101 Blog Topics to Fuel Your Imagination

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Posted on 14/10/2113 min read
101 Blog Topics to Fuel Your Imagination

According to GrowthBadger, in 2014, 28% of bloggers published daily, but in 2018, the number reduced to 18%. Yet, consistency is the only thing that drives results in terms of traffic. So why is there such a significant drop?

If you’ve been blogging for a short time now, you would have come to realize that the ideation process pretty much takes up the entire time reserve. Once you have your angle, the words just flow, right? Perhaps, if you truly love to write about your passion, finding the angle for your blog ideas is the only antidote you need to cure writer’s block.

Use this article as your antidote whenever you find yourself staring at the blinking cursor. (Go ahead, press that bookmark button!) Better yet, make yourself a blog calendar and fill it up with a mixture of these blog topic ideas, so you’re always one step ahead. After all, prevention is better than cure. Ready to get started?

Going After the Low-hanging Fruit

Certain headlines get much higher click-through rates simply because they’re phrased irresistibly. While these aren’t exactly concrete, they’re an easy way to find ideas in your niche. Just play a game of fill-in-the-blanks with yourself. Here we list down the most click-worthy titles for your blog post ideas in order of popularity.

1. Will make you ____ 

You may have seen the myriad of less-than-trustworthy posts that link to shady websites, each having one thing in common: “will make you rich.”  While you don’t have to resort to such dubious acts, there’s certainly a content mine here for you. Here are some examples from some common blog content ideas:

  • 10 WFH fashion ideas that will make you want to give up your pajamas
  • Podcasts that will make you a better entrepreneur
  • Simple things you can do that will make you smile
  • The everyday mom-moments that will make you laugh (and cry)
  • 7 beach shacks in Goa that will make you skip Santorini


2. This is why _____ 

One for the curious cats and the problem-solvers amongst your readers, this title is also quite common. However, it’s easy to get this one wrong. Be sure not to get too secretive, but address the pressing issues of the hour. And, make sure you time this one well! For example, post in the middle of the workweek, possibly right after lunchtime, if you write for professionals.

  • This is why you should pick up espadrilles for the summer
  • This is why emotional AI matters
  • This is why your boss deserves your negative feedback
  • This is why food allergies are on the rise


3. How to 

While how-tos are clickbaity, they’re one of the best niches for blogging if done right. 


4. Beginner’s Guide To ____ 

Everyone has to start somewhere. And, that’s the reason why posting a Beginner’s Guide can be one of the best blog topics to help you gain engagement from new followers.


5. Ultimate Guide To ____

While beginner’s guides are great for a subset of your followers, most people are looking for a universal resource that covers it all. These are also some of the best topic ideas for evergreen content. Post and revise these often to increase your credibility.


6. Ever wondered why ____ 

These types of blog ideas can be an interesting way to deliver facts and anecdotes to drive your point across to the audience while building a personal connection. For example, “Ever wondered why you still feel groggy after a good night’s sleep?” is a good way to start your blog about a personal phase or experience and how you overcame it (say through mindfulness, meditation, etc.).


7. ___ [Infographic]


As more people are driven towards visual content, the promise of bite-size content in the form of infographics will attract a wider readership. It is a great blog idea to repurpose existing content. 

8. ___  vs ____  

If you plan to write reviews about products, services, technologies, or even just ideas in your niche, try making a comparison rather than a long-winded write-up about a single topic and make for some best blog topics. 

  • Semi-formal vs. cocktail dresses
  • Hostinger vs. Siteground
  • Content Marketing vs. Native Advertising


9. No one will tell you ____ 

Blog topic ideas can come from some of the most harrowing experiences in your industry. It’s also a great way to provide valuable content to new readers. These also make for unique blog ideas.

  • No one will tell you this about pregnancy.
  • 3 things no one will tell you about becoming a red hat hacker.
  • Top money lessons no one will tell you.


10. Stop doing this ____

Again another simple way to give out “industry secrets,” these are some of the best blog topics that show that your content teaches and inspires. Such content also builds trust and credibility.

