Ways to Create Strong Brand Identity Design

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Posted on 27/04/225 min read
Ways to Create Strong Brand Identity Design
Creating a robust brand identity design is essential for any business strategy. Here are some ways to create an appealing brand identity using design.

We often hear the famous saying, “It takes two to tango,” but it takes a lot of elements when creating a solid brand identity. One of the essential elements is brand identity design. Behind every successful business, there is an excellent brand identity that helps to establish customer relationships. Hence, creating a brand identity design that reflects your business values and resonates with your audience is essential. So, if you start your business in 2022 or are trying to expand your business, you must get your corporate identity design right.

What is Brand Identity Design?

Brand identity speaks about your brand – your company’s values, what your product or service communicates, how your company resonates with your target audience, and more. It is your company’s personality. However, brand identity design is a process of creating a company’s visual excursion that forms and depicts your brand identity. It involves:

  • Logo design
  • Font and format
  • Color theme
  • Shapes and forms
  • Tone and voice
  • Language and phrasing
  • Packaging and messaging

You need to display your brand’s visual identity across all platforms consistently. That’s because it represents and reinforces the idea and emotion of the brand. Also, the message portrayed in your brand identity design should be clear, concise, and attractive. Apart from the quality of your product or service, brand identity design is what will attract the attention of potential customers and make your business shine.

Why is Brand Identity Important?

Crafting a cohesive and professional corporate identity design is crucial for branding strategy. Here are the reasons for the importance of brand identity:

  • It showcases the values and personality of your brand.
  • It communicates your brand’s message and business goals effectively.
  • It displays consistent messages across all platforms and campaigns.
  • It differentiates your business from your competitor in the market.
  • It creates and increases awareness about your product or service.

Why is Design Crucial to Brand Identity? 

No matter how well you articulate your brand messaging, you need to get the design right for it to be successful. When you invest time in creating your brand identity, you get the following benefits:

  • Creates an impression that your brand is professional and trustworthy
  • Displays unity and cohesiveness in your brand that appeals to a larger audience
  • Instills brand recognition amongst customers and potential customers over a period
  • Helps to build loyal followers and fan bases for your brand
  • Improves your brand’s recall value amongst users and audiences
  • Generates more leads and increases sales

How to Create a Brand Identity using Design?

Creating a brand identity design sounds exciting and fun, but it involves a lot of thought processes. It no longer stops at logos and colors. Today, it is more about your voice, imagery, and messaging. So, designing a commercially appealing identity and representing your brand’s personality can be overwhelming. Here are some steps when creating a brand identity using design:

1. Identify your target audience

Before hiring a graphic designer to create a brand identity design, ensure you identify your target audience. It will help you determine the brand color, logo design, typography, and the message you want to convey to your audience. Target audience is a group of people that will likely use your product or service. 

Figure out your target audience’s demographic and geographic information, such as age range, language, gender, income, and social media preferences. For example, you might consider using bright colors, funny cartoons, or animal characters if your product is child-centric. Brand identity design should connect with users, like how Ronald McDonald’s character instantly connects with kids and adults alike.


2. Know your value proposition

Knowing what you are selling and how it is better than your competitors is your value proposition. It will communicate the top reasons why your product or service is best for your customers. Your brand identity design should be able to explain this in a one-liner statement. 

Create a strong, catchy, and clear headline that brings value to your customer and is also a single memorable phrase. ‘Mutual Funds Sahi Hai’ and ‘Accenture high performance. Delivered‘ and “Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat‘ are great examples of companies showcasing their value proposition in their brand identity design.


3. Select your brand colors and fonts

Different colors create different impacts on our brains. Red can evoke passion, danger, and love, while yellow represents friendship, happiness, and optimism. So, when creating a brand identity design, choose the colors that go with your brand messaging. 

You can select up to four different colors and shades to start a solid visual identity. Next, in the design aspect, focus on font and font size. You can convey your message professionally or casually by selecting appropriate fonts.


4. Design Your Brand identity Logo

A logo is the main focal point for any business identity design, which should capture the brand’s essence in a simple, timeless, and scalable manner. Color combinations play a massive role in creating a brand logo. When you do it appropriately, your logo can instantly grab the attention of your target audience. Everything from color combination, font, icons, shapes, and pattern will matter when designing logos for your brand.


5. Use social networks

After you have your logo, tagline, and imagery sorted, start using social media to get the audience’s impression. It is one of the best corporate brand ideas that you can use to take your brand identity design to the next level. Post it on social media after placing your brand logo and visuals on the website, letterheads, packaging, email signature, and business cards. 

Collaborating with influencers is one of the best ways to get more eyeballs to your brand identity. For example, you will find Apple’s log everywhere – website, iPhones, MacBook, Apple Store, etc.

6. Make branding consistent

Consistency is the key to customer satisfaction. When you provide the same level of service every day, your customer remains satisfied after every interaction with your product or service. Keeping your logo and messaging consistent across all platforms will ensure your customer stays with your brand. So, whether you want to build brand identity over social media, messaging apps, or physical stores, have the same logo, messaging, and imagery everywhere. 

The whole process of building and promoting a brand identity is not easy, nor is it quick. You need a lot of passion and perseverance to get it right. However, business identity design is the most valuable investment you will make for your business. Initially, you might not get it right, but keep working on it to achieve great results. Ensure you stick to the brand’s strategy and messaging when creating a unique business identity design for your company.

Regardless of your organization’s style, size and target, your brand identity design will bring in more customers, establish your brand and generate leads. It’s time you take your business to the next level by creating and promoting an excellent brand identity design for your company.


1. What is brand identity design?

Brand identity design is a visual depiction of your brand’s idea and message. Creating an identity for brands includes logo design, font, format, tone, voice, messaging, color theme, shapes, packaging, etc.

2. Is having a business identity design necessary?

Yes, having a business identity design will ensure your customer resonates with your brand’s messaging. It makes an impression that your brand is well-established and trustworthy. All of it will eventually lead to more sales.

3. What should I consider when creating brand identity design?

When creating a corporate identity design, consider paying close attention to your color theme, font and font size, brand messaging, tag line, and language.

4. How to create a visually appealing brand identity using design?

Design plays a crucial role when creating a visual identity for a brand. Start with choosing the color theme for your brand and then create a unique logo based on the brand’s messaging. Make sure to include the brand’s value proposition in the design identity.

5. What are the best examples of brand identity design?

Apple, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Nike, and Levi’s are some great examples of brand identity design.