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10 Best Marketers to Follow on LinkedIn Right Now

Team Pepper
Posted on 16/07/225 min read
10 Best Marketers to Follow on LinkedIn Right Now
Get expert insights and guidance for your business growth by knowing about the best marketers to follow on LinkedIn.

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We use LinkedIn to connect with fellow professionals. But it’s not mere professional networking most of us look for on the platform. We keep up with industry trends and learn or enhance skills besides forming valuable connections. While there are several resources for LinkedIn members to explore, they can’t compare to following thought leaders

Marketing experts on LinkedIn have much to offer. From useful marketing tips and tricks to the latest statistics, you can learn plenty of things from the experts in the field. To save you time, we’ve put together a list of the best marketers to follow on LinkedIn. These are folks who can help you sharpen your strategies with their valuable insights and helpful content they share with followers. They are the marketing visionaries and gurus whose advice is highly sought-after. 

Top LinkedIn Marketing Experts You Should Follow

We’ve curated a list of the top marketing influencers on LinkedIn from both the traditional and digital marketing realms. 

1. Jay Baer

Jay Baer is an expert in marketing and customer experience, and is a famed keynote speaker,  author, and entrepreneur as well. He is one of the best marketers to follow on LinkedIn if you’re into viral marketing. His expertise also lies in content marketing, customer experience, and social media; and he often shares valuable insights on those topics. Baer, with his motto “Turn customers into more customers,” is a mastermind in customer engagement and retention. His digital marketing agency Convince & Convert deals with the above touchpoints and much more. 

2. Robert Rose

Founder at The Content Advisory, Robert Rose is a content marketing firebrand. He is an expert in content strategy and marketing. Rose has also authored several marketing books, and is a highly sought-after speaker. He is also the chief strategy officer at the Content Marketing Institute. Robert has offered marketing advice for brands, such as Microsoft, Facebook, Adidas, Dell, Capital One, Ernst & Young, and Thomson Reuters, among others.

3. Donna Moritz

Donna Moritz is one of the top influencers in visual marketing. An expert in digital marketing, content, and social media, Donna’s specialty lies in visual storytelling and content strategy development. Her blog, Socially Sorted, has loads of marketing tips and tricks that you can explore. You’ll find some of her works on Marketo, NBC, HubSpot, Problogger, Forbes, Hootsuite, and Huffington Post. 

In addition, Donna is a keynote speaker and a trainer. She’s one of the best digital content strategists, and usually works with tourism businesses, small businesses, and tech companies. Donna Moritz is definitely among the top LinkedIn marketing experts to follow if you’re keen on boosting your social presence and brand awareness.

4. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is now hailed as the master of digital marketing, being a leading force in content marketing and SEO. It’d be crazy for anyone in digital marketing not to know this guy. A New York Times bestselling author, Neil is referred to as a top LinkedIn marketing expert, with Forbes considering him one of the best in the field. 

Patel is the co-founder of popular marketing and content-focused platforms, such as Kissmetrics, Crazy Egg, Neil Patel Digital, and HelloBar. He has helped brands like Hewlett Packard,  NBC, Amazon, and General Motors, to name a few. Neil Patel is among the best marketers to follow on LinkedIn for any growth-loving digital marketer.

5. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is a well-known personality in the digital marketing realm. Gary started out young, and was an early entrant in the digital marketing sector. His YouTube stint got off really well, and he’s been among the biggest digital marketing influencers for a while. He runs a digital marketing agency, known as VaynerMedia. Gary is also an author, a public speaker, as well as an angel investor. Among the top marketers on LinkedIn, Gary Vaynerchuk is one not to be missed.

6. Larry Kim

A digital marketing coach and an influencer, Larry Kim is another expert in online marketing. He is the founder and CEO of WordStream and MobileMonkey: both well-acknowledged platforms among marketers. Larry is also one of the most popular authors on Medium. He is considered an SEO influencer with prowess in Google and Facebook advertising. Follow this top LinkedIn marketing expert for valuable insights into digital marketing.

7. Ann Handley

The Wall Street Journal bestselling author Ann Handley is an expert in content and digital marketing. Ann heads content at MarketingProfs, and is also a well-known keynote speaker. Besides her book Everybody Writes, Ann has co-authored Content Rules with C. C. Chapman.  Forbes considers Ann among the most influential women on social media; and also gave her a place among the top 20 women bloggers. It is no surprise that she is one of the top marketers on LinkedIn as well. 

8. Mark Fidelman

A global marketing executive, Mark Fidelman helps Fortune 1000 companies attain target revenues using a combination of creative editorial content, audience intelligence, and paid promotions. Mark is the author of the chart-topping book Socialized! He also hosts a business show called CX Factor. Mark’s specialties lie in ecommerce marketing, blockchain, cryptocurrency, data marketing, and much more. 

He’s known for his ability to use analytics/KPI reports, audience journey mapping, predictive modeling with technology, and creative strategies to build brand equity. He is also focused on improving efficiencies through new approaches to the market as a whole. Undoubtedly, Mark is one of the top marketers on LinkedIn that you can follow.

9. Jeff Sheehan

A viral marketing expert, Jeff Sheehan is among the top marketing Influencers and thought leaders we have today. He has worked for giants, such as Apple, Intel, IBM, and also with many smaller companies. Sheehan specializes in business development, social media marketing, contract negotiations, and much more. He is an in-demand speaker and author as well. Jeff is a connector in the truest sense, and says he’ll never turn down a connection invite on LinkedIn. Good for you: go, connect with this seasoned thought leader now!

10. Carla Johnson

Acclaimed keynote speaker Carla Johnson is among the top marketing and innovation strategists currently. Johnson is an author who’s got several bestsellers under her belt. She specializes in B2B content marketing. She is also a consultant and trainer, aiming to help people develop idea-driven squads and bring about groundbreaking innovation for their businesses. With a career spanning decades, Carla has worked for Fortune 500 companies and other top brands across the world, putting her on the list of the top marketing influencers on LinkedIn. 


With this, we wrap up our list of the best marketers to follow on LinkedIn right now. Do also check out their other social handles and blogs to get the most out of the valuable knowledge and resources. Follow the ones most pertinent to your industry and interest, and let the whole activity be like advice, guidance, and valuable information pouring in regularly on your LinkedIn page.


1. How can I follow top marketing experts?

You can follow marketing experts through their works, like by checking their books, articles, and speeches; you should even follow them on social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

2. How can I contact top marketing influencers?

You can follow them or send direct messages on their social accounts, or email them at the address provided on their page.

3. How to select the right marketing expert to follow?

It’s a good idea to look through their brief and bio; you may Google them as well. Pick the one whose work is closest to the kind of work you do.

4. What do you mean by marketing experts?

Marketing experts are people who specialize in one or several areas of marketing, such as content marketing, social media, branding, event marketing, email marketing, SEO blog writing, market research, etc.

5. What’s the difference between marketing influencer and influencer marketing?

While marketing influencers refer to people who are highly skilled and knowledgeable about certain types of marketing, influencer marketing refers to a type of marketing wherein influencers are used to promote products and services.