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13 Tips to Create Professional Video Content

Team Pepper
Posted on 22/12/227 min read
13 Tips to Create Professional Video Content
Are you looking for pro tips for creating professional video content? This article lists down 13 ways to create the best video content for your business or client.

Video marketing is a popular content marketing tool. As much as 86% of businesses today use professional video content as an effective marketing tool. Video marketing has several advantages, including attaching a sentimental value to brand images to resonate with the target audience. But it may be challenging to figure out how to create the right professional video content that adheres to your brand’s vision and video marketing objectives. 

This blog focuses on 13 valuable tips for creating video content that is technically sound, creative, and fulfills your marketing goals. Whether you are an individual creator or a business, trust these tips to guide you in the right direction and support high-quality video production.

13 Tips for Creating Professional Video Content

1. Start with a budget

The first step is to identify a team of experts and set aside a budget for the production. You have to decide how much you will invest in video production. This will determine whether you can outsource it to a professional video creator or do it in-house with internal resources. But remember that outsourcing the entire project will cost you more. You may also explore online video creation software that is inexpensive but offer high-quality work.

Video marketing budget


2. Set specific goals

Video marketing is a very versatile tool to get your message across. To ensure good video content, you first need to define the goals and purpose behind making the video. Are you going to go for explainer videos to discuss product specs? Or just create a promotional video to market the brand and get leads? The answers to these questions will help you specify the goals.

3. Analyze the audience

Target audience


Professional video content demands that you analyze your audience’s needs and demands before getting into the actual content design. Understanding buyer personas is crucial to ensure that your video speaks to them. Only then will they be interested in your brand. In addition, think of the platforms that they will use to watch these videos. Plan your marketing channels accordingly.

4. Create value for the viewer

The average person watches 4,000 ads per day! And most of them are online video content. How do you ensure that your video doesn’t get lost in this ocean of digital content, and reaches your intended viewers? By adding value! Think of how your professional video content can add value in the form of information or insight into the life of the viewer. How you choose to do it is entirely your prerogative and that of the professional video creator.

5. Be solution-oriented

One of the key features of any professional video content is that they speak of solutions to one or more of the consumers’ problems. Conduct some research on your audience demography and find out what pertinent issues they face on a daily basis that your product or service can fix. Create a series of videos to address each one of them separately. Learning about customer pain points is a great way for creating video content that speaks to the customers.

6. Weave a story

A great tip for creating professional video content is to embed a story within a video ad. People love stories – good, sad, ugly, and funny. Use that interest to create a powerful video about your own brand. A common way in which professional video creators do this is by creating a central character in the video who is faced with similar problems or challenges as the target audience. Then comes the brand’s product that serves as a solution. Put emotional triggers that are sureshot ways to strike a chord with the audience.

7. Make SEO-friendly videos

 Impact of SEO-friendly videos


SEO or search engine optimization is too easily forgotten in the whole creative process of video marketing. But optimizing your videos for search engines increases the chances of your target audience watching them. To optimize for SEO, you have to consider the

  • Video quality
  • Audio quality
  • Keywords
  • Transcripts

8. Get in the limelight

Go the extra mile to seek your viewers’ attention. Make the title catchy, but one that raises the viewers’ curiosity. Keep it crisp but long enough to make sense. You can also use emotional triggers in the title. Try to place your primary keywords at the beginning of the title so viewers read it right at first. The video thumbnails are also very important to attract attention. Make them relevant by using the right frames from the video. You can also include keywords in the thumbnails for better search results.

9. Keep it short

Video length


The digital world is overflowing with content. It is saturated beyond a point of no return. In such an atmosphere, how do you create professional video content that catches the viewer’s eye? Another pro tip for creating professional video content is to be concise. While it is a great idea to go all guns blazing on creativity, when it comes to the video duration, be a miser. This, however, does not mean that only short videos fetch the best results. Even full-length videos that are packed with information can give you a high return on investment.

