100+ Blog Post Ideas That Will Blast Off Your Blog

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Posted on 18/10/2119 min read
100+ Blog Post Ideas That Will Blast Off Your Blog
Utilize these exceptional blog ideas and compose unique articles for your blog that will attract readers as well as revenue.

Every content writer faces a mental block at one point or the other when wondering what their next blog post will be about. It’s an overwhelming undertaking to get words out when you have no clue what you want to write.

What aggravates it is the deadline which is always quickly drawing nearer, and the blank page keeps on torturing you with its emptiness. Sometimes you need some encouragement or inspiration for your next blog, which is precisely what you will get here.

Let’s look at over 100 blog post ideas that any content writer can refer to get that hike in traffic. 

1. Tell a secret about yourself: Everybody loves to read about other people’s secrets. Until and unless sharing them does not make you vulnerable, Talking about your secrets can be one of the most intriguing blog post ideas.

2. Start a contest: Create a small contest where the readers can win prizes. You can come up with a spin-a-wheel contest where there is a maximum probability of winning something. Back it up with a normal question, and there is a high probability of you getting traffic since folks are compelled to win something with the least effort involved.

3. Try doing something new: Experience new things in life and share them with everyone through your words. It can be any new venture or new habit. Since it is a bit difficult to take a new step, doing something totally different than what you have been accustomed to and then telling people about the mistakes they should avoid doing the same thing will be great leverage to the people trying to do the same. 

4. Write about a quote: Tell your readers about a quote and how it inspired you. While walking, sitting, thinking, or doing something, we often experience how a quote we read manifested in our real lives. Elaborating that experience through your words can be a real treat to those who have experienced the same.

5. Interview a famous person: Interview someone and share it with the whole world. Things that interest people are different, but knowing about a celebrity or a renowned person is something everyone is gravitated to. Since the advent of online media, it has been one of the most trending blog post ideas as most people consume information on their smartphones.

6. Your career: Write about your career and journey. Mention the milestones you achieved, the ups and downs you went through, and the different jobs you took up. 

7. Make an in-depth guide: Everybody loves to find all the information in one place, so make an in-depth guide about a certain topic. You can write about the whole procedure you went through and the important things to keep in mind.

8. Create new recipes: Create a new recipe and share it with your readers. Whether they love cooking or not, once in their lifetime, everyone tries their hand on indigenous recipes.


9. Start a travel blog: If you have traveled enough, share your experience about your travels. Take pictures, make some videos, film all the fun that you have while traveling. Don’t forget to add the tariff for your boarding and lodging and how you managed to reach there.

10. Make a top-ten list: Make a list of something ordinary and give your view of the top ten items. It can be anything like top ten books of a genre, top ten movies of a genre, top ten places to visit in your hometown, top ten colleges to do a certain course; the list is endless. Just make sure to add photos to any list that you are blogging about.

11. Write about recent events: The best way to stay relevant is to discuss the present. 

12. Write something about history: Write about your country’s rich history. Mythology, traditions, and cultures prevalent in your country for a long time can be an interesting topic for anyone interested in knowing about heritage.

13. Share your goals and dreams: Tell others about what you want to achieve in life and how you will do it. Tell others about your motivations, why you want to achieve something, what propels you to keep at it every day, what sacrifices you made, and the rewards.

14. Write a joke: Everybody loves jokes. With mainstream media throwing negativity, propaganda, and outrage on us the whole day, jokes are an instant mood uplifter, and everyone loves them.

15. Conspiracy theory: Write a conspiracy theory about something in science or government. People wishfully want to believe in conspiracy theories. These are the most gripping blog topics to write on.

16. Create a poll: Give a chance to readers to give their opinion on a topic. Elections are coming, and it would be an ingenious idea to give people a chance to voice their opinions on who will form the government. People may or may not know the facts, but they have opinions.


17.  Life successes and failures: Inspire others through your life’s successes and failures. Success is subjective, but you will find someone who will echo what you stand for and the failures you went through to achieve that. Why would people listen to you? Well, as the saying goes, with success comes a reputation for wisdom.

18. Promote your blog: Write a post promoting your blog or website. Advertise it by inserting a link to a gripping article that is relevant to your post. The temptation to resist the click will be too hard for the readers.

19. Publish comments: An easy idea for a blog post is to publish comments and give your views on them. You can take the comments which are relevant and meaningful and give your viewpoints on them.

20. Disapprove a myth: Select a myth you disapprove of. Conduct your research, back it up with stats from credible sources, and make sure it disapproves of the common narrative. 

