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25 Best Sites for Guest Posting: Ultimate Guest Blogging Site

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Posted on 28/08/215 min read
25 Best Sites for Guest Posting: Ultimate Guest Blogging Site

Table of Contents What is guest blogging? How to get your guest blog posted Well-known sites for guest blogging Lesser known sites for guest blogging FAQs What is Guest Blogging? Simply put, guest blogging involves writing and publishing articles for other websites. Your guest posts include your byline and are often highlighted by the editor… Continue reading 25 Best Sites for Guest Posting: Ultimate Guest Blogging Site

Table of Contents

  • What is guest blogging?
  • How to get your guest blog posted
  • Well-known sites for guest blogging
  • Lesser known sites for guest blogging
  • FAQs

What is Guest Blogging?

Simply put, guest blogging involves writing and publishing articles for other websites. Your guest posts include your byline and are often highlighted by the editor of that website as written by a ‘guest author’. Depending upon the website or publication, you may or may not receive remuneration for your guest post. Some publications offer non-monetary rewards for your post, like social media accounts or a link back to your own website. It allows you to drive traffic back to your own website. By guest blogging, you will build your profile as an expert in your niche; you can also grow your brand and expand your audience in the form of social media followers, subscribers, etc.

To get the maximum results out of guest blogging, you must target the best guest blogging sites. There are many guest blogging sites for SEO, where you can get blogs published.

How to Get Your Guest Blog Posted

Best practices to become a guest blogger:

1. Become an expert in your field

You need to set yourself apart from competitors. Get expertise in your field and create exclusive content which adds credibility and validation to your blogs.

2. Create an effective pitch 

Create a personalized pitch. Know who you are pitching to, including the blogs on their website, and their audience in order to demonstrate credibility and knowledge.

3. Value your network and relationships  

Your pitch for your guest post may get rejected by a publication, but you can still build your network and maintain relationships so that a different post that you write might get accepted in the future.

Well-known Sites for Guest Blogging

Some of the best guest blogging sites are-

1. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is the leading source for getting an online content marketing education. Their mission is to ensure that all the articles and blogs on their website are well-written, relevant, and practical. If you want to post on their site, you need to demonstrate exceptional written skills.

2. Social Media Examiner

 Social Media Examiner is very strict about guest posting and that’s because they only publish well-researched and detailed work. If you wish to guest post here, you have to be patient. You need to prove your writing capabilities and expertise to them.

3. CMO

If you are interested in marketing, you can write for CMO Magazine. CMO gives insights into the online marketing world. It helps executives, managers, and team members so that they can produce brilliant marketing campaigns and succeed in the digital marketing world. It is one of the best sites for guest posting where you can connect with people in your niche. By doing so, you can generate leads and you can boost traffic to your website.

4. HubSpot

Hubspot is a website that provides software, services, and resources that aid in digital marketing.

Hubspot is a great place to showcase your marketing expertise through guest blogging. Currently, it is one of the best guest blogging sites.

5. Design Milk

If you have expertise in art, then consider contributing to Design Milk

Design Milk is dedicated to modern design. It encompasses interior decorating, architecture, travel, fashion, and technology. The website has an artistic, modern layout. Design Milk is a great website to be featured on. 

6. Business Insider

Business Insider is a reliable resource that professionals from different industries turn to when they need expert advice. Be sure that you are qualified to offer expert-level advice before you submit your post here.

7. Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine focuses on web development and design. People at Smashing Magazine are interested in guest blog posts that contain helpful ideas, tips, and techniques. It is considered one of the best guest blogging sites.

8. Tech Crunch

Tech Crunch is a great option when it comes to guest posting. Tech crunch focuses on investment and finance. The publication does not try to find guest posts. You can submit your post in the “Got a tip” section where they describe their monthly themes and their needs.

9. Inc.com

Inc.com specializes in practical advice, services, and tools for small businesses.

You will find:

  • Insightful interviews and tips from industry experts
  • Helpful online business articles
  • They have a print magazine that is quite popular in the United States of America.

10. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a site that helps people to sell things. It is among the best guest blogging sites.

People at PandaDoc are looking for articles based on automation, sales and marketing, and document management. If this is your niche, you should certainly try to guest post for them.

11. MarketingProfs

MarketingProfs is created specifically for people who work in marketing. For your guest post to succeed in this space, you need to include a lot of insights in your post.

