Top 20 Translation Services to Bookmark in 2024

Team Pepper
Posted on 26/04/227 min read
Top 20 Translation Services to Bookmark in 2024
Are you looking for the best translation services to help you with your content? Look no further, as we list some of the top ones here.

Humans are social beings. Making connections with those living in different parts of the country or even the world is in our DNA. We live in a society wherein communication is the basis of everything we do. As the world comes closer and closer, the only way we can communicate is through language. And the best way to liaise in various languages is through translation services. According to the Global Language Services Market report, the global language services market is set to grow by $ 21.67 billion during 2021-to 2025. 

If you are a brand manager in India, you often use Hindi or English to communicate with the masses in this country. But your job doesn’t end there. The new norm is to make your brand understandable to all, be it by using Hinglish, Telugu, Punjabi, French, or even Spanish!

Who Needs Translation Services?

In today’s digital age, every company requires translation services, thanks to globalization and the explosion of the internet in the early 2000s. If you are a brand wanting to tap into new markets, or a content creator wishing to expand your reach, some of the top translation companies can help you reach new heights. 

Whether you need financial documents translated or contracts drafted in a local language, several sites can help you. You no longer need to depend on Google Translation. We’ve curated some of the top translation agencies available in India and internationally. 

20 Translation Services to Know About 

Here are some of the best translation agencies you must know about. 

1. Pepper Content

Not to blow our own trumpet, but we can’t deny that we are one of the youngest and fastest-growing translation companies out there! Our team works quickly and accurately to give you end-to-end solutions. Whether you need a blog or website translated, an app in a local language, a chat translation, or even subtitles in a video, you can count on us! And that, too, in over 30 languages! 

2. Lionbridge

Lionbridge is unarguably one of the largest and most sought-after language service providers in the world, based in Massachusetts, USA. Also available in India, it is one of the best translation agencies in the market today, providing services in 350+ languages. The company promises to focus on both linguistic and cultural aspects of translation. Their service boasts of language translation, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and testing services. 

3. GTE Localize

A fast-growing translation agency based in Vietnam, GTE Localize offers a host of services. These include translation, media localization, interpretation, annotation, and data collection. Established in 2017, this company quickly became one of the top translation agencies in the Asian market. Today, their linguistic services boast several languages, right from Danish to Malay, Finnish to Khmer, and even Norwegian to Tagalog. 

4. Tomedes

As one of the top translation companies, Tomedes is a global network headquartered in Oregon, USA. It has offices in Israel and the UK. And the best part? They don’t work for just B2B companies. Even if you have personal work, you can reach out to them for necessities such as translating your CV or localizing your social media posts and videos. Over 50,000 brands have trusted their work thus far. 

5. Ulatus

Ulatus is a trusted brand for professional translation services. With 17+ years of experience, they have catered to more than 200K clients worldwide. As a company, they offer translation and localization services and interpretation services. They cater to clients from every industry. They work with 3000+ linguists to provide subject area expertise in 200+ languages. Their state-of-the-art technology and robust ISO-certified Quality Control Processes ensure positive experiences and impactful results for all their clients.


6. Lisan India

An emerging translation service provider, Lisan India is headquartered in the heart of the Indian capital, New Delhi. Their services translation, interpretation, content development, desktop publishing, subtitling, voiceovers, data entry, and medical facilitation services. The Lisan India team works with clients in the advertising, marketing, IT, finance, and media industries.

7. Appen

Highly relying on artificial intelligence, Appen offers translation and localization services to several brands. A publicly listed Australian company, Appen boasts of over a million contractors available in 170 countries and translating in over 230 languages. With a core focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, this is one of the best translation sites if you have a high-tech linguistic need.

8. TransPerfect

Having been in business for over 25 years, TransPerfect started as a two-person company and has stood the test of time. As a company, they offer interpretation services, translation services, content creation, content management, digital content, and multilingual brand management. TransPerfect also offers machine translation for large volumes when necessary. Headquartered in New York, it has offices all over the world, including one in  India. 

9. Milestone Localization

An ISO-certified translation agency, Milestone Localization has been in the industry since the 1990s. They are known to translate and interpret accurately and in an error-free manner. As a brand manager or digital marketer, you can reach out to them for website or app localization, transcriptions, multilingual SEO management, and language translation services. The company provides translation services for individuals as well as for large-scale companies.

10. Keywords Studios


The last decade has seen the gaming industry boom like no other! Keeping abreast with this frenzy for interactive gaming, Ireland-based Keywords Studios started offering localization and translation services. As one of the top translation companies in the gaming industry, Keywords Studios has worked with some of the world’s leading technology and media companies. They provide in-game translations services for audio, video scripts, packaging and accreditations in 50 languages.