21. Write about an existential question: People love to read, write and debate on the evidence of existence; the discussions are held since time immemorial about the rationality of science and irrationality of scriptures, whether it is a theology that gives empirical evidence to the existence or the science, answer to such questions will keep the audience gripped on to your content of blog topics.

22. Invite guest posts: Always an easy way of getting new content! Take any field and invite a noted luminary who has succeeded in that field; it will be the best blog topic idea.

23. Talk about your blog’s success. Write about how you grew your blog. Talk about the dynamics and how things work. Keep authenticity as your top priority and see how your mantra for success starts ranking in most searched blog topic ideas.

24. Create a memorial: Write about someone you’ve lost, like a pet. Everyone has an experience of losing someone in their lives, so an obituary is the best way to pay a tribute, and it can be a high-potential blog topic.

25. FAQs: Select a topic and answer FAQs related to it. Doubts are ubiquitous, and they can only be answered by common frequently asked questions. Whatever you write on, there is always scope for frequently asked questions. This makes it one of the most interesting blog topics.

26. Personal possession: Write about something special that you own. There may be things that you have won, earned, and struggled to achieve. Write about it, and people with similar aspirations will always connect. For example, ‘how I bought my dream house’, ‘how I bought my dream car’, etc.

27. Create a lie and make it obvious: If you repeat something again and again, people are going to believe it. Even if they know the truth, they are interested in knowing the rumor and the lie being concocted. Such content sometimes ranks high in the blog topics list.

28. Write about life lessons: Share your life’s lessons with the readers. Make sure you share things that everyone can connect to, like common failures that everyone goes through, common grief, or common obstacles on the road to success.

29. Experience of your blog: Share the journey of your blog with the readers. Tell people about how you started, what response you got at the start, what blog posting ideas you implemented, how you improvise according to the needs of the internet, etc.

30. Dream vacation: Write about your dream vacation and when you plan to take it. Share how you came upon the idea of going on a vacation to that place. What attracted your attention, your itinerary, your finances, etc. All such information counts up to becoming one of the best blog ideas.

31. Publish a full biography about yourself. If you are a public figure, then a biography will be the most interesting blog idea as it will give your readers and admirers an insight into your world. To many, it may act as an inspiration as well.

32. Bad habits: Write about some bad habits that you have overcome. For example, ‘how I stopped procrastinating’, ‘how I stopped smoking’, ‘how I stopped gossiping’, etc., can be some of the best blog topics to write on.

33. Give financial advice: If you are an expert in personal finance, share your expertise. Advice on managing finances can be really helpful and can be one interesting blog idea to pen down.

34. Write about your most popular post: Write about your most popular post, what part of it grabbed the attention of the netizens, and why you think it can be a potential best topic to write a blog on.

35. Write about creative ways to use a product: Ever imagined how your smartphone can be used as a TV remote? How do your central locking car keys perform better when you touch them to your temple before locking and unlocking the car? Exploring such information can easily grab the attention of readers.

36. Lottery: What would you do if you won a lottery? How much of the winning amount will you give to your parents, how much will you give to a charity, how much will you keep for yourself, how much will you deposit in the bank, etc.? All these can be riveting blog topics.


37. Conversational post: Once in a while, write a casual conversational-style blog post. Write posts that are related to each other in one way or another. Such posts are loved by the newspaper readers and figure in stimulating blog topic ideas.

38. Ask for feedback: Sometimes, it is best to see what readers think about your writing. The best way to measure your performance is by asking for feedback from your readers. What you will get are an unbiased viewpoint and insights that would improve your writing.

39. Hackers: Teach people to protect their websites. Data is the new oil, and since the pegasus scam, we all know how vulnerable the dot-com world is. Teach people to make their websites less vulnerable to such attacks. For the people who conduct most of their business online, such blog topics will be quite attractive.

40. Share your portfolio: Let your readers know about your past work. Suppose you have considerable experience in some industry or organization and you have completed your apprenticeship or education for some eminent institutes. In that case, sharing the same portfolio will be one of the most interesting blog topics on sites such as,, and LinkedIn.

41. Create a list of common mistakes: You always commit some common errors while doing something crucial that can significantly change your life. For example, when you are going for your first interview, boarding your maiden flight, going for a driving license test, etc. All such experiences are going to have some common mistakes. Having information on such mistakes is going to be one of the compelling blog topic ideas.

42. Review a book or a television show. Help people make a choice, and it can help you earn revenue on platforms such as Google, Blogspot, and Youtube. 

