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10 Female Creative Leaders in Graphic Design You Should Know

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Posted on 18/04/226 min read
10 Female Creative Leaders in Graphic Design You Should Know
Check out our detailed article below, where we discuss the most influential and creative women in graphic design who have carved a niche for themselves.

Do you aspire to make your mark in designing? Being a graphic designer demands a lot of creativity, excellence, and an artistic mindset. Typically, this tends to be a male-dominated industry. But that does not mean that there aren’t some top women graphic designers. If you’re looking for creative women to be your perfect role model, check out our list of the top 10 creative women graphic designers.


Top 10 Female Graphic Designers You Need to Follow

Who are female graphic designers? They are the women who design illustrations that appear captivating, intriguing, and thought-provoking. A closer glance at their work could depict their knowledge of brands and professional approaches.

Many such designers have crafted intricate and precisely detailed works that have helped them climb the ladders of success and good luck. Let’s check out some top women graphic designers below.

1. Juliette Van Rhyn

Juliette Van Rhyn has pursued excellence in designing several printed textiles for more than a decade. Perseverance and quality work have always been her top attributes, helping her reach new freelance printing and graphic designing milestones. 


Juliette Van Rhyn is a Graduate of Shillington’s London Campus, and her craving for hues enables her to fickle with designs playfully. But, with the tact and detailed study of designing, this female designer has skyrocketed her growth in her career and made it big in the industry.

2. Carolyn Davidson

Carolyn Davidson is a female architect who gained fame after designing the iconic Nike Swoosh for their logo. Nike itself is a brand that needs no introduction, and being its logo designer was a privilege that this female cherished forever. Designing the Nike logo dates back to 1971, and since then, it’s been a symbol of prestige for the renowned brand.


After fiddling in journalism for some time, Carolyn leaped into graphic designing and also completed a course in the same. This motivated her to work in a new direction that started with Blue Ribbon sports, where she used to make graphs for the Japanese Footwear Executives.

3. Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh’s journey toward designing geared off at the tender age of 11 years, and that’s when she realized her goal in life. It was surprising for her parents to witness how she aced the designing and coding of websites. Walsh was a thorough professional and a stupendous designer who realized her caliber at a younger age.


She completed her studies at RISD and then completed an internship at the famous design firm Pentagram. For this, she even turned down an Apple offer during that time. She worked as the associate director of the Print Magazine and got her work published in New York Times along with other magazine editions. 

Her professionalism made her in design. Poised with talents like creating pictures, digital designing, and painting, she is undoubtedly a renowned figure who aces typography, branding, and web designing. Her bold and proactive approach opened up avenues for Adobe and Levis for her.

4. Leta Sobierajski

Leta Sobierajski is a famous independent designer and an art director based in NYC. With an exceptional fusion of graphic designing blended with photography, her insights into designing unique visuals are simply phenomenal. 


Our list of women graphic designers has to include Leta, who is incredibly talented, and her innovative streaks helped her make it big with graphic designing. She explored diverse niches such as art direction, branding, video designing, and installation. She has a long list of achievements and successful working profiles in big companies like the New York Times, Google, Refinery 29, and Gucci.

5. Gail Anderson

Gail Anderson is the creative director of designing at the Spot Co (2002-2010) and a woman in design who aces mastery. She is a female patriarch who also assisted the NYC Advertising agency in curating some of the mind-boggling artworks. She develops artworks and designs at Broadway Theater.


Gail completed her work time at Rolling Stone magazine as the publication designer and the deputy art director. She is a woman who makes you fall in love with hues, and her vibrant graphic designs replicate the same. Gail has grabbed many awards for her prominent works, encompassing one from the Society of Publication Designers.

6. Jane Davis Doggett

Jane Davis Doggett was born in 1929. She holds a unique identity for her remarkable works. Her role model was Josef Albers, who had exciting thoughts on principles of color.

With her innovatory style, the standard font development was prevalent at the back of Memphis Airport in 1959. Since then, the alphabet ‘A’ has been her trademark, and it became a popular font utilized in airport projects owing to its long-distance readability. 


Another milestone she achieved was designing the way-finding systems for more than 40 systems. Jane is a famous woman in design due to her excellent graphics and signage, which supported passengers to explore routes at the airports. Some of her popular projects are Whitney Museum, Madison Square Garden, and the Niagara Falls International Convention Center.

7. Paula Scher

Paula Scher is a woman who designed exceptional typography and achieved a landmark identity during the mid-1990s. She has bagged a few projects to create symbology for reputed cultural institutes.


Apart from the prominent architectural collaborations, she also re-structured the numerous collaborations and infused a dynamic ambiance with her innate talent and know-how in graphic designing. She grabbed recognition for some reputable brands, and the top ones are Tiffany Co. and Saturday Night Live.

8. Susan Kare

Susan Kare is a reputed illustrations creator and graphic designer who rose to prominence for her typeface contribution and interface elements. Her debut in the designing world started with Apple Macintosh, where she commenced work from 1983-to 1986.


Post leaving Apple in 1985; she worked as a Creative Director for the NeXT brand created by Steve Jobs. In addition, her contribution as a design consultant in Sony Productions, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM is noticeable.

9. Sarah Boris


Sarah Boris has been an award-winning art director and graphic designer and managed to grab several significant projects under her crown. She worked with the Tate, Barbican Centre, and several others with a keen interest in art and illustration. Her vivid designs got published in top magazines like the ‘Designers from the Globe and the ‘Made in Bunch.’

10. Supriya Bhonsle

Famous female architects and their works speak abundance about their personality and professionalism. Supriya Bhonsle is another such AFX artist and a Sydney-based graphic designer.


She fancies animated characters and her quirky illustrations bring life to the imaginary tales. The range of projects under her belt includes TV shows, music videos, and other forms of branded content. She has a unique approach and invokes a resemblance to thought-provoking concepts that are futuristic and versatile.

Wrapping up

If you are someone with a keen understanding of brands, fashion, and a spark for creativity, the world of graphic designing welcomes you with open arms. We’ve listed several women graphic designers here, and with boosting inclination to online marketing, the scope of graphic designing widens with each day passing by.

Though the world always boasts about famous people and their achievements, females find it comparatively trickier to seek their way out. Several female graphic designers have curated illustrations and logos that have become a patent trademark of their recognition. We hope these women inspire you to become a phenomenal designer yourself.


1. Who’s the first-ever female graphic designer?

Paula Scher is the first woman in design who designed graphics and illustrations professionally. She completed her education at the Tyler School of Art and is an avid painter, author, and educator.

2. Is it possible for women to become graphic designers?

Of course! Several renowned female graphic designers have made a mark in the industry with their work. If you have sound knowledge and pursue design excellence, you can be a famous graphic designer.

3. How do a graphic artist and a graphic designer differ?

The graphic artists are the ones who develop art for a particular project. On the other hand, graphic designers hone the art of commissioning graphic artists’ work and creating a solution that conveys a specific message.

4. What skills do you need to become a graphic designer?

The top skills required to design are creativity, excellent communication, problem-solving skills, and strategy and time management.