5 Unique Ways to Kickstart Your Content Writing Career

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 26/11/213 min read
5 Unique Ways to Kickstart Your Content Writing Career

Table of Contents

  • How to Become a Writer for Beginners
  • 5 Unique Approaches for a Successful Content Writing Career 
  • Skills Required For Content Writing 
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Do you aspire to become a content writer? Content writers are usually people who love words and books. The tendency to gravitate towards language helps basic writers understand how to become great content writers. But, starting off as a content writer is one thing, becoming successful in your content writing career is another. Content writing is a huge umbrella under which various forms of content fall. You can be a reporter or journalist, an academic writer, a technical writer, or even a digital content writer. 


Having said that, the general definition of content writing is rather ambiguous. And that makes it doubly difficult for people who are interested in knowing how to become a writer. Hard work, dedication, knowledge of the guidelines of writing are some of the skills of a content writer. Proper research, ideation skills are important ingredients of compelling content. Creating content on the basis of all of these skills is part of the skills required for content writing. 

This article will discuss how to become a content writer with no experience. Honestly, it’s not that difficult if you follow the right approach to kickstart your career and have the right skill sets.

How to Become a Writer for Beginners

One of the greatest things about getting into a content writing career is that you don’t need a particular qualification. Yes, in the beginning, it can be pretty daunting. However, after getting the hang of it, it can become smooth sailing. Content writing comes with loads of flexibility as you can decide when to start your career. Usually, a degree in literature or journalism and mass communication or any related field would be preferred. However, if you want to get into research writing or technical writing, you may require a master’s degree in the related field. 

However, these degrees aren’t mandated by all. Two things that you need to focus on are your writing skills and an analytical mind.

5 Unique Approaches for a Successful Content Writing Career

Content writing can get confusing for beginners who want to kickstart their content writing career. Below are some interesting options for you to gather the skills required for content writing. 

1. Join an internship program

Nowadays, there are a plethora of content writing internship programs out there. Suppose you are a student and are considering a career in content writing with no experience, then an internship is the best way to get on-the-job experience. Through an internship, you will learn the depths of content writing. 

2. Apply to job sites

If you want to pursue a full-time career in content writing and have completed your graduation, you can join different job sites to find the ideal job. You can apply for several content writing roles at different companies through these aggregator websites. Some examples of such websites include Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, etc.

3. Become a freelance writer

Another incredible way to start your content writing career is by becoming a freelancer. It’s the most flexible content writing method, where you can take multiple projects from different companies at once. You can work as per your schedule and requirements. It’s perfect for anyone – whether a student or not. Networking online and at events also help immensely in such a career option. 


4. Approach small businesses

You can also look for small businesses that are looking for starters in content writing. This can actually help you take up more responsibility and impact the trajectory of a business through your content. It will allow you to work for them and get short or long-term writing projects without difficulties.

5. Setup your own blog

Setting up a blog is an ideal way to build your presence in the content writing world. It will assist you in developing a sense of authority over your content. It also will enable you to decide which niche to go for. Showing your works through the blog will also help you grab more opportunities. And give you an idea of how people respond to your content. 

Skills Required for Content Writing

There are several skills required for content writing. And these are a must if you want to become a successful content writer. 

1. Master different writing styles

There are different types of writing formats – articles, blogs, press releases, stories, scripts, case studies, and whatnot. Each of these forms requires a different writing style. Hence, you should learn and practice different writing styles to cater to any additional writing requirements with ease.


2. Define your original style and voice

Each writer has his or her own unique style of writing. While this adds a flair of uniqueness to their pieces, it also ensures that their content can’t be plagiarized. Being original distinguishes you from others. You should develop new perspectives and skills to use in your writing.

3. Learn basic technical skills

Basic technical skills include knowledge of HTML, SEO, CSS, and WordPress. You only need to know the basics of what these are and how they work. You can learn the basics of how to make your content SEO-friendly, how to upload it through WordPress, CSS, and how to manipulate codes to create a title or fix spacing issues.

4. Gain knowledge of social media

Nowadays, social media is omnipresent. It assists in building your presence and even offers new work opportunities. Hence, you should know about social media and about how to brand yourself using it as a platform. Social media helps in building an online presence, which may also allow you to get new projects. 


In order to establish and grow your content writing career, you need to be armed with the above-mentioned skills. Be confident while applying for work, and in the meanwhile build your presence online while working on your skills. All of this will assist you in pursuing a successful content writing career.


1. Is content writing a good career to pursue?

Yes, it’s a creative career that lets you earn a good amount of money and has huge work opportunities.

2. Does content writing pay well?

Yes, content writing can get you a good salary, depending on your experience level. 

3. What are the responsibilities of a content writer?

1. Creating digital/print copies for companies
2. Analyzing and researching ideas
3. Developing accurate and concise content
4 Optimizing the content to be SEO-friendly and easily readable

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