43. Appreciate your readers: Every content writer should create a post to show their appreciation for readers once in a while. From time to time, your blog topics should have appreciation posts that make your readers feel valued.

44. Create a manifesto. Elections are like festivals in India. You can create manifestos for them.       

45. Social media: Write about how you use social media to promote your blog. Social media is the place where people spend most of their leisure time today. Most of the traffic that bloggers generate these days comes from social media. Thus, social media is indeed one of the most interesting blog topics.  

46. Gif-filled post: Make a blog post about memes or gifs.  


47. Publish a poem: Nothing is more delightful for a reader than reading something worthwhile, and if it can be a poem that touches people’s lives, there is nothing more to ask for. 

48. Publish a short story: A short story can be about any of your experiences or something absolutely fictional and original. Since it does not consume time like novels and books, it is undoubtedly an unputdownable blog topic idea.

49. Dream: Write about something that you dreamt of recently. Dreams are something we have no explanation for, and it always intrigues the audience to know about something dream-like, so writing about a dream will be a unique blog topic idea.

50. Invite experts to review your creative content: There is nothing more worthwhile than an expert reviewing what you have written. The credentials of the experts are enough to bring traffic to your blog topics list.

51. Support content creators: Write a post supporting and showcasing other content creators. Try and advertise other content creators in your blogs; it can be a collaboration or an external link to another creator’s work. 

52. Audio post: You can always create an audio post where you are talking about something interesting, something that grabs attention like your journey to success, ups and downs in relationships, how you find time for things that you love, etc. All this in an audio post sounds like a fascinating blog topic.  

53. Write about the latest piece of technology that you are in awe of. Make sure that whatever information you are posting comes from credible sources, and it can be one of the most popular blog topics on your blog.

54. Write about a movie that you liked or disliked but not in a review style. Write about your observation and perception of how you connected to the movie. It can be quite irresistible for movie lovers. For you, it can be a high-traffic best blog post idea.

55. Write about the story of how you started your blogging journey. Take the readers through each step. For the blogging world, it is going to be a real eye-catcher.

56. Bucket list: Create a bucket list that you would like to accomplish. Mention the things you have planned like movies you want to watch, places you want to visit, books you want to read, fitness goals you want to achieve, etc. It will make people with the same interests connect with you.

57. Host a live event. This one requires a few managerial skills, but it can be an instant hit if implemented well. You can host an event on zoom or google meet, or you can shoot the event yourself. It is indeed one of the most entertaining topics to write a blog on.

58. Show off your most successful social media posts. Highlight the social media posts that were viewed the most.

59. Product review: Write about a product that you recently bought. Unbox the product and talk about what you like about the product, like satisfaction level, budget buys or not, etc. All these things compiled can be a stimulating blog topic idea.

60. First memory: Tell your readers about your first memory of something. It can be from the first day of school or college or the first time you drove your vehicle. It always makes the audience connect with their own experiences regarding their first memory of things and would surely be one of the entertaining topics to write a blog on.

61. Create something educational: Write something that can educate your readers, like playing chess or fishing. Describe the process in detail, and create a FAQs section. 

62. Write about the road to success in the field of content writing. Write about how you did your formal course, what you learned there, what software and tools you used, who were your mentors and guides, elaborate the entire process to get as many hits on the page by aspiring content writers, and put it on your most important blog post ideas.

63. Publish art: You can share different kinds of art with your readers. If you are a painter, then you can share your art with your readers. It is going to be a real delight for art lovers.

64. Write about useless facts and make them funny. Many things are without logic, just like stereotypes, and are funny. 

65. Misconceptions: Post about some misconceptions that the readers might have about you. Clear the prejudices, biases, and assumptions and give your readers a clear picture to make things even. 

66. Online traffic: Share your traffic numbers and how you achieved them. Share how you started, what were the numbers you got when you started and how you gradually started increasing; what were the steps you took, elaborate the process, it all sounds to be a spellbinding blog topic idea.

68. Time machine: What would you do if you had a time machine? Enter the world of fantasies and intrigue with what you wish you could do, or you would have done.

69. Life partner: Describe the life partner that you would want to have. Describe clearly what kind of a person you are and who can be compatible with you.

70. Respond to another blogger’s idea or post: Comment and appreciate the good work and what you can learn from such content. 

