News and Updates

News and Updates

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Announcing the winners of the Next Big Creators Award 2021

At Pepper Content, to recognize and honour these highly talented creators, “Next Big Creator Awards 2021” was announced on 20th January ‘21. We were overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm and dedication the community of creators had. With more than 1000’s of entries received at Pepper Content, creator aspirants did not leave a single stone unturned to prove their mettle in front of the jury and impress them with their divergent, fun yet amusing creativity skills.

From the Pepper Team

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Pepper’s Next Big Creator Awards

The past year saw India becoming home to 11 new unicorns, who defied the pandemic’s slowdown and made a positive impact on the Indian economy. Though the initial push came from innovators, what converted these business ideas into huge success stories were thousands of content creators. These passionate people translated the innovators’ dreams into a fabulous reality through sheer hard work and creativity. At Pepper, we are proud of building a community of these creative minds and excited to announce the Next Big Creator awards to recognize, honour, and reward the Indian content creators’ hard work. We have been thinking of taking this initiative for a long time and got inspired by the growth of our community of independent content creators. Pepper Content has achieved the milestone of building a network of 30,000+ creative minds, who continue to fuel the Indian economy’s growth story.
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