  • Stop doing if you want great skin
  • Stop doing this with multiple time-frame analysis
  • Stop ruining your morning with these habits


A quick tip for blog post ideas: Type the title and your keyword/nice to get a whole barrage of content ideas.

Don’t Be Too Shy

You may be feeling uneasy about revealing too much about your personal life. But some snippets into your daily life are some of the best blog topics to help you build a relationship with your audience.

11. Write about your daily routine


12. Who inspires you?


13. Write about your team-mates and what they do for you 


14. Write about why you started blogging


15. Write an open letter 


16. What do you wish you’d known before you started blogging


17. How do you make your coffee/tea? What’s your writing place, or your go-to things when you’re feeling down or are low on creativity and motivation?


18. What is your fitness routine?


19. What is your skincare routine?


20. Write about your hobbies 


21. Write about all the tools and software you find helpful


22. Write about a checklist you follow


23. Thank your audience


24. Write about a book that has inspired you 


25. Highlight the skills you acquired outside of your college degree to become who you are


26. Talk about the gadgets you can’t live without 


27. Do you ever unplug from social media? If so, why?


28. Create a list of inspirational quotes from your industry 


29. Get candid and talk about the things you don’t like about your career


See the world through different eyes

Understand that your readers can come from different walks of life. Here are some ways you can change your perspective to come up with content ideas.

30. Check the comments on your posts

Most of the time, bloggers are searching for comments where they can share existing articles with readers. But it’s also where you can find new blog ideas, i.e., the comments where you can’t link existing blogs! It’s also a great reason to start your blog with “Due to popular request, I decided to write about….”

31. Draw from other people’s experiences 

Check sites like Quora, Reddit, and Twitter for experiences other people have had in your field. You can comment on the same or write it with your personal twist.

32. Take the “Evil Twin” approach 

Because you’re an expert in the field, you’re likely to instinctively know what works well in your line. You may have forgotten all the past mistakes you made. Take the “Evil Twin” approach to draw from earlier mistakes. These can make for some unique blog ideas.

For example, instead of writing about how to make muffins, write about 5 things that make muffins miserable. To mine content, you can look at your older posts, especially your “beginner’s guide” articles.

Bring out your silly side

Not able to tickle the funny bone? Here are some ways you can inject humor into your blogs.

33. Make a list of movies you think your audience should watch and why


34. Give a podcast review


35. Create a fun survey or quiz


36. Share something from behind the scenes 


37. Start a challenge


38. Compile a list of top tweets in your industry this year 


39. Get memeing 


40. Share a list of little-known-facts about your industry


41. Share some DIYs or life-hacks that you swear by 


42. Share your music playlist


43. Define the top terms or acronyms used in your industry


44. Talk about your brand persona in a fun way, say compare it to your favorite food or a character from a movie or series


45. Put together a list of holidays related to your niche 


Promotional blog post ideas

46. Showcase a customer 


47. Find a unique way people can use your product


48. Share a milestone 


49. Talk about how your customers can make the most of your services.


50. Write about the history of your industry and why you think you’re the next big thing 


51. Network with other bloggers in your industry and see if you can guest post on each other’s platforms. Copyblogger is a unique forum for this, for writers. 


52. Attended webinars or events? Talk about what were the key takeaways from the experience


53. Compile a list of top events you’re looking forward to this year (and promote the one you’ll be attending or speaking at)


54. Releasing a new product/service? Explain why this new product/service adds to the value your customers are getting from you


55. Talk about your best-selling product, and subtly upsell the premium service


56. Explain the origin of your brand logo. Talk about your brand ethos/style guide and why you chose it.


57. Talk about your personal achievements in the past year


58. Write about ways your company focuses on diversity and inclusion 


59. Talk about your favorite charities 



Read something that you disagree with? Don’t just tweet about it; write about it!

60. Take down the trollers

Haters gonna hate anyway. So why not take a piece of advice from Taylor Swift and artfully show them who’s boss. This is a great blog content idea to show your genuineness. 

