12 Innovative Social Media Post Design Ideas

Team Pepper
Posted on 22/08/225 min read
12 Innovative Social Media Post Design Ideas
Are you looking for ways to make your feed interesting? In this blog, we list 12 social media post design ideas that will grab eyeballs like never before.

Social media is an endless sea of posts—you see people posting about their recent trip to the sea and brands posting about the best deals on beachwear. In this mayhem of content, it is natural to feel lost about what to post and how to make your posts stand out. The audience on social media has the attention span of a hummingbird, so the goal is to communicate information by creating the most creative social media post designs.



In that vein, we bring you a list of social media design ideas you can utilize to expand your reach.

12 Social Media Post Design Tips You Can Try Out

We have put together a bunch of useful social media post design ideas you can use to create brand awareness, and drive traffic as well as conversions.

1. Narrate your story

Through your designs, let people know your journey: where you are from, how you started your career, how you set up your business, etc. This will allow your audience to know you personally. It will build trust and credibility. You can also share the mistakes you made and what they taught you. Your design can help you tell your story better. So, make sure the visuals and colors you choose align with your brand image.


2. Post short videos


an Instagram Reel by a brand



Instagram statistics show that short video formats like Reels get more attention than plain, text-based posts. These short-format videos are also better than the traditional longer videos, because they keep the user engaged and take less time to design, record, edit, and post. A great Instagram hack is to make Reels on trending audios to expand your reach!

3. Make use of templates

There are plenty of social media templates available online. They are creatively designed, and help you save a lot of time and effort. Most templates can also be customized as per your liking. When used with thought and consistency, these templates can make your feed look cohesive and uniform.


4. Design checklists

Another great social media post design idea is to create scannable checklists. Everyone values useful information. And considering that many use social media while being on the move, checklists function as useful forms of content that are also easily digestible. You can design a checklist by picking out information from an already existing blog, article, or ebook. Make sure it is aesthetically pleasing along with being useful.

5. Create audience polls


a Twitter poll by Krisy Kreme



The customer is king. They feel valued when their views and feedback are asked for and taken into consideration. An ideal social media design aims to create traction. Therefore, creating audience polls on relevant and interesting questions is a great way to keep the audience engaged. It will also give you an insight into the customers’ minds: what interests them, what they wish to buy, etc.

6. Post relevant memes

This is a strategy all big companies like Zomato and Cred are adopting on their social media handles. Social media users are extremely fond of memes. It does not take long for smartly done memes to spread like wildfire. Use current news, pop-culture references, movie dialogues, etc., to design memes and instantly boost a user’s interest.


7. Make use of the carousel format

Instagram and Facebook carousels (for ads) are a boon for brands wanting to post more information but are unable to fit it into a single frame. A carousel is essentially a series of frames, published as a single post. There is no limit to the type of content you can post in an Instagram carousel.


an Instagram post by Canva


However, we’d suggest creating a carousel consisting of how-to content or content revolving around some form of advice (bonus tip: keep your social media content writing crisp and precise.) People search for tutorials when they want to access in-depth information. Create carousels for some of the most common and relevant topics. A picture speaks a thousand words, so be sure to supplement the information with engaging visuals.


Also, people generally do not have the time to scroll through lengthy posts. They want the information to be at their fingertips, and they want it quick. Aesthetically designed graphic posts featuring short tips are perfect for catching their eyes and disseminating relevant information simultaneously. These tips can be made part of a category or series for easy access in the future.

8. Infographics

The human eye constantly looks for visually appealing patterns. Even dry factual data can be made to appear aesthetically pleasing using infographics. This can be used to present educational information creatively. Post infographics about interesting information or important statistics about your brand. They can also be purely educational, containing information about a cause you care about, and so on.

9. FAQs

Customers leave many questions in the “Comments” section. A good way to utilize them is to design an FAQ post out of them. This way, several others would also be able to inform themselves, and it will save a lot of time and confusion. These posts can be grouped under a series titled “FAQs” for easy access.

10. Repurpose old designs

A lot of time, thoughts, and efforts go into making a social media post. It is best to reap as much as you can from it as well. Therefore, it is a smart move to recycle your content. For instance, screenshots from old videos can be used as visuals that supplement a text-based post. And a blog post can be converted into a reel. Give the old social media post design a new spin and reuse your content successfully.

11. Create engaging giveaway designs


a giveaway on Facebook



Who doesn’t like prizes and gifts? Your followers love freebies, and it’s a great way to spark their interest. Posting a contest or organizing a giveaway can have a significant impact on boosting your social media page’s engagement and reach.

12. Share interesting quotes


sample motivational quotes on Instagram


Quotes can help break the monotony of your posts. They inspire and resonate with people. Be it for daily inspiration or for the purpose of sharing useful information about your industry, quotes can definitely help you engage audiences effectively. For added appeal, design them in your brand colors and style.


Social media is a massive world of content. To not get lost in this sea, let your social media post designs stand out by trying out the above ideas. Identify what you do great and be consistent with it: it could be the design template you use for your posts or how you present information. Everything should uniquely represent you.



1. How to design a social media post?

There are many applications like Canva and Inshot that help you design a social media post. While posting, use consistent branding and create a variety of useful content.

2. What to post on social media?

There are many creative social media design post ideas like giveaways, collaborative posts, behind-the-scenes posts, etc. Use these ideas to create interesting social media content.

3. Where can I get content ideas?

Explore social media apps to see what is trending. Look at pop-culture references and current happenings. Stay up-to-date about meme templates and Reel audios. Use this information to get ideas for your post.

4. What makes your social media designs unique?

Identifying your niche and originality makes your content unique. Do not copy another brand’s work. If you take inspiration from them, acknowledge it. We advise you to keep your designs personal and authentic.

5. What is the best style of designing for online content?

The goal is to make your content skim-friendly, so try to be as crisp as possible with your designs. Use ample white space to expand readability and ensure you follow visual hierarchy for all your posts.