71. Advantages and disadvantages: Provide advantages and disadvantages of a particular thing like organic food or veganism. There are always pros and cons to such things. Explain them with facts. It can be an enthralling blog topic to write on.                                         

72. Solve a problem: Find a problem and solve it. This can be literally anything from transferring your data without a USB cable, backing up your data on online platforms, or repairing some gadget; the list is never-ending.

73. Time capsule: Write something you would want your future self to read. You must have a list of the books you wanted to read or any documents you have planned to study; it can make your readers get on with their lists and motivate them. 

74. Reveal facts: Share some facts about yourself. Your hobbies, interests, what you like the most and what you fear the most, your education, extracurricular activities, etc. Authenticity is the most intriguing thing that readers like, and revealing facts can be an intriguing blog topic.    

75. Brand: Do a brand review. You can take a product that you have been using for a long time. Talk about its durability, quality, how the brand takes care of you as a customer, what values it signifies, and how it is an efficient product. 

76. Conversation: Write about a conversation you struck with a stranger at any place or while traveling. It can be really intriguing for readers to read about talking to strangers and making friends.

77. Advice: Offer some advice on leaving bad habits like smoking. Everyone is always looking for some advice to leave their bad habits, and if you have yourself left a harmful habit, you can write a blog post on how you overcame the habit and how your readers can also be successful in doing the same. Advice regarding leaving some bad habits sounds like a great blog topic idea.

78. Ebook: Publish a small ebook of your related blog posts or write something entirely new. You can compile all you have written in your journal, diary, or blog and publish it as an ebook. 

79. Life partner: Tell your wife or girlfriend to write something about you. Tell them to pour out their honest feelings and see what they like and dislike about you. 

80.  Favorite things: Create a list of your favorite things and be specific. These things can range from your favorite food, season, pet, subject, place, etc. 

81. Company: Write about the origins of a company that you admire. You can write about how the company started, what are things you admire, and its working environment.

82. Write about hypothetical scenarios. Scenarios like what is going to be the result of cricket or football finals or what would be the result of the elections.

83. Write about alternate history. Alternate history can be like if you are a Hindu, you can write about the happenings simultaneously in the Christian culture. 

84. Write about alternate futures. Like history, you can similarly write about the future. What is going to be the difference in the futures of developed and developing countries? How it is going to be different from the present and past. 

85. Write about alternate worlds. In your writing, you can travel to alternate worlds and imagine what it will be like to live there and how it will be different from living on the earth.


86. Offer training tips: Offer some training tips to your readers. You can give training tips on anything that you have accomplished or achieved.

87. Addictions: Write about strange addictions like addiction to junk food, TV, gaming, the internet, smartphones, etc. All these can turn out to be beguiling blog topic ideas.

88. Diseases: Write about strange diseases like typhoid, dog bite, mental disorders, etc. How can they be treated, and how much time it takes to recover. 

89. Ridiculous laws: Write about some strange laws. You can take the absurdity of the triple talaq law, inheritance rights, law on sedition, and the controversy surrounding these laws. These can figure out as best law blog ideas.

90. Ancestors: Write about your ancestors. You can write about your lineage, the things you inherited from your ancestors, their origin, history, etc.

91. Stereotypes: Write about some stereotypes. It can be about superstitions like not cutting hairs and nails on certain days, not eating nonvegetarian foods, not venturing out at the time of the eclipse, etc.

92. Mistakes: Write about the most significant mistakes of your life. Elaborate how you learned from your mistakes, how mistakes can be taken as lessons, and how you can improve your life by working on them. 

93. Offer relationship advice: Offer relationship advice to those who are yet to enter one. Talk about the ups and downs of a relationship, the compromises you have to make, and how you have to make it work after all this. 

94. Showcase the benefits of aromatherapy candles. Tell readers about the ambiance and peace they create in the atmosphere and how it is a cheap decorating method and getting a vibrant and peaceful environment at your home or workplace.

95. Create lists of must-see art museums and galleries. Curate a list of all must-visit famous museums and art galleries in the country, how you can reach them, and what art you will get to witness over there.

96. Write about haunted places. This is one of the most attention-grabbing blog post ideas. People are enthralled by the idea of haunted places and the mystery behind them. 

97. Try to deduce the meaning of life. Everyone has a philosophy on life. Pitch yours. Talk about what are the experiences that you value, what lessons did life give you, etc.

98. Publish your opinions on hot-button topics. Current events are the hot topics of the present and can easily be counted as interesting blog topics.

100. Describe your dream house. Describe what you want in your house, what kind of flooring, what kind of walls, furniture, paint, etc. 

101. Create quizzes on popular topics such as a television program, movie, celeb lifestyle, health benefits of a product, etc.

