Announcing the winners of the Next Big Creators Award 2021

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Announcing the winners of the Next Big Creators Award 2021
At Pepper Content, to recognize and honour these highly talented creators, “Next Big Creator Awards 2021” was announced on 20th January ‘21. We were overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm and dedication the community of creators had. With more than 1000’s of entries received at Pepper Content, creator aspirants did not leave a single stone unturned to prove their mettle in front of the jury and impress them with their divergent, fun yet amusing creativity skills.
“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” – Albert Einstein 
This famous quote comes out from the journal of this world’s greatest theoretical physicists, and we cannot agree more. 
2020 was a year of peaks and valleys where the world dealt with a newfound virus and ways to escape from it. Another thing that one and all were trying to move away from was the boredom caused due to the lockdown and social distancing, which eventually led to the growth of creativity and made us realize our country’s talent. 
With around 265+ million active YouTube India users, 1200 creators with approximately 1 million subscribers and 2,500 reaching 1K subscribers’ milestone almost every day, depicts the enormous rise of good quality content and its demand. 
These content creators go by the name of Instagrammers, Twitter Titans, Designers, Writers, LinkedIn Leaders, Podcasters, Video Creators and many more. 
Not just YouTube or any other OTT video and social media platforms we’re talking about. Still, our country has more than a billion mobile phone users and 750 million internet users, and it is a huge number. It is expected that the number of internet users is expected to grow more than 974 million users by the year 2025 according to data platform Statista. This means that the potential is high. The content market and creators are going to witness worldly opportunities shortly. 
Recognizing the creativity, invention, out of the box mindset that the youth of India is loaded with, we have proudly developed a community of these talented “Content Creators” who are converting their ideas into life with all the hard work and efforts. 
At Pepper Content, to recognize and honour these highly talented creators, “Next Big Creator Awards 2021” was announced on 20th January ‘21. We were overwhelmed to see the enthusiasm and dedication the community of creators had. With more than 1000’s of entries received at Pepper Content, creator aspirants did not leave a single stone unturned to prove their mettle in front of the jury and impress them with their divergent, fun yet amusing creativity skills. 
Our jury consisted of several reputed names belonging to the content industry, and they were all overwhelmed by the thought process of these creative knights. 
Here are the names of our reputed jury members who were associated with us to scrutinize and find the Next Big Creator of the year 2021. 
Our Reputed Jury Members 
Mr. Devaiah Bopannah, Writer and Co-founder at All things small 
Mr. Anuj Gosalia, Co-founder of Terribly Tiny Tales 
Mr. Dipraj Jadhav – Video Creator 
Mr. Viraj Gehlani – Content Creator 
Mr. Varun Duggirala – Podcaster and CCO at The Glitch 
Ms. Meeta Malhotra – Founder at The Hard Copy 
Mr. Vaibhav Sisinty – Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker 
Mr. Ankur Warikoo – Entrepreneur, Content Creator 
Ms. Supriya Paul, Co-founder at Josh Talks 
Mr. Akash Ranison – Content Creator and Climate Activist 
With the unique viewpoint and exceptional vision of our jury members, we were able to discover 40 brilliant artists and content creators who deserved to be recognized and awarded as winners in this hunt. 
We are proud to present the list of these shining stars, who harness New India’s economic and creative growth story with their ushering talent. 
Writer’s Category 
Nemi Chand Mawari ( The Star Poet Nimay )
Nemi creates excellent poems in “Hindi”. His work has a deep sense of precision, excellence and careful consideration to balance the social and emotional outlook towards life. 
S. Fariah Zaidi ( Writer )
If you are looking for mysterious, romantic, thrilling and a beautiful viewpoint to look at this world, you can refer to the mind-blowing works of S. Fariah Zaidi. Her writing style is impeccable, neat and takes you on a journey of adventure and amazement in every sentence curve. 
Alok Ranjan Srivastava – ( Lyricist | Poet | Storyteller )
Hope, perspective and comprehension – Alok delivers a perfect balance of fulfilment and achievement in every writing piece. This old soul writer has a conventional way of conveying his message in almost every genre of life in several languages. 
Basundhara Ghosh – ( Writer )
If you’re a fan of trying to find an elaborated meaning in content, Basundhara Ghosh’s writings are what you should look forward to. Her unique perspective to look at the movies and find the hidden message in the given content is a work of excellence. 
Prachi Gangwani ( Writer & Publisher )
Prachi Gangwani and trends go hand in hand. This writer has hands-on perfection of writing the trending content by recognizing the factors that need to be addressed unapologetically and healthily. 
Ankush Shrivastava ( Writer )
About:- Ankush has a talent for writing classic combinations of new-age drama and emotion triggering factual content. His poetries are an example of how subtle emotions are kept out front of the audience to drive consciousness and amazement. 
Ghazal Khanna ( Writer )
About:- As the name suggests, Ghazal Khanna’s work synonyms with the quick and harsh, factual reality of life represented amusingly. Her vision authenticates the outbound of love, life, sugar, spice and everything nice. 
Mudit Shrivastav ( Writer )
About:- Nostalgic and traditional, this man has got a brilliant thought perspective to look at the world and every little thing that matters. His ability to define and depict classic aspects of life is impeccable, he writes in several different languages, and this adds another value to his portfolio. 
Podcaster’s Category 
Mantra Mugdha 
With a brand new wave of representing entertaining content and ideas for life with the help of Podcasts, Mantra Mugdha’s podcasts are a perfect match to go along with your serene and peaceful evening cup of tea to think over his philosophical and innovative views. 