61. Talk about the biggest flaws in your industry

Rather than focusing on the problems you face, which can lean on the negative, you can give a nuanced take on how your industry can do better. The easiest start is to how you can be more environmentally friendly. 


62. Write about how you can take a better approach than big names in your industry

This is something that you may have seen a lot of graphic designers do. Taking a brand logo or advertisement and giving your own unique perspective. In fact, it’s accepted practice. Try something similar in your industry. This is one of the best blog post ideas to show your knowledge of the industry and your analytical side.


63. How are the legal activities in your country affecting your business

It can be hard to talk about politics on your blog, as you may risk losing followers. But if there’s a new law being put into place, talking about how it will impact your business is an excellent blog topic idea. Or even if there is a draconian piece of legislation that just takes up time and serves no purpose, highlight why the government should remove it.


64. Address the most common email complaints or feedback you receive from your customers and why you think it’s fair/unfair

Yes, it can be frustrating to deal with customer support. But if you’ve noticed that many people have misunderstood the purpose of your product/service, one of the best blog content ideas is about it.

65. Talk about the future of your industry

While it can be hard to pen down where you want to be in the next five years, it’s much easier to write about where your industry might be. Compile projections and statistics about your niche and provide your take.

66. Share a bad experience you had as a customer, say while purchasing something related to your field of work

If you’ve had a bad experience working with a supplier, a good blog post idea is to share it with an audience so people can be aware of industry malpractice. 

67. Share resume writing tips for those who are looking to break into a career in your field

You may see it as giving away tips to your competition, but what you’re really doing is establishing yourself as a veteran in the industry.

68. Have you invested in crypto? Write about your opinion 

Are you keen on attracting a younger audience? Talk about the things that excite them. Some of the best blog topics include Crypto, NFT, BTS, and Fantasy Sports. 

69. Is new technology going to benefit or ruin your industry? If so, how?

A lot of industries are currently facing apprehension about AI and automation taking over. Is there something that worries you about the future?


70. List out your favorite campaigns or advertisements in your industry 

While this may feel like giving a shoutout to competitors, you can turn this blog idea into something fun, just like the banter between McDonald’s and Burger King on Twitter.


71. Collaborate and organize a giveaway together

Speak with some closely related brands or influencers and arrange a goodies giveaway in exchange for likes, shares, and comments.

72. Give a shoutout to peers 

Noticed any budding influencers in your field? Highlight their work, and they’ll very much appreciate you!


73. Talk about your struggles and how you overcame them

It can be hard to admit the more human side, but if you’ve done something truly remarkable – even just holding a straight face at work while your personal life was crumbling – talk about how you did it. And, thank the people who’d been there to help you through the circumstances. This is a great blog topic idea as it can motivate your audience. 

74. Explain why something mainstream failed

Noticed that trends often come and go? You may have even participated in one yourself, just to see lackluster results. Explain why something deemed to be the next big thing is doomed. This is a unique blog idea to give an alternate perspective.

75. Talk about how you dealt with a particularly belligerent client

Another customer-care controversy, sometimes belligerent clients can expect refunds after using your products/services for days. Bring up the Karens you’ve dealt with in your life (by taking pseudonyms, of course.) 


76. Make a list of the biggest no-nos in your industry and why you’ve rejected work in the past. 

This blog content idea can be somewhat hard to talk about unless you tip-toe around the reason. Make sure not to come off as entitled and give the facts straight up.

77. Compile the top ten brands/bloggers in your field 

It’s a fairly common practice to highlight the top providers in your industry. If you are an SMB, you have nothing to be afraid of. Call out the top dogs in your industry, and finally, end with why your customers deserve special attention from you.


78. Talk about the biggest costs your company/brand faces right now 

Whether you’re a freelancer or a business owner, some obvious costs may be eating into your profitability. One of the best blog topics is to talk about how you invest resources back into your company so that you can scale. Be candid about mentioning how effective your tactic has been.

Share your secret sauce

79. What are the ten commandments of your industry?


80. What are the deadliest sins you can make in your niche? 


81. Is your service/product closely tied with another product? Talk about which is the best option for your customers

Here’s an example of how a graphic design company helps its leads find the best web development platforms.