102. Design infographics that express a pressing concern on a veritable scale to attract the attention of readers. You could use Canva to create visually appealing infographics.


103. Use comic strips to relate a particular issue or idea with a hint of humor or sass to engage readers.

104. Basic How-to blogs help readers learn about various topics, such as using products, creating recipes, conducting social behavior, etc.

105. Provide detailed curated information on how regular people can Mimic Celeb Lifestyles by following their daily routine for an enhanced standard of living.

106. Create time-bound posts to help people finish a certain activity of their choice within a limited time frame, such as losing weight in 30 days, learning a new language in 45 days, etc.

107. Curate a basic list of content in a given niche that users tend to search on SEO engines such as a list of baby names, top trending technological gadgets to buy, websites for courses, etc.

108. Make a methodical list of different ways to get results for a single task so people can choose what suits their requirements and conditions best.

109. Create a checklist of activities or steps to follow to accomplish a task such as organizing an event, starting a new job or business, deep-cleaning the house, etc. Canva has checklist templates as well.


110. A long blog post enlightens people about the list of subtopics in your blog with accurate and expanded information rather than an overview.

111. Report an aspirational story about someone who overcame a major hurdle in life or accomplished something extraordinary to invoke ambition in your readers.

112. Write an inspirational post to motivate your readers into taking action related to their passion by overcoming fear of social norms.

113. Awaken your readers to a social stigma with a battle cry that makes them feel part of a community while learning and responding to a public need.

114. Write an open letter to a public figure or general historical figure to share your opinions and raise important points and questions regarding their blatant disregard for public benefit.

115. Make a glossary of common terminologies that people may be unaware of or using incorrectly.

116. Point out common mistakes that people tend to make on an everyday basis that may be causing harm.

117. Demystify common myths and propaganda with valid ideologies to support your argument.

118. Debunk common wrong functionalities or uses of particular products or services and share the correct methods.

119. Share materials that warn people about a certain stigma or critical information which may be commonly unavailable.

120. Report your website data and share how the analysis helps you create a progressive plan.

121. Share an interview with a powerful influencer.

122. Report a major revelation about a public figure.

123. Share your result of a challenge you may have conducted with a report.

124. Share a report and explain controversial behavior and help people see the social norms in a different light.

125. Create a basic blog to inform and enlighten people with proof of social media or other such platforms.

126. Share the story of your accomplishment in a limited time frame.

127. Write a testimonial of a success story about how someone accomplished something through social posts.

128. Write a case study to illustrate how someone achieved something relevant and significant about your niche market.

129. Share little-known information on a subject to enhance the lives of your readers.

130. Report on some viral news post that excites your readers, such as celebrity gossip, revolutionary technology, advancements in cures for diseases, etc.

Now you can create an array of blog posts. If you want to start your blog, you can do that easily as well with WordPress Blog.

However, first, you need to choose a niche you would like to write in, hone your writing skills and then plunge in. Put your best foot forward. Remember, consistency is the key. So, happy blogging!


Presently, you will undoubtedly have a lot of blog ideas that will help you write many more blog entries. When you utilize these exceptional blog ideas, nobody can prevent you from composing unique articles — not even the flickering cursor.


1. What blog topics get the most traffic?

Some of the blog topics that get the most traffic include: 
1. Fashion
2. Music
3. Technology
4. Food
5. Sports
6. Fitness

2. What are the most profitable blog topics?

Here are a few blog topics that can be the most profitable: 
1. Finance
2. Education
3. Travel
4. Parenting
5. Business and Marketing 

3. What are the best topics to blog about?

Some interesting topics could be:
1. Write a Beginner’s Guide to help people gain information on a given subject.
2. Create an Advanced Guide to provide your readers with in-depth knowledge on a specific subject.
3. Build a Comprehensive Guide that covers all relevant information on a topic leaving out absolutely nothing.
4. Design a detailed Tutorial sharing information and methodologies to achieve success in a certain task.
5. List out some Frequently Asked Important Questions and answer them to clarify all doubts.
6. Explain the Functionality or Methodology on how to use a specific product, service, or tool.
7. Debunk common Myths or Misinterpreted Data and share the essential information.
8. Write a blog defining the Historical Progression and Evolution of a given subject.

4. How do bloggers get content ideas?

Some ways in which bloggers get content ideas are: 
1. Talking to readers
2. Speaking to the internet 
3. Maintaining a list of ideas
4. Expanding the existing blog content
5. Doing some trend spotting