5 Amazing Content Writing Hacks to Get New Clients

Team Pepper
Posted on 25/11/216 min read
5 Amazing Content Writing Hacks to Get New Clients

Table of Contents

  • Evergreen Content Writing Tips for Beginners and Experienced Professionals

1. Ideate Viral Content

2. Write Share-Worthy, Clickable Titles

3. Ensure the Call-to-Action (CTAs) Buttons are in place

4. Write Well-Researched Content

5. Keep Updated with the Latest Trends

  • 5 Content Writing Tips for Beginners
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  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

You may be a great writer but might be finding it challenging to gain visitors despite your best content marketing efforts. Don’t worry, you are not alone. Most bloggers and article writers haven’t perfected the art of attracting clients through content marketing.

Here’s our endeavor to show you 5 amazing content writing hacks that can help you find new clients and increase the search traffic to unbelievable levels. This blog will help you attract more consumers, increase your email list, and repeat visitors to your website. These content writing tips and practical SEO content writing tips will aid you to their best.

Evergreen Content Writing Tips for Beginners and Experienced Professionals

1. Ideate viral content

Not all ideas go viral, the trick lies in writing relevant content that’s very useful and arouses instant curiosity and interest. Some of the best content writing hacks include writing content that induces emotions like laughter, fear, anger, pain, and pleasure. Such explosive content gets shared by default almost all the time and helps you broaden your reader base.

It is no longer sufficient to fulfill Google’s search engine parameters; today, there is a need for content with an emotional appeal that prompts readers to share with their friends. It is worth spending time on ideating, which helps your content go viral. Come up with trending content ideas that are funny, thought-provoking, somewhat controversial, and add attention-grabbing images and videos to your content.

2. Write share-worthy, clickable titles

As mentioned earlier, a catchy headline ensures 50% success for your content marketing efforts. A well-crafted headline is bound to capture your audience’s attention, hence focus on the headline for longer than you planned. Remember that you have hardly 8 to 10 seconds to grab the attention of the user.


Any valuable content writing tips would include writing headlines that prompt people to share instantly. The headline should be interesting enough to prod the reader to read on, and the next sentence should be compelling enough to prompt them to continue reading. Any content that arouses the curiosity in the reader is sure to be shared multiple times.

3. Ensure the Call-to-Action Buttons (CTAs) are in place

Make sure you choose words that urge your readers to take action immediately.  Content writing hacks include using CTAs like “Call Now”, “Click Here”, “Find out how”, etc. Any content without proper CTAs is almost useless. CTAs are an essential part of your content marketing efforts; hence you need to make sure that they feature in every article, blog or copy you write. Test your CTAs, and you’ll be surprised to learn how easy it is to boost your conversion rates using powerful CTA buttons. It is worth noting that if the readers fail to click on your action button, it is more likely that they will leave immediately, contributing to your bounce rate.


Your CTA should be placed strategically, look colorfully attractive, and prompt the users to click immediately. It is easy to run an A/B test, which will tell you how effective your CTA is. Call To Action is a gentle nudge that urges your readers on the next course of action they should take. Better CTAs invariably help with better conversion rates, making your readers paying customers.

4. Write well-researched content

One of the best content writing tips anyone could give you is to write well-researched articles. Not just your readers, even Google loves long, informative articles with appropriate keywords that the spider or crawler detects. It pays to pay attention to detail, which reflects in a well-researched subject, which can be presented as long-form content. Not only does it improve your search engine rankings, but it also makes the content engaging and share-worthy. 

Long-form content helps build brand authority and helps you gain more links. SEO content marketing tips from Marketing Experiments say that well-researched, long-form content converts 30% higher when compared to its shorter-form cousin.


Some of the best content marketing tips will tell you how essential it is to select a broad topic and dwell on it in detail by diving deep into it. You may also want to consider some excellent SEO content writing tips that assert the need to use long-tail keywords in the long-form content you write. It is needless to mention how crucial it is to add videos, images, graphics, and slide shows to your content to make it more interesting.

5. Be updated with the latest trends

Be the first one to share the latest happenings with your readers. Whether it is a new product launch or an update from Google about a new parameter updated recently, ensure that you keep yourself well-informed, and share the knowledge with your users, who will appreciate the information you share. Your content should be unique, informative, and useful, and make your readers look out for the next post eagerly. It is possible to hold the interest of your customers by sharing the latest trends through your content.

5 Content Writing Tips for Beginners

1. Feel the pulse of the audience

Nothing can be as important as knowing your audience before connecting. You need to understand what they need and provide it through your content. Learn how to identify your target audience, and whether they will benefit from your content.

2. Do enough keyword research

One of the best SEO content writing tips you can get is on researching keywords. You need to sprinkle the keywords liberally in your content, but always remember that overstuffing keywords is taboo.

3. Share only crucial information

Focus on quality, rather than on quantity. Present the all-important information at the beginning itself because you don’t have more than a few seconds to grab the attention of the users. People are always on the lookout for valuable information and will go to whoever shares such content.

4. Don’t ignore the emotional angle

While your content must be informative, it is equally important for it to resonate with your readers. Adding a personal touch that plays on people’s emotions makes them react favorably.

5. Keep it short and simple

Keep your sentences short and crisp. Readability is an essential factor that most writers fail to keep in mind while writing content. Avoid jargon and complex dictionary words. Ensure that your content passes the Flesch-Kincaid readability test.

Key Takeaways

  • It all boils down to how well your content stands out in the maze of the internet. 
  • Be as distinct as you can to stand apart from the competition, and the only way to achieve that is by writing compelling, quality content.
  • Paying attention to your Call-to-Action is equally critical. Remember that a CTA is not meant to urge your user to buy immediately; it only coaxes them to share the info with their friends and family.


The challenge most content marketers face lies in generating sufficient traffic in their quest to find new customers. While word-of-mouth referrals still work, optimizing your content using the best SEO practices is crucial. But before you optimize your content, focus on creating appealing content.


1. How can I engage more clients using content?

Some of the best content writing hacks include making it easy for your readers to navigate through your content. One of the best content writing tips is writing content that’s relevant to the users. Create compelling content, use appropriate keywords, and follow other best SEO practices. Remember, your content should be appealing enough for your readers to share with their friends.

2. How can I write appealing content?

One of the content writing tips for beginners includes writing a catchy headline, which takes care of more than half of the task. It’s the headline that makes all the difference and draws attention instantly. Research your topic well before settling down to write. Find the purpose and the means will always follow. Write with a distinct voice that is easily recognizable. Ensure that your content is optimized before it is published. It is also important to edit your content before it is seen by users.

3. How can I attract my target audience?

Finding your target audience is one of the content writing hacks you cannot ignore. Identifying your target audience is easy if you know your user’s persona. Check out the social media channels your audience hangs out at and target those platforms. Other article writing tips include getting your customers thinking by asking them relevant questions. It is also essential that you size up your audience and the geography they belong to.

4. Is there any way that I can make my content more readable?

Your introduction should be crisp and to the point to grab the readers’ attention and make them continue reading. Ensure that you write content relevant to your target audience. Your content should be engaging and have a distinct voice to distinguish your brand. It pays to write knowledgeable content that enriches the readers. Always prepare an outline before setting out to write.

5. How do I write successful content?

The trick lies in writing content for a niche audience. Writing in general never works, and it is crucial to understand the user’s persona before attempting to write. Writing such specific content ensures that it reaches the target audience, leading to better conversions.