5 Brilliant Ways to Use Motion Graphics in Marketing

Team Pepper
Posted on 4/05/225 min read
5 Brilliant Ways to Use Motion Graphics in Marketing
Motion graphics can be the magical ingredient of every successful marketing campaign. Learn how to use them effectively for your brand in this blog.

In 2022, it’s very difficult to catch your audience’s attention. It’s not enough to give valuable content to them, but it’s also important to make that content eye-catching. And motion graphics are a brilliant way to add charm to your content.

Motion graphics can be an extremely effective marketing tool, complementing a company’s overall branding strategy. They can be used to create powerful and engaging video content, which can be distributed across social media and other channels.

Motion graphic design is also being increasingly used in website design and advertising. By incorporating motion graphics into your marketing efforts, you can achieve several key objectives: increasing brand awareness, driving web traffic, and boosting conversions.

In this blog post, we will discover how it is crucial to have motion graphics in advertising. Along with that, you will also find out some of the best ways to use motion graphics in marketing. So without any delay, let’s get this ball rolling.


What is Motion Graphics in Advertising?

Motion graphics are a form of digital animation that uses short video clips or images to create the illusion of movement. They can consist of anything from simple animated text or logos to full-blown animated scenes.

Motion graphics in advertising are often used to explain a product or service quickly. They can also be used to create a more visually interesting ad than a traditional static ad. Motion graphics are also effective at getting attention online, as users are more likely to watch a short, engaging video than read a long block of text. As such, they have become an increasingly important part of advertising campaigns.

How is Social Media Motion Graphics More Effective?

The saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. But when it comes to social media, a motion graphic might be worth even more. Motion graphics are eye-catching and engaging, encouraging users to stick around longer and absorb more of your message. They also make it easy for you to quickly and effectively get your point across without cluttering your post with a lot of text.

According to a report by the Content Marketing Institute, at least 75% of marketers are prioritizing video production. Motion graphics are among the most effective because of their versatile nature.

  1. Motion graphics can instantly make any boring content more memorable.
  2. Social media motion graphics are more shareable.
  3. Motion graphics capture the attention of the audience and create brand awareness.

Benefits of Motion Graphics Advertising

As more and more brands focus on content marketing to increase their brand’s worth, motion graphics have become extremely popular. The animated video format is a great hit for advertisers. Short snippets of videos can be made for every platform, and they offer plenty of advantages, as mentioned below:

  1. Motion graphics are attractive to almost every age group. They are always a better choice than a static ad.
  2. Motion graphics are much easier to create than actual videos and animations. Hence, they are more cost and time-efficient.
  3. They are easily shareable across platforms and increase the reach of your content.
  4. Motion graphics are extremely versatile. Every brand can create its own unique style and reproduce them in multiple formats.

5 Ways to Use Motion Graphics in Marketing

Now that we are aware of the variety of benefits of motion graphics let’s look at five of the most popular ways to use them. You can try them on various platforms, including social media platforms and your website.

1. Explainer videos

You must have already come across many explainer videos online on YouTube and Twitter. Often, they use simple graphics as a voice-over explaining the concept. These motion graphics videos are the best to explain concepts related to your industry, products, or brand. You can add multiple features to make them more engaging. They are best to talk about lengthy concepts easily.

Use a good color palette to create an attractive video. Add soft music in the background for a sophisticated effect. Make sure that the voice-over is well-scripted and every word clearly enunciated. Finally, don’t forget to add a catchy thumbnail. Put your video up on YouTube or your website and promote it on social media.

2. Social media gifs

Social media is all about fun memes and gifs that can easily be reshared online. Gifs are animated images that have become extremely popular in 2022. The short length and moving colors are very attractive and engage the audience.

Creating gifs is the easiest in which you have just to add an image and a few moving elements to it. You can make gifs out of videos as well, but using motion graphics can be better for brand resonance. Use your brand colors and logos to create something memorable.

3. Animated infographics

Sharing infographics has become an important part of content marketing. They communicate complicated ideas on a single screen and are extremely shareable. While static infographics are quite popular, adding that extra animated element can make them appealing. It’s easier for the audience to stop and look at what’s happening as they scroll through a plethora of content.


Pick a strong color palette for infographics; excellent if you can use brand colors. Use motion graphics to create a simple animation that is not too distracting.

4. Social media ads

Placing ads on social media has become the most important lead generation tool for brands. However, static ads can often fail to have a powerful effect on the audience. Using motion graphics is a must for engaging and memorable ads that get the clicks.

You can play with a variety of animations when creating ads. The goal should be to make the user stop and look. But make sure that you use your brand style guide for the audience to recognize you!

5. Animated logos

Brand logos have been among the most long-lasting traditions of branding. But it’s time to upgrade! Having a static logo is great for most purposes, but there can be times when you want to highlight your brand. Motion graphics can be used to create a simple animation to logos, enough to make them the belle of the ball.


Creating an animated logo does not mean you change your entire logo. It could be as easy as a blink or rotation effect. Be careful not to make it too elaborate and distracting.


Motion graphics can be perfect if you want to spruce your marketing strategies in 2022. They can get you more engagement than ever and have an excellent effect on your brand awareness. Motion graphics can help you build a powerful narrative and curate user experience for your audience.

Try these fantastic ways to use motion graphics for your marketing campaigns, and be ready to get thrilled with the results!


1. How to create a motion graphic?

The creation of a motion graphics video begins with planning. Depending on the size and content of the video, you should check some references to get started. You should have a storyboard, an artwork team, and an animator. Don’t forget to arrange for a voiceover and a customized background score.

2. Why does motion graphics make content more attractive?

Moving images are psychologically much more appealing to the human eyes. Animated videos or motion graphics help to engage the senses of the viewer. Naturally, the content grabs the viewer’s attention and appears more attractive than static content.

3. Is motion graphics the same as videos?

No, all motion graphics are videos, but not all videos are motion graphics. Live-action videos cannot be motion graphics. But apart from that, every other moving picture animation, including slideshows, animations, and gifs, can fall under motion graphics.

4. How is motion graphics used?

Motion graphics can be used in various ways on social media platforms, websites, and any digital media. The tool can be used to animate videos, images, and content more eye-catching.

5. Is motion graphics expensive?

No, motion graphics are the cheapest ways to make your content more engaging. The cost can depend on the size of the content. You can also access online tools and software to create motion graphics.