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All You Need to Know About AI Content Writers

Team Pepper
Posted on 21/04/237 min read
All You Need to Know About AI Content Writers
AI content writers are becoming mainstream. And users of these writers need to know how to use them effectively. This blog outlines more details.

Recent times have seen the internet abuzz with seemingly limitless possibilities for AI (artificial intelligence) content writers. 

For the uninitiated, AI content writers (or AI writer generators) are software that can auto-generate almost human-like text on getting prompted in the right direction. They are capable of covering almost any topic under the sun and hence are increasingly finding relevance in the workflow of every professional. The competence level and dexterity of these AI blog writers are such that the copies produced by this AI writing software are pretty convincing to an average human intellect.

Currently, AI writer generators are in vogue for businesses that consistently need fresh content to conduct their marketing campaigns. These can be innovative copies for blog posts, newly scripted landing pages for websites, unique ways for describing new product launches, out of box advertisements, a constant churn of posts on social media handles, e-mail fliers, and descriptions regarding video inserts.


However, contrary to present popular belief, AI content writers are not a replacement for human copywriters – at least not yet. Presently, there are limitations to what it can and cannot do. One thing is for certain – a good quality output from AI writing software is not a possibility without human supervision and intervention. In this blog post, let us get into the nitty-gritty of how these tools perform in real-world scenarios.

Let’s start with the basics.

What are AI Content Writers?

AI content writers are software applications that are powered by AI and can produce human-like text outputs when prompted about a certain subject. Usually, these applications are trained in a humongous amount of data available in the public domain (read – the internet) through supervised, semi-supervised, and unsupervised learning. This gives these generators an unprecedented range of responses. Once prompted, their algorithm propels them to choose the best suitable responses, and they can fine-tune the response further when nudged in the same direction.

Because machine learning has been integrated into these applications, they can constantly adapt to the individual user’s demands. AI writer generators are trained in a swathe of real-life datasets; hence they can produce natural language-sounding outputs. Since human beings have historically generated these training datasets, the output also mimics a human-like response.


How To Use AI Writer Generators Effectively

The main USP of the AI writer generator is speedy responses with a decent threshold of quality. Keeping these two thresholds in mind, there are many ways in which working professionals and small businesses can take advantage of AI content writers. 

Here is a list of a few proven business use cases.

1. Generate new ideas

For a professional, it is not uncommon to come stuck when thinking about various angles associated with a subject in hand. Since the AI writer generator is sitting on a treasure trove of collective human intelligence, a small prompt can generate multiple new dimensions about the subject and get the wind blowing! They are well known for coming out with suggestions that can aid any brainstorming session.

For instance, by Pepper Content can leverage the AI-powered platform to ideate, create, distribute, and measure your content and prove your content marketing ROI. In fact, it has a proven track record of reducing costs by 62%, increasing lead generation by 54%, and growing conversion by 30%! 

2. Boost the current piece of literature

When a human is trying to write a lengthy piece of prose or is trying to play around with words in unique sentence formation, writer’s block usually sets in after some time. If this half-done piece is plugged into an AI writer software application, chances are that a satisfactory and completed output can be generated in almost real time.

3. Business can be scaled without further augmenting staff

Small businesses that are experiencing exponential growth are guzzlers of fresh content to fuel marketing/advertising campaigns daily. AI content writers have been created precisely to fulfill this gap. With almost next-to-nothing human supervision, these applications can keep giving out acceptable outputs for these campaigns without burning precious op-ex dollars.

4. As a research assistant

If someone is attempting to write a comprehensive research-driven white paper for internal or external consumption or publish an elaborate magazine article, it can boil down to burning significant man-hours conducting due diligence over the internet. If AI writing software is used as a research assistant, within minutes it can put various structured pieces that are available over the internet in front of the user. The user can easily pick and choose from these elements to get the desired content quality in the final output.

5. Improve turn-around-time for going live online 

They say time is money. With competition breathing down their necks, most new and small businesses are always in a race against time to get their website landing pages to go live so that they capture Google’s attention and get more clients. An AI content writer can create all the necessary copy to create a completed landing page in seconds. These pages can actually go live and a human professional can smoothen the edges in the future.

