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Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Social Media Content

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Posted on 3/12/2110 min read
Do You Make These Simple Mistakes In Social Media Content

Table Of Content

  • Introduction 
  • What is Social Media Content?
  • Do You Make These Simple Mistakes in Social Media Content? 
  • How Is Social Media Content Used to Grow Businesses?
  • How Does Social Media Content Help in Growth?
  • Key Takeaways
  • FAQs

In the digital age, social media is possibly the most vibrant outreaching platform, with its span going as far and as deep as our everyday lives. From what we eat to what clothing we choose, and even who our friends and acquaintances are, social media acts as a pompous contributor.

The dynamism is only expanding daily. The closest and most recent example we can cite is Facebook turning to Meta and introducing an entire virtual world of simulated realities, connecting people to people with just a few taps.

Sounds like a narrative from a sci-fi world, isn’t it? Well, it is not much short of turning to realities with platforms like Instagram and Facebook opening a new world for everyday interactions across people and possessions. From the perspective of digital marketing for businesses, this opens up a world of opportunities and brings about the odds of pitfalls surfacing as common social media mistakes that content posting brings about. 

So, let’s first discuss what social media content amounts to and how it works, how it helps businesses grow, and the possible mistakes one can make when posting content on social media.

What is Social Media Content?

If you are on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest, you must have come across…

Oh wait, where are we even going with an ‘if’ here! Of course, you know what social media content means; only you might not recognize it is called content! If you are frequent on these sites, scrolling for hours might be your go-to action when opening an app like Instagram or Twitter. Well, what do you watch there? There are videos, memes, posts with creative graphics and short explanations, infographics, and similar other posts, right?

Well, all of these comprise social media content. Simply put, social media content is anything and everything that individuals and businesses post on their profiles and pages. This content posted and distributed on social networking sites forms the base of digital marketing for any business or brand. 

Social media content forms the key to interacting with consumers firsthand in the digital age. Effective social media content has increased the proximity brands have with consumers, thus leaving the possibility of inducing more value for better impact than traditional marketing methods.

However, the full potential of social media content can only be accessed and utilized if it is directed carefully to the right user base. A good part of it includes knowing well in advance about and avoiding the common social media marketing mistakes one can make when creating content. 

The common types of social media content can be identified as: 

  • Interactive content: There is hardly any content option today as popular as an interactive piece of content posted on social media. The key to their massive popularity is the user engagement that it offers, leaving a sense of community inclusion for readers. 

Quizzes and polls are super-popular examples of interactive content available today.


  • Infographics: When it comes to a content type that receives the most social sharing, infographics top the chart with their value-enriching design and quick composition. The impactful combination of images and short texts leaves the audience attracted to its visual appeal, resulting in a high-value generation through improved understanding.
  • Content with positive emotional value: If you have been using social networks for over five years, you must have observed the social buttons evolving from simple like-dislike options to buttons leaving a plethora of emojis to react with. And if you have observed, it invokes an increased frequency of your reactions. Positivity-evoking emotions inspire people to react more as they resonate with what they want to look forward to and feel. Most viral posts today also impart positive emotional value to the audience, in return garnering appreciation through organic shares and likes.
  • Visual content: Here’s a take on how an image can be more appealing to you than the generic text content posted in a simple way. Facebook posts that contain images have been found to receive 53% more likes than posts that lack images. And, why not? Think about how you would react to a piece of content that has valuable text and description in it rather than one rich with relatable pictures that help you connect and understand it better visually. There’s a high chance that the latter appeals to your mind, ending up receiving your response, good or bad.


And then, there is newsworthy content that allows the audience to derive new information about the whats and whys of things around them, which is again a powerful form of expression due to the value it carries. 

While these are prime examples of social media content, various other variations and combinations exist that appeal to the reader and provide better reach to a brand or business. Nevertheless, content is just the medium of connection. It needs a proper backing of a marketing strategy that ensures you do not end up committing common social media mistakes that turn out to be reasons for your brand not receiving sufficient recognition on the digital platform.

Do You Make These Simple Mistakes in Social Media Content?

