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Amritanshu Mittal Is Creating Superior Automotive Content at Pepper

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Posted on 30/05/223 min read
Amritanshu Mittal Is Creating Superior Automotive Content at Pepper
We share the story of Amritanshu Mittal, a freelance writer who is passionate about the automotive industry.

Amritanshu is an 18-year-old freelance writer at Pepper, having recently taken a plunge into content writing. He is successfully carving a career out of his love for automobiles.  

“My cousins and I used to chatter endlessly about cars. It was the center of my life growing up,” Amritanshu harks back to his childhood days.

His journey as a creator took many turns, from creating YouTube videos to blogging and now, professional content writing. One thing that remained constant, though, was his growing interest in the automotive industry. It turned him into one of the finest automotive writers on our platform.

Dabbling in Digital Content 

When the internet became more advanced and affordable in 2016, Amritanshu got exposed to automotive content on YouTube. He used to binge-watch expert content on cars, and eventually developed a fascination for videos. This inspired him to create his own YouTube channel that consisted of car reviews.

“I didn’t have the resources to personally go and review new models. So, I based my videos off extensive research,” he says.

Running his YouTube channel taught him many skills, the most important of all being script writing. “Writing reviews and preparing video scripts further helped me develop my content writing skills,” he adds. Amritanshu saw an opportunity in written content and moved on from his YouTube stint. 

Next, he started a blog on automobiles, with the aim to provide meaningful information that was free of technical jargon. He also sought writing gigs, but things didn’t quite fit. 

Starting His Pepper Journey

Amritanshu got to know about Pepper through a post on Instagram. He joined us as a creator a year ago, and has made over 1.5 lakh since. 

“I used to do everything on my mobile. With my earnings through Pepper, I was able to buy myself a new laptop,” Amritanshu tells us.

His primary niche at Pepper has been the automotive industry. He has helped several leading automotive companies like develop quality content. However, his writing abilities aren’t just limited to the auto niche. He has worked in several spheres, such as healthcare, career and education, tech, aerospace, manufacturing, and HR. 

“I’d say Pepper spoiled me. My experience has been so good that I didn’t feel the need to go hunting for other platforms,” he adds.

Crossing Hurdles 

Building a professional website from scratch was a big challenge for Amritanshu. It pushed him to learn about WordPress, SEO, and website management. “The knowledge I gained when working on my website has helped my writing tremendously,” he says.

According to Amritanshu, the competition in the automotive content space is immense. New websites have to compete with big media houses and journalists with years of experience. “I want to start something that is more innovative. My friends and I keep brainstorming on ways to help the industry,” he shares.

Amritanshu is a college student, and juggles his studies with work. “To be honest, I’m not the best at time management, but I’m learning,” he adds, with an air of optimism.

His Work Process 

Amritanshu adopts quite a streamlined approach to writing. He divides the process into two parts: research and writing. For research, he refers to multiple sources to understand the product, its pros and cons, target audience, and more. He also analyzes the brief thoroughly, based on which he creates a skeleton of the article. Then, he goes on to create the final piece.

Message to Fellow Writers

Amritanshu advises writers to always keep the reader in mind. He believes that superior vocabulary and good grammar alone do not guarantee good content.

“Writers should assess how easy it is for the reader to understand their content and draw value from it. It should be the primary goal of any creator,” Amritanshu says on a final note.

We are opening doors to new opportunities for young and passionate creators like Amritanshu. Our community has many talented folks who shape the content landscape of the industry. If you feel you have similar potential, join us as a creator!