Parveen Sharma 
Unwinding the boredom of studies by introducing new, innovative and fresh ways of learning. This “Cool Teacher of the New Era” has a hint of class, style and brilliancy in every knowledgeable podcast of his. 
Samanway Kocchar 
An extroverted-introvert, a college student, a video maker, a podcaster and so much more. This student has a unique sense of humour being represented in a simple, sophisticated and indirectly funny way. 
Aradhna Dupalla 
A must listen podcast for patriotic, regional, cultural and historical geeks. Aradhna Dupalla introduces you to the new, growing and upcoming India in her podcast with impeccable research. In contrast, she adds a fresh breath of air to amuse those who feel that ancient knowledge may be boring. 
Aditya Mattoo
All things about audio, Aditya Mattoo’s thought process, are derived from the idea of a quiz, learning and a bit of adrenaline. Catching hold of human emotion of becoming a winner, his podcasts were heavily famous during the lockdown period of 2020. He acted as a saviour to the ones who were losing hopes because of loneliness. 
Look Wot I Found 
This podcast is highly justified, useful and enlightening for one too many people who are simple and struggles with the sense of fashion, style, homemaking and many other things 
Sayasha Pillai 
Her podcasts are made for people of every age, where she and her team discuss the day to day life and several situations an individual may face during the day. It is entertaining, amusing and informative at the same time. 
Twitter Titan Category 
Palak Zatakia 
A “Curious to know things” individual who has the same curiosity to share the knowledge and interesting things on the internet with his followers. This creator breaks all the barriers to find out what’s new and bring it freshly baked to his audience’s tables. 
Designer Category 
Gonica Khanna 
If relatability with the remarkable design is what you’re looking for, then you should watch out for this urban era illustration artist/designer. Her work depicts the beauty of her vision and imagination that’s precise and perfect in almost every sense. 
Krishna Rathi 
Simplicity at its best, Krishna Rathi has an eye of minimal design that wins over the heart of each and every admirer. His thoughtful designs are not just pleasing for eyes, but for one’s mind as well. 
Varshini Ramakrishna 
One look at Varshini’s art, and your day is promised to be filled with colours and beauty. Her out of the box imagination and illustrations are commendable in depicting every small thing that matters and makes us realize the true importance of life. 
Sadhika Gupta – Delhi Doodler 
With her magical hands and calligraphy skills, Sadhika Gupta’s work shouldn’t be a miss by any individual in this world. The art and designs she makes have impeccable clarity, and that adds value to every simple piece of paper. 
Zubair Mohammad 
Apart from a strong political and diplomatic view towards life and the country. This man has a classic sense of creating an illustration about the things that matter. If “Working for a cause” has a real meaning to it, Zubair’s work is totally on point in that genre. 
LinkedIn Leaders Category 
Ramsri Gautham Golla 
A man with golden connections and excellent knowledge, Ramsri Gautham Golla is an individual in the market to be there for the long run. This person’s connections on LinkedIn shows why and how his popularity is soaring high on such a professional platform. 
Harjeet Khanduja
An award-winning speaker, HR leader, influencer and a man of vision. This person is everything you will try to find in a great content creator. Apart from being one of the most looked-after personalities on LinkedIn, he is also an author with profound experience on professional and corporate grounds. 
Ambarish Essetty 
With tremendous knowledge of the content marketing and LinkedIn world, this man is a multitasking individual and is known to create content that’s eye opening for the corporate world.
Vanishka Mehta 
With in-depth knowledge in branding and communications, Vanshika leverages Linkedin as a channel to share her insights and experiences within the B2B and B2C space. She’s worked with 70+ startups since she started her solopreneur journey in 2020, and is also the event director at ONECelibre – an event and community dedicated to freelancers and gig workers.
Sindhu Biswal 
Yet another creative leader on LinkedIn who is highly active on his page. With a super exciting and hooked read bio, Sidhu Biswal has aced the true meaning of being a creator on LinkedIn with a fresh perspective on representing his content. 
Creators for Change Category 
Crazy Feet Kavya 
This creator is all set to uncover the pride and integrity of India while articulating ancient India in a never before manner, you will find her Instagram page filled with beauty and all good things 
Rachita Taneja – Sanitary Panels 
A perfect blend of entertaining content and illustration, the sanitary panel is all about the progressive, social and cultural situations of India and how we can give our best to support the change. Their content is an eye-opener for every individual in terms of every walk of life. 
The Other Story 
Carefully curated and collected content and illustration, The Other Story is filled with all good things that require attention such as Upcycling Waste—supporting Local Artisans and Fair Pay, Creative Designs, Alternative Ideas, Inspiring Stories and much more. 
Vishal Yadav – Female Cricket 
In a Man’s world, Vishal Yadav is a real phenomenon prepared to bring a change in the mindset and perspective of every individual who feels that Cricket is a “Men’s Game”. You will see engrossing female cricket-oriented content to look at our country’s sports area. 
Safoora Hafeez – Saviours of the environment 
Focusing on what’s being underestimated, Safoora Hafeez’s content and is made all about nature. At a very young age of being a high schooler, she is dedicated to supporting nature and the environment and making this world a better place to live for us and even our coming generation. 
Tarun Makhija – 
The Creator’s mind has no peace, but that’s what Tarun Speaks! Recognizing the chaotic wire of a content creator, Tarun’s thought beyond content is all set to make everyone realize the importance of positivity. 
Video Creator Category

