5 Best Ad Campaigns By Mankind Pharma

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Posted on 29/03/224 min read
5 Best Ad Campaigns By Mankind Pharma
The new ad campaigns by Mankind Pharma portray how the brand has been spreading awareness with its best pharmaceutical advertising campaigns.

Pharma marketing campaigns are rarely well thought out, creative and fun. Most pharma ads are instructive at best, whether because of a delicate subject or blurry ad imagery.

Pharma promotions used to trail behind when keeping up with the latest digital trends. However, conventional marketing tactics are fading, and pharma marketers accept the transformation in consumer expectations with innovative and best pharmaceutical ads. 

Today, pharmaceutical marketers know how to participate in the best pharmaceutical advertising campaigns while conveying their message and not losing creativity. Let us explore visionary Mankind Pharma Ads.

5 Best Mankind Pharma Ad Campaigns

Here are the five best pharmaceutical advertising examples of Mankind pharma, one of India’s leading pharmaceutical companies.

1. Mankind Pharma Ad – Unwanted 21

Mankind Pharma needed to upsurge awareness of its birth control pill – Unwanted 21 Days, in an approach that would sound well to its target users.


The video ad showcased information about the Unwanted 21 Days tablet. Underneath the video, a banner presented the copy ‘Pregnancy by choice, not chance!’ and a call to action ‘Know More’ that led users to the product’s landing page for more details.

Video Link:

The advertisement yielded unbelievable and competitive industry outcomes. It leveraged a localized approach and comprised a multi-linguistic strategy to attract location-based target audiences. The brand contended with the results, and the campaign fulfilled its objectives of reaching out to the user base in a gripping means.

2. Mankind Pharma Ad – Vaccinate My India


Mankind Pharma has published a campaign named ‘Vaccinate my India’ for awareness about the significance of vaccination for Indians. The campaign aims to motivate all Indians to get their vaccination doses as earliest as possible.

Video Link:

The video displays a doctor lighting up a baton and passing it over to the frontline workers together with a pharmacist, nurse, police, military officials, the grocery delivery person, sanitation professionals, and even the media persons.

This video was considered one of the best pharma ads. All the torch-bearers in the video narrate the significance of being safeguarded by the vaccine. They all have played a vital role in passing on the message of getting vaccinated to the general public.

3. Mankind Pharma Ad – SafeKind


Mankind Pharma’s SafeKind, a toilet seat disinfectant spray, has published a digital campaign stressing the significance of sanitizing public toilet seats before usage. The video aims to generate women’s awareness of the risks of getting urinary tract infections from a disease-ridden toilet seat.

Video Link: 

The video features many women, together with actress Delnaz Irani, who shares her fears concerning using a public toilet. The video highlights how the product stops infections by killing germs and ensures the toilet seat stays fresh with each usage.

With the Covid-19 infections, a more critical requirement is to make people conscious about accepting such innovative products. The campaign’s objective is to prevent women from dealing with any suffering regarding personal hygiene.

4. Mankind Pharma Ad – Mask My India


Mankind Pharma has introduced a new ad with actor Angad Bedi. The campaign is developed to increase awareness and to grow accountability amongst the audiences and inspires all of us to make a promise to wear a mask properly.

Video Link:

Mankind Pharma follows a sturdy brand philosophy of boosting awareness of social challenges. Through this digital campaign, they are spreading the message that together, we can all battle with lethal coronavirus. All we have to do is follow the preventive measures and wear a mask.

The video campaign is an effort by Mankind Pharma to broadcast the message of wearing a mask and being safe. It spreads the message of being responsible and taking ownership of our safety and even others. This campaign was considered one of the most influential and best pharmaceutical ads in the Covid crisis.

5. Mankind Pharma Ad – Secret of Energy


Mankind Pharma contracted with Anil Kapoor and Ranveer Singh to get them on board and share the secret of their energy for their product. By introducing Health OK as an over-the-counter product, Mankind Pharma has introduced an engaging video. The video features both the actors.

Video Link:

They have come together in one frame to broadcast the message of an energetic and healthy lifestyle.


Here we had five pharmaceutical advertising examples that prove best pharma ads can be creative while still staying informative. It only comprehends that conventional advertisements do not restrain pharma.


1. Are pharma campaigns restricted to TV and Print?

Leveraging video, applications, chatbots, and digital marketers have proven that pharma industry campaigns don’t have to be confined by TV and print.
The audience itself has accepted online advertisement consumption. And wherever the audience dwells, you have to be there too.

2. How can pharma marketers be successful with their campaigns?

For success, pharmaceutical marketers must look beyond their products and spot the implication of developing long-term relationships with customers through an omnichannel presence.

3. How to create an effective marketing strategy for the pharma industry?

It will be much easier to make an effective marketing strategy if you precisely know your target audiences, where they dwell, who they are, and what they desire. You must use readily accessible marketing tools to enable your pharma marketing strategies.

4. Why is it vital to communicate your marketing message clearly in pharma ads?

The best pharmaceutical ads convey brand value to their target audiences smartly. People don’t want to think hard to crack what you are attempting to tell them. So, always make sure that you communicate your marketing message and don’t lead to mix-up pharma ads.