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Yash Mangalwedhekar Is Growing as a Writer at Pepper

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Posted on 8/05/223 min read
Yash Mangalwedhekar Is Growing as a Writer at Pepper
Read about how Yash Mangalwedhekar is honing his writing skills with the help of Pepper Content.

Yash is a freelance content writer and digital marketer with experience spanning more than three years. His first brush with writing was through poetry and other creative forms of literature. Yash’s interest in content writing, however, was awakened back in 2018. 

“Content writing is a great way to explore new things. I’ve learned a lot while working with clients from different industries, ranging from SaaS to manufacturing,” Yash says enthusiastically.

It all started when an established writer introduced him to the world of freelancing. She taught him how to research and write long-form articles. Since then, he has worked with several Indian and American clients in logistics, supply chain, digital marketing, and UI/UX.

Exploring Different Industries

Yash is versatile and curious when it comes to traversing different niches of content. In addition to the ones mentioned above, he has worked extensively in the chiropractic, parenting, lifestyle, and design domains.

“Different industries have taught me different things. When I first wrote on technical topics, for example, I had to research more and alter my writing style. It got easier with time,” Yash elaborates on his learning journey. 

His urge to learn new things is also a major factor that drives his passion for writing. To further grow himself with relevant skills, he undertook a digital marketing internship. It equipped him with the knowledge of SEO, paid ads, affiliate marketing, and much more.

The Writing Process

Research forms an integral part of Yash’s writing process. It is also the first step in writing any piece of content. Once that is done, he creates a skeleton of the content, based on the brief provided by the client. “I send this structure to the client beforehand, so they can suggest changes. This saves time and also ensures nothing gets left out,” Yash explains.

After he’s done writing the first draft, Yash proofreads and edits the piece. He lays special emphasis on the flow of the piece. He also reviews language usage, conciseness, and accuracy. 

When Yash Met Pepper

Yash knew about Pepper Content long before he joined us as a writer. He used to consume Pepper’s content regularly on various social channels. Later, he ended up joining Pepper as a creator when his friend referred him. 

“My friend tagged me in a LinkedIn post by the Pepper team with a requirement for logistics and supply chain writers. I thought, ‘Why not give it a shot?’” Yash recalls.

Yash already had experience in that niche through previous freelance projects. So, he cleared the writing tests easily and was onboarded as a writer in 2021. This May marks his one-year work anniversary at Pepper, and we can’t be happier to have him.

Growth at Pepper

“Pepper has given me a great platform to showcase my writing skills,” Yash shares. “Before joining Pepper, the scope of my work was limited. But Pepper gave me an opportunity to try my hands at different content formats, niches, and industries,” he adds. 

He also considers the feedback from Pepper editors valuable and critical to his improvement as a writer. He has connected with many phenomenal people during the journey, who have been instrumental in helping him grow. He has also had the pleasure of working with big brands, including renowned news publications.

What Lies Ahead 

Yash plans to found his own agency to help businesses with their content needs. One of his main aims is to humanize storytelling. “In this increasingly AI-driven world, it has become crucial to retain the human essence of stories. That’s what I aim to do,” he explains. 

He has already started working on the business model behind the curtain. Moreover, he has a few writers on his team who help him with some projects. He gradually plans to expand his team as well as client base to build a successful business.

Message to Fellow Writers

According to Yash, maneuvering the freelance field isn’t easy. He advises newbie writers to be patient and thoroughly understand how content works. He also highlights the importance of optimism and enjoying the process of learning new things.

“Have fun during the process and work consistently towards building your skills every day. Write on topics you love, even if you do it just for yourself initially,” Yash suggests.

Yash’s story is a huge motivation for us to bring our creators projects that help them grow. Our community of creators is flourishing, and our doors are always open to talented people who are in search of better opportunities. If you’ve got the hunger, too, join us today.