Farheen Panjwani 

Wish to know what suits you the best? What’s the latest fashion trend? Or what should be your outfit game? Farheen Panjwani’s content is concentrated for all the individuals who are willing to stand apart from the crowd and look their best at any given event and situation. 

If Farheen knows it, everyone knows it. Dedicated to creating highly informative and useful content for every individual, Farheen’s style is modern and contemporary at the same time. Her Instagram page is filled with fun, and creative content meant to change video creators’ perspectives. 
Yashraj Mukhate 
An undeniable powerhouse of talent and content, this man has made it all and proved himself that if you aim to, you can create everything from absolutely nothing. Yashraj is no less than a star himself whose work is anticipated by every alternate fan and follower. 
Niharika NM 
A girl who speaks with her expressions and content, soaring loud on the page of her Instagram, Niharika NM is followed by every fun-loving content appreciator to find good quality and well-scripted video stories. 
Ayush Wadhwa 
If you’re looking for small yet excellent video content with information from all over the world, Ayush Wadhwa is the man you should opt for. His exceptional thought process and love for travelling leads him to create videos that are fascinating and enlightening at the same time. 
Chhavi Sahal 
Her love for Yoga and craving for good health has got her a long way on social media pages of Instagram. With more than 1000 followers, Chhavi has become the epitome of health, peace, serenity, art and creativity at the same time!
Eshna Kutty
With some lethal bodily moves and highly versatile art of hula hoop, Eshna Kutty is actually “Overflowing” with talent all around her. The best thing about this talented creator is that she is balancing the art of creativity and entrepreneurship both simultaneously. 
Osho Jain 
A silver button YouTuber and an artist with a magical voice, Osho is highly active on Instagram posting and creating songs that’ll mesmerize your soul in every sense.
With our jury members’ help and experienced creators, our mission to find more enthusiastic and super talented content creators reached a whole new level. We were surprised to see so many entries, and it was tough to choose only 40 out of those as every creator’s work was visibly exceptional and eccentric in almost every genre. 
All the entries that we received of talented designers, podcasters, writers, and video creators are filled with energy and passion for driving our country’s creativity on a whole new platform. 
With the winning of these 40 hardworking creators, we are sure that the level of thinking has been hiked and inspired to do much better in the coming future, till the time we come with a whole new edition of The Next Big Creator at Pepper Content to award you and your talent with deserving recognition.

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