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How Sneha Gaonkar Gave Wings to Her Freelance Career With Pepper

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Posted on 2/05/223 min read
How Sneha Gaonkar Gave Wings to Her Freelance Career With Pepper

Sneha is a qualified CA and freelance content writer from Mumbai, the city of dreams. She has years of experience in the service industry as a finance analyst. She specializes in topics related to finance and management across different sectors. Sneha also undertakes academic research and consulting projects with independent clients. 

“Reading and writing have always been my passion. Since I have two kids, I wanted to take some time off to take care of them. Freelancing allowed for that flexibility,” says Sneha.

Although Sneha was sure of her love for writing, she wanted to test the waters first. That’s why she took up a three-month equity research internship to see how well she did with finance writing. When she recognized her potential, she plunged into the freelancing world and never looked back.

Riding the Freelance Wagon

Sneha was quite used to the formal and structured processes common to the corporate world. The free-flowing world of freelancing was an uncharted terrain for her. Add to that her newfound skills in freelancing. Sneha had a lot of work to do, and she did it with all her heart.

“I liked that freelancing was never monotonous. I always had different topics to write on and something new to learn,” Sneha happily tells us. A break from the monotony and a flexible schedule gave her some respite, as she was getting accustomed to the new field.

Her Journey With Pepper

Sneha came across Pepper Content through a quick Google search for good freelancing platforms (a pat on the back to our SEO team). She came on board in September 2021 and has contributed to many important projects since then. Her expertise in finance topics has helped many of our clients.

Pepper has been helping Sneha get consistent work. She can decide her work schedule on the platform. Since most of the processes are automated on the portal, she can efficiently manage her work and personal life.

Her Writing Process 

Sneha takes delight in the research and analysis part of the writing process. “I like the thinking part. I enjoy pondering over concepts and case studies to gain insights. I love that I also get to contribute my perspective on the topic,” she says.

When asked about her writing process, Sneha shares that she begins by understanding the client brief thoroughly. What follows is a dive into the topic and curation of all the research sources. “For research, I refer to journal articles, company websites, and authoritative blogs, depending on the topic,” Sneha adds. She uses MS Word and Excel, and Grammarly as primary tools to manage and execute all her writing projects.

Sneha’s future goals include exploring different content formats instead of limiting herself to blogs. She also looks forward to leveling up her passive income and getting high-ticket projects. Pepper is enabling her with quality projects to meet her goals faster. 

Battling Hurdles

Sneha shares how, unlike a corporate job, you have to get your own projects in freelancing. You are the one dealing with clients directly and managing other aspects of your work at the same time. “Sometimes, there’s a gap between client expectations and what we think the client wants,” Sneha adds. 

But she has come a long way and is slowly learning the ropes. Pepper has also made it easier by bringing projects directly to her and mediating with the clients.

Another challenge she faced was during the COVID-19 lockdown when she had to take care of her kids and manage her work at the same time. It was quite hectic and took a lot of perseverance from her end. But Sneha, being a dedicated and focused individual, successfully sailed through the tough times.

Advice to Writers

Sneha suggests fellow writers not underestimate reading. She feels that someone may be a great writer, but reading always helps you improve your craft. She also offers insights on career transition and easing into your freelancing journey. 

“A career transition isn’t easy, but if you are genuinely interested in something, you should pursue it. It will take a lot of perseverance as you struggle, but it is going to be worth the effort,” Sneha shares.

We, at Pepper, strive to help creators like Sneha balance their personal and professional lives. Our community of creators from all walks of life has been continuously growing. Join our ever-expanding family and give your freelance career a boost.