Now, let’s look at common social media mistakes to avoid when sharing content on different networking platforms.

1. Unstrategic content posting

The disappointment that unstrategic content posting can bring to users is massively underrated. Many businesses are in the habit of posting content too frequently with an aim to keep the reader engaged. But, this quantity-driven approach may compromise your quality which will, unfortunately, result in reduced audience engagement and reach.

It is one of the most common social media mistakes that novice brands and businesses make when sharing content on different social networking platforms. It is thus ideal for keeping your content focused and aligned to your goal with periodic posting for improved reach and awareness.


2. Posting for everyone without targeting

Another common mistake digital marketers can make when using social media as the mode of communication is posting without identifying the target audience. If your business’s target audience is not identified, the chances of losing out on your content’s relevance are always heightened, thus resulting in stagnating reach.

3. Paying for increasing the number of followers

Gaining followers by purchasing them has always been an immoral and unjustified course of action when targeting success through social media content marketing. However, many businesses new to the platform end up making this mistake which often goes against how various social networking platforms work. As these algorithms work up to establish relevance and meaningfulness and improve user experience, purchasing followers can work against a business’s social media growth.

4. Missing out on brand voice creation

Another most common social media mistake that businesses make is missing out on creating a dedicated and identifiable brand voice. Also, you might end up sounding too official and strict in the tone used instead of giving your readers the right brand tone that resonates with them and your offerings. It is important to work on your brand voice on social media to establish lingering awareness among old and new users alike.


5. Posting with irrelevant/wrong hashtags

On a platform where virality can make or break a brand, hashtag use and user reaction to it can be the defining factor of your business’s popularity. So, even though a hashtag sounds cool and convenient, it is essential to understand what it gained popularity for. Not knowing why you are using a particular hashtag is risky, where you could be striking critically wrong chords with your followers on social media. Thus, when sharing content with a hashtag, make sure to research well about it so that the right relevance is established.


6. Posting on all social media platforms

The defining popularities of different social media platforms can easily tempt businesses into using all of them for content posting. A business must understand that each social media platform is designed differently and serves dedicated purposes, although all of them are used for information consumption. Not to mention, your presence on all mediums means increased use of resources and reduced affordability. It is thus wise to target the most relevant social media platforms and focus on them.


7. Not interacting enough with the community

So, you have built the desired social media presence over time with targeted content strategies. But, do your efforts on ensuring impactful social media use end here? Maybe not! Here’s the thing that you might miss out on — interacting well with your community. Yes, how and how much you interact with your customers and prospects defines your engagement with the community and leaves the users feeling involved and included, which you know, means increased reliability for your brand.

How Is Social Media Content Used to Grow Businesses?

Businesses often use social media content to grow the brand value digitally for overall prosperity and fulfillment of short and long goals.

Here’s how a business uses the digital marketing tool for business growth and outreach.

1. Generation of new leads

As per a social media examiner report, a huge chunk of small businesses, counting at 65%, have built a social media presence for lead generation. Given the exposure that social media brings for businesses, it undoubtedly serves as one of the top-performing platforms for generating highly qualified leads. Advanced audience targeting helps reach out to the right people at the right time, thus bringing about new business leads that can be helpful in sales and promotion for the business.

2. A climb up the SERPs

Your website’s ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) can be a clear and concise indication of how well your business is reaching its targeted audience. And, the right social media content marketing can contribute significantly to this climb. Advanced SEO techniques when posting social media content for appearances on organic search results helps business websites climb up the SERP rankings. 

3. Increase in site traffic

Social media provides you with a platform to reach your target audience. It also plays a key role in bringing targeted and organic traffic to business websites through relatable and interactive content. This is exactly what businesses work upon for the right results when posting on social networking platforms. 

4. Competitor identification and monitoring

Not many know this, but social media is great at identifying a business’s competitors, helping monitor their strategies and course of action for future goals. Businesses with savvy digital marketing teams often identify and monitor competitor actions on social media platforms. And of course, it also helps analyze what makes some of your competitors perform better than your website or the rest of the industry players for a realigned course of action.

