7 Examples of Digital Marketing Strategies by Indian Brands

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Posted on 18/01/224 min read
7 Examples of Digital Marketing Strategies by Indian Brands

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We all exist in two worlds – real and virtual. Now that we spend so much time online, it’s more important than ever for companies to establish a vibrant and compelling online presence. Social media has become the quickest and most effective tool for companies to contact their target demographic. A firm or brand’s online marketing effort to create traffic, leads, income, conversions, and engagement is known as a digital marketing campaign. 

You’ve probably seen Facebook advertising in your News Feed or videos and posts from popular businesses on Instagram. These are all part of digital marketing campaigns. For companies of all sizes, digital marketing has become a powerful means to reach out to prospects and consumers. 

We can’t overemphasize the value of digital marketing among various demographics. But, to start, here are three steps to create a digital marketing campaign: 

  • Planning includes determining the campaign’s duration, goals, and target audience.
  • Development involves deciding on a plan that includes voice and messaging, targeted keywords, reaching the target audience, including campaign location and marketing selections, and connecting with other digital marketing platforms.
  • Management determines the effectiveness and value of a digital marketing campaign.

Here are some of the best digital marketing examples you can check out and get inspired by. 

7 Examples of Digital Marketing Strategies Followed by Indian Brands

1. Zomato

Zomato has a good understanding of its target market. The brand understands what motivates people to utilize its services and never fails to excite the gourmand in you!

Zomato’s hilarious tweet, “Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye,” became viral in July 2019, with over 18,000 likes. It became such a hit that other brands retweeted the post with statements of their own! 


2. Vogue India

Vogue India employs one of the most effective content marketing strategies: storytelling.

They created the #VogueEmpower campaign to raise awareness about women’s empowerment and violence against women. The campaign included Bollywood celebs and famous Indian personalities in their videos to add glamour and substance. They also included men to show how diverse the concept of woman empowerment can be. 


3. Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) is India’s largest coffee retailer. One of the most intriguing aspects of this organization is that they’ve rarely used print, television, radio, or other forms of traditional media advertising. Their marketing campaign focuses on the digital world – specifically web and social media advertising. 

They focus on content as the strong point in their marketing plan. Their expressive pictorial updates resonate with the vibrance of teenagers; some fantastic photography ably supports strong text editing.



This brand has a fantastic name and provides clever and entertaining content. Their blog articles have some unique information like memes and discussions on fashion. Furthermore, they cover major events such as Comic-Con, NH7 music festivals, and others. This company believes in doing what it believes in, which is to connect with its audience to the best extent possible by mimicking the characteristics of today’s youth.

5. KFC India

KFC is boosting its online presence on social media channels for brand exposure. The main goal of its social media marketing campaign is to improve product sales in India and attract and target a younger demographic. 

The brand’s “Design Your Own Bucket” challenge got a great response. Launched on Facebook, this campaign allowed fans to design their buckets using online art tools made available on the page. After this was done, fans were asked to submit their designs with a description of a “so good” moment in their life. 5,500 fans registered for this campaign, making it one of the most engaging events for the brand! 

6. Nykaa

Nykaa is an Indian e-commerce company that sells beauty and wellness goods from over 35,000 different brands. The most popular aspect of its digital marketing campaign is its interactive blog. The blog provides make-up tips and access to a panel of experts and bloggers who answer questions about beauty, health, nutrition, and personal care through content, Youtube videos, and other social media platforms.

7. Vicks

Vicks has developed a digital marketing campaign in India called “#TouchOfCare,” which challenges viewers to rethink the definition of a family while reiterating the value and touch of care. 

The video depicts how Gauri, a transgender woman, cared for Gayatri against all hurdles and societal challenges. In March 2017, the film was released in India, reinforcing the brand’s belief in the power of caring. The commercial demonstrates how love and care can bring two individuals unrelated by blood together to form a happy family. The video was published on YouTube and received over 9.7 million views.


Key Takeaways

  • You can help your audience realize what your business brings to the table and what sets you apart by actively connecting with them.
  • Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or another, each social media network has its own set of advantages. Make sure to play to your strengths.
  • In this blog, we have taken a look at some of the best digital marketing examples in India.
  • They should be enough to inspire you to add some pizzazz to your digital marketing campaign. 


People can get inspiration from the best digital marketing examples and social media case studies or campaigns. Year after year, there should be more and more effective digital marketing initiatives in the most imaginative way feasible.


1. Which is India’s leading digital marketing firm?

The leading digital marketing agency in India is iProspect India, part of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) group.

2. How many digital marketing firms exist in India?

In India, the number of digital marketing organizations might range between 5,000 to 10,000. Most marketing firms don’t bother with a website at all. The list grows longer when you add traditional and public relations agencies that provide digital marketing services.

3. What are the names of the top five digital media companies?

1. Netflix
2. Walt Disney 
3. Comcast Corporation
4. Charter Communications 
5. AT&T

4. What is digital marketing?

​​Digital marketing promotes brands to engage with customers on the Internet. It can use various channels like blogs, social media, etc., to do so.