6 Ways To Build An Excellent Contributed Content Program

Team Pepper
Posted on 16/09/224 min read
6 Ways To Build An Excellent Contributed Content Program
Contributed content is one of the best ways to get more eyeballs on your website or blog. This blog focuses on creating the best contributed content in six steps.

The world is changing from print to online, and content consumption has increased rapidly. Companies are looking at diving into this trend by roping in content creators to reach out to the maximum target audience. Many business experts can be involved in creating different content for the audience, thus giving rise to contributed content.

Contributed Content

Contributed content can be an article, video, or any other content submitted by an external author to an organization for publication. The content has to be provided in a form that can be published by the organization as their own and should not seem like they are promoting the author.

Benefits of guest blogging


Contributed content is a win-win for both the organization and the author. The organization gets quality content for its website, while the author receives the required recognition for providing the content. With the amount of reach, both parties get equal credit.

Steps To Building An Effective Contributed Content Program

With contributed content growing in popularity, several companies are looking for business experts to contribute content to their websites and social media pages to reach maximum readers. Let us look at six easy-to-create effective contributed content tips.

1. Do not make the post about you.

Never make the post for yourself. While guest blogging, one should remember that the article is for your client and should reflect their vision. The article should reflect your client’s thought process and how they can be a match for the target audience

For instance, when an expert is hired to write about bitcoins, instead of sharing details of his work, the expert should provide the details about bitcoins and how the client can help provide all the support.

2. Provide crisp content 

With the world moving towards videos made for just a few seconds, no one has the time to consume lengthy content. So, creating sharp content that crisply provides the necessary information is highly advisable. 


In this manner, the consumers would be interested in consuming your content and help reach a large target audience. Everyone wants more information in a concise format. So, your guest post contribution should be to the point and not cross the limited timeframe. 

For instance, if a guest post seeks to engage readers on a topic regarding the Russia-Ukraine war, the post will not attract the reader’s attention if it is too lengthy. An article of 600-1000 words would easily include all the information and keep readers engaged.

3. Offer real-life experiences

Providing inputs and real-life experiences while creating contributed content will reflect more authenticity. When the published guest post offers readers a topic they can relate to a real-life experience, it ensures that the content is more comprehensive. 

For instance, a content creator with expertise in a particular field can share their life experiences and how they overcame them, which would give more authenticity to the piece.

4. A perfect blend of art and science

When it comes to quality contributed content, the ultimate goal is to reach the target audience. This can be achieved with the perfect blend of art and science. Art is weaving magic by creating content suited for the audience and matching your client’s requirements. Science provides crisp content by editing the extra content and offering the right audience a finished product.


5. Talking to the right target audience 

When you are tasked with providing contributed content to your client, always remember the target audience. When it comes to the target audience, they are your client, and your guest post content should reflect that. 

The organization is looking for the right content creator to match its vision and target the right audience. So, properly understand the target audience before starting your contributed content.


6. Vibe with the client 

As a contributed content creator, you must understand and match your client’s vibes. This will help you create content quickly. The content will look more genuine and have the power to reach a wider audience. 

For instance, if the client is looking to target a younger audience for their products or services, then the guest post content should be in line with the current trends to attract more target audiences to their client.

In the End

Many organizations look for contributed content to reach out to many people. The organization seems to maximize its role in attracting its target audience by hiring many business experts. With the right combination, contributed content has the power to create exactly what the clients need.

Key Takeaways

  • Contributed content is for the client and should reflect their vision and target audience.
  • Contributed content should always be crisp, to the point, and provide maximum information. 
  • It should attract consumers to connect with it while providing sharp edited content to provide maximum information within a limited timeframe.
  • Such content should match the client’s vibe and vision to align with the client’s requirements. 


1. What is contributed content?

When an external business expert submits content to an organization, it is known as contributed content.

2. How can contributed content provide effective reach to the right audience?

The guest post should be precise and provide maximum information. It should align with the thought process of the company. This will help reach the maximum and right audience.

3. Why should contributed content be crisp?

In the world of Instagram Reels, no one has the time to consume lengthy content. So, providing crisp and precise content with maximum information is highly effective. The consumer can get the required information within a limited timeframe.

4. How is contributed content a perfect mix of art and science?

The guest post content should be created with the right mix of ingredients (words for articles) which is an art. The content should be sharp and appropriately edited properly, which makes it a part of science. So, the perfect contributed content is a mix of art and science.

5. Should the business expert share their experience while creating contributed content?

Yes, business experts must share their real-life experiences to create good content. Their expertise and knowledge encourage a client to collaborate with them.