12. Medium

Medium is the best place to guest blog if you have expertise in any kind of technology or science. This site covers everything from medical sciences to articles about financial trends. This is a good opportunity to drive traffic to your site as there are over 120 million readers. Medium is the most preferred platform in its niche and is one of the best guest blogging sites.

Lesser Known Sites for Guest Blogging

13. ReadWrite

ReadWrite focuses on tech news and useful insights for entrepreneurs. The main categories on this site are Artificial Intelligence, smart cities, connected services, start-ups, etc. It offers advice on how to make use of a remote workforce to improve your business.

14. Web And Designers

Web And Designers is a crowdsourcing forum for web developers and designers. It is mainly used for problem-solving and resource sharing.

15. ShoutMeLoud

 ShoutMeLoud offers:

  •  Online marketing tips
  • Online money-making advice
  • Practical advice for internet success

16. iTech Engine

iTech Engine is a popular tech blog that handles computer tips and tricks, Windows, hacking tricks, MacOS tricks, tutorials, reviews of free applications, tips for Ubuntu, and registry tweaks.

17. HarshitSingal.com

HarshitSingal is a PR2 blog that offers information about traffic-building techniques and search engines.

It covers gaming, tech news, computers, software, mobile, etc.

18. Basic Blog Tips

Basic Blog Tips is a website dedicated to helping writers master the art of content creation. The website provides:

  • Blogging tips
  • Social Media tutorials
  •  Youtube training videos
  • Podcasts

 If you are an experienced blogger, this would be an ideal website to submit your guest blog.

19. InkwellEditorial.com

InkwellEditorial is designed to aid freelance writers in building their careers.

It publishes articles about self-publishing, SEO optimization, and how to get writing jobs. They also provide writing tips.  

20. ShoutMeTech

ShoutMETech is a popular technology blog from India. Though they are from India, they cover a global audience and ensure that readers get regular updates along with helpful Tech tips.

21. Web Design Ledger

Web Designer Ledger is designed for web designers and developers. It contains interviews of web developers and designers. It includes articles about UI, graphics, and web development tools. This is a great place to guest post and showcases your technical expertise. Definitely, one of the best guest blogging sites.

22. Daily Blog Tips

Daily Blog Tips helps online businesses to build, grow, and protect their businesses. It contains articles about online marketing, internet security, and business.

23. Innovation Management

Innovation Management is one of the best resources that publish innovation news and best practices.

Content on their website is written for and by professionals who work in the field of innovation. It contains articles about innovation in Climate Change, Eco-friendly business, Environment Sustainability, Green Innovation, etc.  Definitely, one of the best guest blogging sites.

24. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility offers a wide range of digital marketing services including paid media, social media marketing, email marketing, creative services, etc. You may submit your guest post if you have expertise in digital marketing.

25. Idea Scale

Idea Scale is an innovation management solution. It acts as a bridge between organizations and people with ideas. It uses crowd-sourcing to help you to transform your idea into a successful startup.

Some other websites that allow guest posting are Mashable, Creative Bloq, Benchmark, etc. These are also among the best guest blogging sites.

Explore the above-mentioned websites, write for them and pave your way to becoming an expert guest blogger!


1. Is guest posting safe for SEO?

Guest posting is one of the most preferred ways of increasing SEO. There are many free guest posting sites that can help with SEO.

2. Does Google penalize guest posting?

It is a myth that Google penalizes guest posting. Google does not penalize guest posting. You can easily post on different and free guest posting sites.

3. How do you find guest post websites that are free?

There are many ways to find free and best guest blogging sites, you must conduct proper research. You can search “Free Guest Posting sites list 2021” or “Digital Marketing Guest Posting sites”, “Guest blogging sites in India”, etc, to get the list of websites that accept guest posting.

4. How do I find guest posting opportunities?

There are a lot of opportunities available on social media platforms, Google searches, etc. Many digital marketing guest posting sites allow guest blogging in different niches. 

5. Can I get paid for guest posting?

Yes, there are a few websites that pay for guest posting, but your content should be approved by the website’s editor. There are many opportunities for paid as well as unpaid guest blogs offered by some of the best guest blogging sites.

6. What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Guest blogging helps in creating 
Brand awareness 
Improving websites domain authority 
Building links
Improving search engine ranking

7. Can I start guest blogging as a beginner?

Yes, anyone can start guest blogging, all you need to have is good skills and strategy.

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