marketing techniques to draw customers’ attention by offering valuable offers and discounts to increase sales and revenues during the holiday. It’s a smart strategy rolled out during the holiday season to attract customers to take action.

Here are some reasons why holiday marketing is important for your business.

Shopping has become a ritual during the holidays

In earlier days, people would spend their holidays singing songs, dancing, sacrificing animals, and making fires. Today, people have become too busy and have replaced it with holiday shopping.

Encourages brand creativity

Trying to catch people’s attention during the holiday season is not an easy task, given the fact that many brands are trying to achieve the same results. Hence, holiday marketing encourages brands to work hard to develop creative ideas to connect with the audience and draw attention.

Provides benefits

Holiday marketing comes with benefits for both – brands and customers. While it brings amazing gifts and discounts to customers, it rewards your brand efforts with increased reputation and revenue.

Tests a brand’s ability to adjust and grow

Holiday marketing is a great way to test if you can cope with the competition and intensity of the holiday seasoning. It also shows whether businesses are adjustable and flexible as well.

10 Clever Holiday Marketing Ideas

You can find plenty of holiday marketing ideas for your e-commerce website or business that you can use during the holiday season. Here are some great holiday marketing trends you can use for your business.

1. Offer your customers the best experience

Though the holiday season is a joyful and exciting time, it can also create a lot of stress, especially gift shopping. Your brand can develop a holiday promotion strategy that will help relieve stress by providing customers with valuable and simple tricks and tips to improve the shopping experience.

You could provide customers with helpful information to make life easier during the holiday season. For example, if you’re running a supermarket, you could produce content with simple recipes to make cooking easier during the holiday season. This will help them and motivate your customers to purchase more products from your supermarket.

2. Start your marketing campaign early

When it comes to your holiday promotion strategy, you must start developing it early. Your target audience should think about your brand well before the holiday season. Though many consumers tend to shop last minute, some start shopping early too.

Hence, you can try to draw the attention of this audience by using holiday marketing strategies like seasonal offers and advertisements well ahead of the holiday season.

3. Appreciate shoppers


With so many brands having discounts and offers, consumers are often confused about where to spend their money when it comes to shopping for gifts and other products. This also means that even your loyal customers may go ahead and shop elsewhere during the holiday season.

So, if you are looking to pull in shoppers or previous customers back to your store, you must come up with a smart holiday promotion strategy. Your strategy must focus on gratitude and appreciation. Show your customers how important and valuable they are.

4. Use email marketing strategies


During the holiday season, people are always busy. They are either trying to catch up on some shopping or running errands. So, they do not have a lot of time for phone calls or even physical mail. However, they would be surely checking their inbox for emails.

During the holiday season, brands often send shoppers a variety of discounts and offers, and that’s why most consumers check their mail during the holidays. They are looking to get the best offers and deals. This makes email marketing one of the best strategies for holiday marketing.

5. Offer free rewards

Though holiday shopping is about purchasing gifts, most consumers still love to buy something for themselves. Providing them with free rewards and products is a compelling strategy to have in place for the holidays. This can help to motivate consumers to not only purchase but also spend more.

6. Engage your audience

Engaging your audience is another important tip when it comes to holiday marketing. There are many different platforms to engage with your audience, right from social media accounts, blogs, and websites. While your brand can interact with the audience during the holidays, you must communicate with them all year round.

7. Use hashtags


Since most people have a social media account, you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to connect and reach out to them on these platforms. Take advantage and use hashtags on popular platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Using hashtags helps you promote your products and services, including holiday promotions and sales.

8. Produce festive advertisements

You can develop your holiday marketing strategy according to your products and services. You can create ads that have a holiday touch to attract customers. You can also extend your holiday strategy to your content as well. For example, you can create a series of social media updates and blog posts that focus on the holiday season

9. Retarget customers

Are you aware that 96% of customers leave without making a purchase? Hence, having an email marketing or remarketing advertisement campaign can be helpful.

For example, if someone has provided their email address but hasn’t checked out, it’s a great idea to send them a follow-up email. Sending an email reminds the shopper that they still have an item in the cart, which encourages the user to go ahead and complete the purchase.

10. Develop a video marketing campaign

Video is one of the best marketing strategies you can use during the holiday season and throughout the year. It’s a great way to draw attention and build brand awareness.

According to statistics, 90% of users say that video helps them make a purchase decision. Hence, adding video content to your social media page, website or emails can help share your brand message or attract customers during the holiday season.


Make sure to use these 10-holiday marketing tips for your brand. With a little planning, you can develop a smart holiday marketing campaign that draws in customers and drives sales. Right from offering customers free rewards to showing them gratitude, you have a lot of different holiday marketing options to promote your brand.


1. How do you attract customers on holidays?

● Offer them coupons or discounts
● Offer special shipping deals
● Flash sales
● Create gift collections
● Create gift infographics

2. What makes a great holiday marketing strategy?

Do not simply copy your competitor’s marketing strategy. A great holiday marketing strategy is to know your target audience. Advertise on social media platforms to reach maximum people on all popular platforms.

3. How to create a holiday marketing campaign?

● Decide on a campaign theme
● Choose your campaign goals
● Define your target audience
● Create an offer
● Create a landing page
● Design a promotion plan
● Create lead nurturing paths
● Take your campaign live

4. What are some popular gifts that consumers buy during the holiday season?

Gift cards, toys, gadgets, and apparel are some of the most popular gifts shoppers purchase during the holiday season. Apart from these items, you can also find people purchasing food items during the holiday season.

5. Why is holiday marketing important for your brand?

Holiday marketing is important because it’s the best time to build brand awareness, improve client retention, and drive sales. Holiday marketing is a great opportunity to grow your brand and show off your creativity. However, it’s important to plan your holiday marketing strategies well in advance rather than later.