The 10 Best Business Cards Ever: Focus on Design

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Posted on 2/03/226 min read
The 10 Best Business Cards Ever: Focus on Design

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Yes, of course, business cards are still a thing! Just because so much of a modern corporate owner’s communication takes place online, handing over a business card might seem a little outdated. 

If you’re someone who attends industry events on a regular basis, you’ve probably seen your good number of business cards. The issue with the majority of business cards is that they’re not particularly unique. It requires something truly distinctive to stand out from the rest, and if you’re looking for ideas for your upcoming business card revamp, check out the 10 best business cards ever.


The 10 Best Business Cards Ever

1. Aurora

Stunning Aurora business cards offer a great first impression with a floral illustration depicting tropical blossoms and a crisp sans-serif typography. The South African company specialises in wacky artwork plus design, so their business cards perfectly reflect their expertise. The gold embossing decorations on the cards are designed in-house.


2. Flow Yoga

Flow Yoga is a yoga studio in Vancouver. Because there are so many yoga studios nowadays, Flow Yoga chose to make this magnificent business card to make them stand out. As you’ll see, the style is a straightforward yet innovative approach and it’s the best business card ever for a yoga school. The business card is designed to look like a yoga mat, and it rolls up very much like a genuine mat. The card has all of the necessary information, but you could always be sure that it will leave a great impression on the studio.


3. Yuka Suzuki

Hair and make-up is, without a doubt, a competitive industry. Yuka Suzuki recognised it and also designed these unforgettable business cards to make sure that she would be remembered long after the clients had left the salon. 

The really clever design employs a variety of coloured hair clips that are deliberately positioned to produce several coloured hairstyles for a girl depicted on the card. The coolest part, though, seems to be that the recipient receives not just a business card, but additionally some free hair clips. 


4. Bon Vivant

Bon Vivant is a cheese retail store that decided to make more than just a business card. They wanted to make something that their consumers would truly utilise. As a result, the store recruited JWT, a Brazilian advertising agency, to design the business card shown below. 

The card can also be used as a cheese grater and comes with its own protective case. Sure, such business cards are expensive to create, but one can’t put a price upon clever marketing.


5. Denia Salu

Denia Salu is a tennis facility in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They just recruited a trio of creative directors, designers, and copywriters to develop new business card designs to grab the attention of local tennis players. 

As a result, the business card seen below was created. Notwithstanding that it appears to be a standard business card at first glance, folding the card in half creates a miniature tennis court. They apparently went so far as to design two separate cards, one with a clay court and the second with a hard court.


6. B.D.H.

B.D.H. Millwork is a little company located in Calgary specializing in bespoke cabinetry and installation. It’s a sector that isn’t recognised because of its inventiveness when it comes to corporate cards, although as you could see, this one is quite as innovative and “outside the box” as it gets. 

The business card isn’t made of paper; rather, it’s made of scrap wood from the workshop. The company information is etched on a stamp, and wax has been used to apply the design onto the business card/wood. The end result would be not only magnificent, but it is actually highly cost-effective to construct, as it primarily utilizes scrap material.


7. Natalie Daniels

Natalie is a Vienna-based photograph producer who purchased these wacky business cards in a wider stationery set. They have been made using thermo-sensitive ink from Bureau Rabensteiner, a corporate branding firm. Every business card has a coating of ink applied to it so that if the customer touches it, a whitish picture appears on the region that has been touched. Whenever you kiss the cards, for example, an illumination of white lips will appear. Basically, the contact card is a miniature Polaroid; ideal for a photographer to use as a buzzword. These are sets of amazing business cards.


8. Clark&Kent

Clark&Kent is a New York advertising business founded by three men: Mr. Clark, Mr. And, & Mr. Kent. However, they did not have fancy offices like many of the ad firms in New York City. Their business is identified as a telephone booth on the street. You can find a photograph of a phone box on their site. Their business cards, which fold up into this little phone box shape adorned with the Clark&Kent branding, represent the whimsical essence of their company. With all of these cards that play on the Superman theme, the ad firm managed to garner a lot of buzz.


9. Braganza

Braganza is a little finishing institution in India. Despite its small size, it has one of the nicest business cards. The business card is made of sandpaper instead of paper or perhaps even wood. Because sandpaper is one of the equipment used throughout the finishing process there at finishing school, all those business cards are the best business cards ever and precisely suited to their intended audience. The business card plays a dual role once again, because it is truly valuable to the potential consumer rather than just a boring list of facts.


10. Dressew

Dressew, which first opened for business in 1961, has always been the prime source of fabric as well as sewing tools in Vancouver for 50 years. To promote the business, the organization used to have these really creative business cards printed, which serve a dual purpose, much like those detailed previously. Each card is accompanied with a unique sewing tool (e.g. pins, cotton, etc.). It really is a fun way to spread the word while also giving something back to the customers.



Business cards’ most basic purpose is always to make it easier for clients to reach you and accomplish so much more. Your business card, as little more than a branding tool, can have a long-term impact on how people see you, notably if it’s your initial impression.

That’s not enough to merely combine the most recent business card styles and consider it a day. The trick is to stick to trends that both you and your company can relate to. Are you more of a retro-techno simple lines or a brilliantly colourful, bubbly lettering kind of brand? The design decisions you pick for your business card reflect who you are as a person, so choose wisely.


1. Are business cards still relevant in 2022?

Business cards will continue to exist despite the rising use of modern technologies and online tools. They are still valuable in today’s world since they are ideal for networking events.

2. What’s the best colour theme for business cards?

Colour is absolutely crucial to your designs, especially since consumers keep colourful business cards 10 times longer than black-and-white ones. Since they stick out the most, black backdrops or red pops are the finest colors for business cards.

3. What should a business card’s back say?

Instead of keeping the back of the business card blank, use a high picture, a little piece of artwork, or perhaps a compelling logo to cover the area with something unique and personal. Make absolutely sure you’re not utilizing any clip art.

4. What is important to have on a business card?

Your company’s brand is represented through your business card. Not only does it convey vital contact details like business name, title, emails, website, address, as well as phone number, but it is likewise frequently the very first encounter to the company’s overall brand.

5. What are virtual business cards?

Virtual business cards are digital versions of your physical business cards that you can view and share from your smartphone. A virtual business card application can help you improve your networking skills. It tracks your actions and visits with analytics.