Pepper’s Next Big Creator Awards

Team Pepper
Posted on 20/01/213 min read
Pepper’s Next Big Creator Awards
The past year saw India becoming home to 11 new unicorns, who defied the pandemic’s slowdown and made a positive impact on the Indian economy. Though the initial push came from innovators, what converted these business ideas into huge success stories were thousands of content creators. These passionate people translated the innovators’ dreams into a fabulous reality through sheer hard work and creativity. At Pepper, we are proud of building a community of these creative minds and excited to announce the Next Big Creator awards to recognize, honour, and reward the Indian content creators’ hard work. We have been thinking of taking this initiative for a long time and got inspired by the growth of our community of independent content creators. Pepper Content has achieved the milestone of building a network of 30,000+ creative minds, who continue to fuel the Indian economy’s growth story.

With Next Big Creator Awards, we are on a mission to find and nurture the next generation of creative minds who will usher in New India. We are committed to recognize and honour these artists and provide them with a platform to harness their capabilities to the fullest.

These talented designers, podcasters, writers, video creators and catalysts of change are part of a bigger story. The one that culminates with India becoming a world leader in creativity economically. 

Thousands of these change-makers spread across India have been steadily fueling the Indian growth story and are driven by passion and purpose. And still, there are hardly any systematic efforts to give them their due. We are ready to change the status quo for once and for all.

Now is the time for the creative minds to shine and get into the spotlight. 

Starting 20th January, we will start accepting nominations for Pepper’s Next Big Creator Awards. Here are the categories that you can nominate yourself in or name others who have been doing a great job in content creation:

1. Podcasts

2020 saw massive growth in the number of podcasters. People have been listening more than ever, and podcasting is going from strength to strength, aided by the rise of platforms like Spotify and others. Go ahead, and tell us about your best episode or nominate your favourite podcaster. 

2. Video Creators

The Buggles sang about the video’s domination back in the 70s. With the rise of internet penetration and smartphones’ growth, everyone is watching something or the other. Video content is on the radar of every brand and marketer, and so are the superstar video creators. We welcome video creators to submit their best work. If you know one, do nominate them. 

3. Writers

One of the most important creative skills is the ability to write. If you can write, you have the power to tell stories that can convert ideas into reality. Writers drive the message home, all the time. Writers are like the hub of the wheel that keeps the show going. Simply put, without writers, businesses can’t survive and thrive. Tell us about your best script, blog, tagline or other projects that made a mark. 

4. Designers

What you see is what you get. In the digital age, that’s been the whole point. Colours, forms, layouts and textures can convey when even words become meaningless. The design has been central to bringing alive the vision of a business and brand. Share your best work or let us know about awesome designers who deserve some recognition. 

5. Twitter Titans

In the information age, no other social media platform comes close to the impact of Twitter. Twitter has become a platform for ideas and opinions to emerge and get noticed in no time. Share your best tweets, or tell us about Twitter Titans, changing the narrative with powerful commentary that gets traction and drives the digital conversations. 

6. Linkedin Leaders

There’s no other platform to build thought leadership like Linkedin. Linkedin is where ideas shape the professional world’s next developments. Have your updates been influencing others, or do you know of someone who’s making an impact? Share your profile or the story of someone who is into the thick of all the LinkedIn action. 

7. Creators for Change

Off late, creators have been heralding social change more than innovators. With smart, creative interventions, creators have been able to transform the lives of others. Have you been passionately working to uplift others or know someone who’s changing lives with their creativity, let us know.

Next Big Creator Awards will honour 40 creative minds across above 7 categories. You can nominate yourself as well as nominate your colleagues or friends. Participants will be required to provide a link to published work which will be judged on various metrics. The nomination process starts from 20th January and will continue till the 8th February 2021. A virtual finale will take place on 13th February 2021. The results will be announced along with panel discussions with the jury members and other established personalities from the country to talk about India’s growing Creative Economy.

Come. Let’s celebrate the power of content and content creators at Pepper’s Next Big Creator Awards 2021.