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Harsha Sachdeva Is Taking Her Writing Business to New Heights With Pepper

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Posted on 17/05/223 min read
Harsha Sachdeva Is Taking Her Writing Business to New Heights With Pepper
We explore the story of Harsha Sachdeva, an ambitious freelance writer and agency owner, who is scaling her business with Pepper Content.

Harsha is a freelance content writer and agency owner. She considers herself a highly flexible professional who loves working across niches. Apart from writing, she is exploring influencer marketing, gaming, and affiliate marketing. 

She says, “In the final year of my degree, I took up a tech internship. The role also gave me the opportunity to explore my writing skills,” Harsha tells us.

When she got absorbed as a permanent employee, she also contributed to the content efforts of the business. Being an ambitious and high-achieving person, Harsha always saw writing as a great business opportunity.

Discovering Her Interest in Writing

After a few initial gigs, Harsha’s interest in writing grew manifold. “I enjoyed learning new things and creating content around them,” she says. In her freelance journey thus far, she has worked with many clients and agencies.

“I always felt the most comfortable working with agencies. It’s because there’s always a mediator you can turn to if things go haywire,” Harsha explains. 

Starting Her Agency 

After learning the ropes of freelance writing, Harsha wanted to capitalize more on her skills as a writer. The challenges brought by COVID-19 gave this vision a final push, and she recognized the need for multiple sources of income. 

Harsha started a writing agency that focused on delivering quality content projects. “I know starting something new is difficult. You put your heart and money into it. But most clients don’t have the budget agencies ask for,” she explains. During this journey, she faced several challenges—from unresponsive clients to underpaying work.  

Harsha wishes to build an agency that is accessible to the smallest of businesses. “Even if a 14-year-old wishes to start something, they can come and have a word with us,” she shares her vision. She wants to create an atmosphere devoid of false information and unjustifiable prices. She always aims to find innovative solutions to the problems her clients face.

Her Work Process

Harsha considers time the biggest investment—one that can’t be replaced by other assets. Grammarly and Copyscape also form an important part of her toolkit as a writer and business manager.

“I start my day at 9 am and divide it into different segments to make the most of them,” explains Harsha. She likes to prioritize her day-to-day tasks on a linear scale. She makes it a point to finish all the tasks planned for the day and not carry any backlogs. “If I don’t finish my work on time, I won’t be setting a good example for my team members,” she says. 

Talking about her agency, she prioritizes hiring the right people, on-boarding those who are as passionate about the work as she is. “Skills can be taught, but the passion to learn is inherent. I also consider trustworthiness and loyalty valuable traits in any team member,” says Harsha.

Working With Pepper

Harsha joined Pepper back in 2019, when we were still developing our product. She has been an indispensable part of our community ever since. “I have seen Pepper transition from the stage of infancy to the tech-driven automated platform it is today,” Harsha retraces her journey.

She appreciates the diverse work she gets to do on the platform, which adds to her growth as a writer. “Pepper streamlines the various processes related to freelancing and payment. The platform brings trustworthy clients and regular work to creators,” she adds.

In early 2022, she also registered her agency with Pepper to get more opportunities for her team. Considering her impressive portfolio and undying determination, we welcomed her business with open arms.

Advice to Writers

Harsha advises freelancers to never stop evolving and growing. For content writers, reading about new things and exploring new avenues are important for growth.

“It doesn’t matter how much money you earn or the clients you bag. Without the will to continue learning, your success is of little value,” Harsha shares.

Harsha’s story motivates us to work harder and make meaningful changes for more creators. Writers like her are integral to our vision of building the world’s largest content marketplace. We’re always looking for growth-driven individuals. So if you wish to be a part of our initiative, join us as a creator.