11. Welocalize

Global brands, these days don’t, just need the text translated. The language needs to be contextually and culturally apt as well. If your needs as a brand manager or digital marketer go beyond translation services, WeLocalize is the service for you! Helping you form deeper customer relationships, WeLocalize offers translation, AI, digital marketing, multimedia, e-learning, and interpreting services in several countries. Headquartered in New York, the company offers translation services in over 250 languages. 

12. Mars Translation

This Indian translation company is a one-stop-shop for linguistic services. Whether you need a document translated or a video transcripted, whether you require a software localized or even a website customized, you can approach them for it all. Headquartered in China, Mars Translation works across the length and breadth of several industries, such as gaming, IT, finance, automation, media, medical, and engineering. 

13. LanguageLine Solutions

Established over 20 years ago, LanguageLine Solutions is one of the top translation companies to work within the market. On a mission to eliminate cultural barriers, LanguageLine aims to support brands to deliver their messaging accurately. Their translation services include documents, websites, software, and training material. Besides, the company also offers an interpretation, localization, and sign language services if you need them.

14. Bhasha Bharati Arts

Founded over 50 years ago, Bhasha Bharati Arts is a translation services company based in India. If you’re looking for local services, this is the agency to opt for. An ISO-certified company, it provides translation services in Asian as well as European languages. 

15. Acolad

Known for its multi-local approach, Acolad’s strongest suit is its team of over 2,000 internal linguists and 20,000 external available across the globe. Acolad provides all content-related needs for a brand, be it translation services, localization services, machine translation management, and even global marketing offerings. If you are looking for digital integration, expect a forward-looking portfolio from the globally-recognized Acolad. 

16. Hogarth Worldwide

Having positioned itself as a creative production company, Hogarth Worldwide offers advertising and marketing content to global brands. The company offers blended services such as content creation, creative production, digital production, language, and translation services. Today, it is one of the best translation agencies globally.

17. Translate Plus

A UK-based firm, Translate Plus is a relatively small translation services company compared to the global giants. It offers tailored language packages, right from machine learning, e-learning, and multilingual SEO to website translation. Translate Plus specializes in media and publishing, the public sector, life sciences, retail, FMCG, IT, and gaming industries. 


18. Acclaro

If you are looking for services that go beyond translation, then Acclaro is the company you’re seeking. As one of the top translation companies based in New York, Acclaro helps you adapt to markets in an organized manner. It offers a range of digitization, SEO, staffing, consulting, and translation services with a keen focus on breaking cultural roadblocks.

19. Lexiword

Lexiword is impeccable and cost-effective: what else do you need when you’re looking for a translation service? The UK-based firm claims to save you 70% of time and money to establish your company on a global scale. With a formidable list of clients in its kitty, Lexiword is among the top translation sites to look out for.

20. DailyTranslate

Boasting a fleet of more than 10,000 linguists, DailyTranslate provides tailor-made translation services to clients in a wide range of industries. The company offers audiovisual, document, website, and online translation services. DailyTranslate has offices both in the UK and Romania. 

That about sums up our list for 2022. We believe we have put together something for everyone: be it a social media manager looking for global content or an individual wanting to get their CV translated. For a successful search, make sure you choose a company that aligns with your business goals. 

Key Takeaways

  • Accurate and precise translation services are the need of the hour.
  • You can broaden your global horizons by partnering with some of the best translation agencies globally.
  • More often than not, translation is not enough. Localized content that matches cultural beliefs is key to customer acquisition. 


1. What are the common translation tools?

Some of the most commonly used translation sites are:
1. Google Translate
2. Bing Translate
3. DeepL Translator
But if you require professional services, you must engage with a global or local translation agency.

2. How do I hire a translation company?

When hiring a top translation company, remember to choose what best fits your needs. Pick a service wherein you can vet the quality of work, Make sure the company has native speakers and translators. Thoroughly look through the testimonials and see if they provide editorial services before sending work to a client. Industry knowledge is a plus.

3. Which industries need translation services?

Here are a few industries that need translation services: 
1. International medical services
2. Legal advisors
3. E-commerce
4. Manufacturing industry
5. Gaming and entertainment industry
6. IT industry
7. Scientific research
8. Travel and tourism

4. How can you tell if a translation is good?

Here are a few metrics to judge a translated work:
1. It effectively communicates the meaning to the target audience.
2. It reflects the tone and style of the original piece.
3. It follows all basic grammar rules, including punctuations, breaks, and alignments.
4. It adheres to cultural norms, depending on the market and audience.
5. It has gone through rounds of quality checks before submission.