10. Pick the right format

Since there are several platforms where you can put your video content, choose your platform wisely. You should consider two important factors while doing this:

  • Native vs. YouTube links: Social media platforms like Facebook prefer to showcase videos produced on their platform rather than those sourced from YouTube. And as per statistics, native professional video content yields a higher engagement rate.
  • Vertical vs horizontal: A professional video creator will be mindful of the aspect ratio used in the video content. Since most users today watch video content on their smartphones or tablets, keep in mind that your videos should be mobile-friendly. Making a video in landscape requires the user to flip their phone horizontally, which might be a turn-off. You can consider making the same video in different formats to suit the device.

11. Include transcripts

One of the best tips for creating professional video content is to include transcripts in all videos that you create and publish. This increases accessibility and also your SEO rankings. A transcript offers a peek into the actual video content, thereby increasing viewer coverage.

12. Include a CTA


The main goal of video marketing is to generate leads and convert them into potential customers. This can be achieved only when you include a relevant CTA or Call-to-Action in your video content. Depending on where the target audience is in your sales funnel, you can decide on a good CTA to be included in the professional video content.

13. Always analyze

Any marketing cycle is incomplete without data analytics and insights. Today, most video hosting platforms like LinkedIn or Google have their own analytics tools. They are a rich repository of important information related to the performance of the videos you publish online. They can give you important insights to improve your next video content that can prove to be a game-changer for your brand.

The Impact of Creating Professional Video Content

Professional video content creation is high in demand today, and its consumption is more than it ever has been. For businesses, it is almost a non-negotiable tool of marketing.

1. Video content boosts traffic

Professional video content is said to contribute to as much as 65% of your web traffic. Whether you put them up on your own website or on external platforms like social media, viewers are bound to spend more time watching videos rather than images or texts.

2. Videos give your brand an image

Professional video creators focus on building the business’ identity through stories that come alive in videos. Audiences can connect with your business emotionally by knowing about your values apart from just product information.

3. Higher outreach

Videos are probably the best way to reach a wider audience. Videos can be shared and reshared multiple times, thereby increasing viewership that transcends time and place barriers.

4. Builds brand awareness

Professional video content goes a long way in building brand awareness through the powerful tool of storytelling. Leveraging tips for creating video content, you can publish videos that leave a lasting impression on the viewers. This effect can influence customers’ brand choices and lifestyle decisions in the future.

5. Improves SEO ranking

It has already been established that creating professional video content significantly improves your SEO performance. This can get you noticed by a wider audience.

Challenges of Creating Professional Video Content

The process of video creation can be fun and is most definitely creative. But it comes with its own set of challenges. A professional video creator may be faced with one or more of these struggles during the process of video content creation. 

  • They may be confused about the content category, and not know which topics to choose. This may delay the content delivery, and sometimes lead to a mismatch between content and topic.
  • Professional video content creation can be endless because it involves a lot of creativity. But this can also be challenging because the creator may not know where to stop and how much content to create.
  • They may struggle with SEO optimization when they don’t have enough information about the video format or length or tone.
  • Aligning creativity with brand requirements might also be a challenge.
  • Sometimes, video content fails because not everyone knows how to use analytics properly in the process.
  • Not knowing how to operationalize video strategy into a production calendar can also pose serious challenges in the process of professional video content creation.

In the End

Professional video content creation depends the most on the creator. It is the creative ingenuity coupled with the brand vision that ultimately brings the content to life. While creating videos seems easy, there are several objectives that need to be met and KPIs to complete. These 13 tips for creating professional video content will take you far. 

Key Takeaways

  • Professional video content creation starts with fixing a budget for production.
  • A professional video creator focuses on storytelling through the video by understanding what the audience wants.
  • Optimizing video content to meet SEO standards is one of the best tips for creating video content.
  • Professionally-made videos can boost traffic, improve SEO ranking, and build brand awareness.
  • It is important to operationalize video strategy into a production calendar.


1. Is it possible to make professional video content from scratch?

Yes, it is. Just ensure that you define goals and budgets.

2. What is the best tip for creating video content for training?

To create training videos, you can use professional video creators available online such as ScreenRec and Lightworks.

3. What are the elements of a good video content strategy?

A good video content strategy is relevant, strategic, memorable, and goal-specific.

4. How to create a video outline?

To create a video outline, you can broadly bucket the main ideas, and add a few minor details to back them up.

5. Why is video marketing important for a business?

Video marketing can increase the outreach of a business to a larger audience and significantly increase website traffic.