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How Dipen Mangal Earned Rs. 2 Lakh+ Within Months of Joining Pepper

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Posted on 26/04/223 min read
How Dipen Mangal Earned Rs. 2 Lakh+ Within Months of Joining Pepper

Dipen is a practicing chartered accountant and a qualified company secretary from the diamond city of India, Surat. He has always had a keen interest in the banking, financial, services, and insurance (BFSI) sector. Blessed with unfaltering grit and dedication, Dipen started his CA practice along with his two friends amid the challenges posed by the pandemic. When the lockdown began, their business took a major hit. 

“I wanted to utilize this time effectively,” says Dipen.

Dipen’s father always saw his potential in content writing. He ran a printing business and sometimes required Dipen’s help in crafting writing pieces. His earliest works in content writing involved a testimonial for a doctor who treated his brother during COVID-19. The appreciation from his father encouraged him to try it out as a profession. His existing knowledge of finance, coupled with his writing talents, opened many doors of opportunities. 

His Journey with Pepper

Dipen got to know about Pepper Content through a YouTube video posted by a popular CA trainer. The creator introduced content writing as a viable work opportunity, and listed Pepper Content among the best platforms to start with. Dipen took it into consideration and decided to start his journey with Pepper. 

While giving the initial screening test, he was unsure of his ability to qualify for Pepper’s creator community. Owing to his flair for writing, he got selected as a freelance content writer on the platform. He gives due credit to Pepper for helping him kickstart his content writing journey.

Opportunities at Pepper

Dipen already had a thorough knowledge of the finance field, which gave him first-hand insight into the topics he wrote on. He slowly developed a stronghold on content related to insurance, finance, investment, and taxation. Because of the extensive research that he conducted for each piece, he learned a lot more about his profession.

Dipen has been working part-time with Pepper for about ten months now. And in such a short period of time, he has earned a whopping two lakhs through the platform. The continuous product improvements and automated processes at Pepper helped him tremendously as a creator. He plans on taking up more projects and further expanding his career in content creation.

His Writing Process and Future Goals

Unlike many creators, Dipen didn’t start writing out of passion. He took it as a skill enhancement initiative in his early days at Pepper. But after being involved in the profession for a while, it became close to his heart. He considers himself a self-trained writer and uses feedback to continuously hone his craft.

When asked about his future goals, Dipen enthusiastically shared his vision of starting his own blog. He dreams of using it as a platform to help people with his financial knowledge and experience. Furthermore, he sees it as an apt use of the writing skills he developed at Pepper. He plans to balance his CA practice with his writing career.

Overcoming Challenges

Dipen had one rule for his work at Pepper: never pass an assignment. Although it helped him earn more and get better clients, it also posed some challenges. He recalls how in his earliest pieces of writing, he had no idea of the nitty-gritty of SEO structures and even some technical aspects of writing. 

He received an average quality score of 3.4 for his earlier assignments. But he consistently worked on the editorial feedback he received. His happiest day at Pepper, he says, was one when he bagged the highest-possible quality score of five. It was the moment that made him believe he could turn content creation into a good work opportunity.

Message to Fellow Writers

Dipen advises budding writers to never underestimate their knowledge of the subject matter. Focus more on finding your niche and building a strong grasp on it. If you know a topic well, the writing part becomes easier. According to Dipen, your experience and insights can offer some extra ounces of value to the client.

“Find your niche and work on it. Good hold on language is a must, but having subject-matter expertise is just as essential,” says Dipen.

Dipen’s career with Pepper is still flourishing. Creators like him are crucial to our vision of building the world’s largest content marketplace. We are working to realize the dreams of thousands of content creators, just like Dipen.