5.Trust building in the community

Building trust in the community serves as the cornerstone for overall business growth and success when it comes to your website’s digital presence. As social media platforms are extremely dynamic with loads of options for users to choose from, garnering your community’s trust ensures you retain their viewership and provide the reason why they come back to your profile time after time for the good value acquisition. Businesses that understand the importance of trust in their community often focus on providing content that imparts value, relatability, uniqueness, authenticity, engagement, and inclusion to people who return to their social media profiles and pages.

6. Conversion maximization

Furthering on lead generation and traffic increase, businesses also use social media content to maximize conversion of visitors to their profiles to customers. And, what better way of expanding business growth than creating new customers through your social media profile? 

These efforts combine to bring about the desired outcome of brand recognition and authority. Some ways in which social media content posts help garner growth for businesses include the following:

  • Adding an appealing call to action: The call to action technique is the strategic hand-holding of customers and guiding them to take further action. This could be from viewing to reading, liking, and sharing content that they find valuable and relatable. Simple phrases like ‘Let us know’ and ‘Tell us why’ can be an appealing call to action.
  • Organizing giveaways and contests: Top brands periodically use contests and giveaways on social media to keep readers engaged. Such interesting content posts also invite new readers and viewers to participate, thus increasing awareness and reach.
  • Providing discounts and offers: Businesses also often come up with interesting offers and discounts to keep the visitors interested in new and popular products and services, thus bringing in growth through subtle marketing and advertising.

It is important that you do not overdo any of this and end up making social media mistakes at the onset of your content marketing journey.

How Does Social Media Content Help in Growth?

The overall impact that social media content helps achieve can be measured through a few simple yet strong parameters that act as indicators of improved outreach. Following are some results that strategic marketing of social media content helps achieve for inclusive business growth:

  1. Authority creation: So you share social media content that is unique, solution-oriented, and detailed when reaching out to your users. Well, that ends up creating brand authority in the entire industry and your business niche.
  2. Increased awareness of the brand: Targeted social media content shares can help reach new audience bases and keep existing users better informed about products and services, helping improve brand awareness.
  3. Establishing thought leadership: In line with brand authority, thought leadership establishes a business as the leader in the given niche. Social media content shares are one way to bring about such recognition.
  4. Authenticity creation: Social media shares often help businesses and brands connect with the readers and customers and help them relate to real-life scenarios and needs for which they use the platform, thus establishing authenticity.
  5. Affordable growth: Well, not to mention, social media is one of the most affordable marketing platforms one can use for better brand recognition and reliability, as sharing the right content requires more creativity and strategy than resources.

Key Takeaways

  • Any post uploaded by an individual or business on any social media platform is termed social media content.
  • Common social media content includes infographics, interactive content, positive emotional value-inducing content, image content, and newsworthy content.
  • Businesses use social media posts for various purposes, like lead generation, improving SERP rankings, increasing website traffic, identifying and monitoring competitors, building trust in the community, and maximizing conversions.
  • Appealing calls to action can inspire readers to increase a brand’s social media presence.
  • Organizing events like giveaways and contests and offering discounts can help improve user awareness and engagement with a brand on social media.
  • Using social media content just right can help create authority, increase brand awareness, make top brands thought leaders, and create authenticity for the brand.
  • Minimal use of resources when using social media marketing means affordable business growth.
  • Common social media mistakes you can avoid include posting quantitative content and ignoring quality, untargeted content postings, buying followers, not using brand voice, using irrelevant hashtags, using all social media platforms, and limiting community interactions.

Now that you are well aware of the common social media mistakes that need to be avoided, you should practice caution and use targeted strategies when planning social media content posts. It is always wise to research well about what type and form of social media content work best for your business and industry niche and plan out accordingly for the desired brand value growth on digital platforms.


1. What should be the right social media platform for content posting for your business?

As each brand and business is unique, finding the right social media platform for your business depends on your target audience, what type of content they prefer, and which digital platforms they interact with the most.

2. What kind of content should you post for your brand?

The best type of content to be posted for your brand on social media would depend on the type of your product or service and the demographic it serves.