82. Compile the top ten questions from your social media or Reddit AMA and answer them. You can also write a separate blog post inviting people to post comments 


83. Compile a list of ultimate productivity hacks in your industry


84. Advice on how you network with people  


85. Talk about what social media brings you the best impact


86. Share insights about your audience


87. Highlight the top skills/software that will be in demand next in your industry


88. Talk about the courses new learners can take online to help them get familiar with your work 


89. Share bits and pieces of your contract agreement or pitch deck you prepare for your clients


90. Share a list of must-haves that you look for when hiring people


91. Conduct some research and post about your findings 

92. Share how you’ve grown your audience over the past few years. Talk about the number of leads vs. the quality of leads.


93. Round up the recent news in your industry


Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose

94. Make a free eBook from your best blog posts 

Pick snippets from your guides and listicles to create a free eBook for your audience. This is one of the best blog post content ideas to repurpose your content.


95. Make a list of downloadable resources for your readers

Much like the eBook, you can compile a list of free resources you use to accomplish the work.


96. Sketch some comic strips from noteworthy or funny experiences

If you’re particularly creative, or you know a close somebody who is, create sketches from your experiences in the industry and a new post series is a great blog content idea.


97. Review your most popular posts 

One of the easiest ways to repurpose content is to compile a list of your own top-performing social media posts and blogs. If you’re confident enough, you can also show the metrics (such as likes and shares)


98. Talk to a bunch of experts or influencers in your industry, and compile snippets into expert advice.

While getting a full interview can be difficult, speaking within your network and just asking the same question to everyone to get their take may be a lot easier. Asking influencers about their opinions on trending topics is an excellent blog post idea.


99. Conduct Twitter surveys and give your take on the results

While creating Twitter polls is the easiest way to get engagement, it can also be repurposed into a blog for deeper analysis. Look through the comments section in the polls for brainstorming ideas.


100. Update and repromote 

If you’ve written about legal issues before and there’s been a recent update, it’s easy to update these blogs from time to time. Even otherwise, look through your old posts to see what new information you can add and repromote the blogs. This is also great for SEO.


101. Make a “State of ___” report 

Every year, major platforms publish “State of ___ in 2021” reports that simply compile all the news and statistics from the past year. These can easily be picked up from existing blogs and rewritten to suit the subject line. Here’s one from HubSpot.


Now that you have plenty of fodder for the best blog topics get started with your next blog or make a calendar for the coming month. Happy writing!


  • 1. Show the best blog topics list.
  • Fashion 

  • Food 

  • Tourism 

  • Personal finance 

  • Marketing 

  • Reviews 

  • Political

  •  Informational 

  • Technical

  •  How-to/DIY guides

  •  Branding Pop-culture & entertainment

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Health and wellness
  • 2. What are some high-demand blog topics?

  • Health and lifestyle 
  • Travel

  • Fitness
  • Tools and Technology 
  • Culinary 
  • Business and Finance
  • Entertainment
  • Sports 
  • Education 
  • 3. What are some blog ideas for beginners?

  • Lists

  • How-To/DIY 

  • Book Reviews

  • Movie/TV show Reviews

  • Tips/tricks/hacks 

  • Reasons Why Blog post

  • Controversial opinions 

  • Personal Story

  • Expert/Step-by-step guide 
  • 4. What are the most popular blog topics in 2021?

  • Personal Finance and Investment

  • News 

  • Political 

  • Pet Care 

  • Do It Yourself (DIY) 

  • Sports 

  • Passive Income 

  • Personal branding

  •  A series of Interviews or a regular feature
  • 5. How do I choose the best niche for blogging?

    Choose one niche to write about and stick to it for a defined period of time. Explore all of its elements and curate consequent blog posts accordingly. 

    6. How do I choose what to blog about?

  • Choose a subject matter that piques your interest.
  • Decide on a target audience.

  • Do exhaustive research.

  • Ensure that the topic you choose is relevant to your audience, objective, niche, and is not dated.