6. Save precious money 

Cash-strapped startups and small businesses cannot afford to hire professional human content writers all the time. Still, the need for fresh content daily is all-pervasive. An AI writer generator can help the company in this regard, albeit there may be a drop in the output quality.

Will AI Blog Writers Put Real Writers Out of Work?

The answer to the first question is a straightforward and emphatic NO.

Human content needs to connect with the target audience to stir thoughts and feelings. The content has to be characterized by wisdom and creativity, which comes from years of experience in writing. The intimate knowledge of the nature and character of the target audience, cultural nuances, creative wordplay, tonality, etc., goes into this brew before a bond with the reader is ensured.

Yes, an AI content writer software application can write copies in minutes. Still, it is essential to understand that unless these copies are not converting prospects into customers, they are worthless. Customer conversion is far too important a mission statement for a business to be purely left to automation. Until a human being has not checked and polished the final piece of literature on the company’s behalf, it should never reach the public domain.

Limitations of AI Writer Generators

While there are so many uses for AI content writers, it does have its limitations too. Here are a few key ones. 

1. They can still have bugs

One should never forget that an AI content writer is a piece of software. Even though it has come a long way from the days of its infancy, it still, like any other software, has got bugs and is prone to giving an erroneous output. If unchecked, this can be more damaging than rewarding for the business.

2. Plagiarism remains a headache 

AI writing software applications allow bits and pieces of information from the internet that are strung together to give a syntax-correct output. Most often, these elements are picked by the software on an as-is-where-is basis. This gives rise to higher incidences of plagiarism and negatively impacts SEO parameters.


3. Out-of-context translations

Language translation is a critical barrier that any AI writing software can still transcend. Since human software architects create these applications, their lack of understanding (read comprehending) of a foreign language often seeps through. The application is not likely to appreciate the quirky phrases and colloquialisms associated with a foreign language concerning cultural nuances, and it reflects rather poorly in the outcome.

A Quick Summary

The last couple of years has seen a significant spike in the use of AI writing software and AI content writers. There are several merits attached to this. These applications are quite handy for an individual or organization looking to accelerate and automate the creation of new content, access already generated content by a human on the internet in a structured format, reduce spending time on laborious research, or look for inspiration over new ideas while trying to overcome writer’s block.

However, remember that AI writer generators are not heaven-sent miraculous products that produce good quality content c at the touch of a button. They will not write this blog post all by themselves! For proper functioning, even for modest results, they require precise instructions and quality human supervision.

At the end of the day, it is the human who is at the helm of affairs that determines whether or not these tools are adding value to the final cause. Of course, with quality human intelligence working in unison with this AI, the results can be superlative compared to either of these vectors working solo.


1. Define AI content generator. 

An AI content generator is a software application that is used to automate text generation based on user inputs. Using these applications, a user can create diverse kinds of content like blog posts, social media messages, and marketing/advertising campaigns in almost real-time. These applications can further be used for ideation, white paper research, tagline creation, keyword research, etc.

2. What are the various use cases of AI content writers? 

Primarily, AI content writers can be used to accelerate and automate content creation with less allocation of resources. Repetitive writing tasks that demand more manpower can be outsourced to these applications as well. Content optimization can be achieved as well. Blog posts can be created with less effort; engaging advertisements and social media content can be generated with proper instructions, and it can also create ready-made templates for specific subjects like invitations and announcements.

3. What are the limitations of AI writing software?

Like any other software application, AI writing software is still in the process of evolution. The software may have bugs that may generate erroneous responses on specific prompts. Also, the quality of human prompts plays a huge role in determining the quality of the final outcome. If the quality of the prompt is not good or focused human supervision is lacking, the results may come out less than ordinary.

Translating a text from one language to another is also a challenge. Applications have been prone to give out-of-context translations without paying any heed to cultural nuances associated with the language. Plagiarism has been detected as another major bottleneck.