12 Companies that Offer Professional Content Writing Service in the US
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12 Companies that Offer Professional Content Writing Service in the US

Almost 40% of the marketers consider content to be part of their larger marketing strategy. Consumers like to read about products and services indirectly as a part of a well-crafted story. Consumers looking for authentic products and services also look for engaging content.

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May-20,-2021 3 min read
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Content is like matter. Without it, the whole digital world is a dead place. Content makes the space come alive.

Now content can mean different things to different people. It could be any of the following depending on the different businesses it caters to.

  • Blog writing
  • Blog management
  • Content marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization copy 
  • Article writing
  • Explainer videos
  • Infographics
  • Product/service descriptions
  • Press releases

If you are an individual, an organization, or even a business of some scale, content is just as essential. Writing in general and content creation, especially videos and infographics, need a lot of research, time, and patience. Without a helping hand, you will surely jump in the hamster wheel. Moreover, an agency that does content knows the tricks of the trade. 

Almost 40% of the marketers consider content to be part of their larger marketing strategy. Consumers like to read about products and services indirectly as a part of a well-crafted story. Consumers looking for authentic products and services also look for engaging content. Some firms specialize in all or a combination of the skills mentioned here.

For your part, if you are an organization or an individual, you should strike the right communication chord. You should clearly articulate the market(s) you operate in, your consumer profile, and where your content plan fits in the big picture – in other words, your business marketing strategy.

A content provider is expected to deliver content according to client requirements, be original and fresh with quick turnaround-time (TAT), and show flexibility in revisions. One should also discuss platforms for written content like Drupal, HubSpot, Joomla, Wix, and WordPress.

The US consumer market is mature. Content-providing firms clearly understand the local cultural hues and their own skills, scale, sizes, and specializations. As extended marketing teams, they too are aware of local consumer preferences and behaviors.

It is tough to name the top content providers. With changes in criteria like specialty and demography, rankings may change. Nevertheless, here are the 12 most popular content providers in the US, who are a force to reckon with:

1. Verblio

With a network of over 3000 US-based content writers in the US, Verblio specializes in hyper niche content. Its experts have handled content for over 40 different industries and have developed a wide range of content on niche subjects. They have various monthly pricing plans available to suit your needs.

2. iWriter

This company provides the easiest and fastest way to get content for your website or articles. iWriter specializes in high-quality, customized content that clients can pay for only after reading the whole content piece. They claim to have the lowest prices in the industry. The pricing depends on the word count. 

3. Scripted

With the belief that great marketing requires great content, Scripted has professional-level content writers that cater to businesses and individual requirements. The writers work in tandem with customers for developing content. They have basic, premium, and cruise-control pricing plans for various needs of customers. Scripted is based in San Francisco.

4. Inbound Labs

Specializing in developing effective content for businesses, Inbound Labs offers powerful storytelling and technology to help their customers reach new audiences and drive traffic to their sites. Their content is data-driven and effective for converting prospects into customers.

5. Express Writers

Started by Julia McCoy, a serial entrepreneur, marketing expert, and passionate about building businesses via written content, Express Writers is as good as it gets. She has shaped the Express Writers workflow that helps deliver full-circle content solutions. They have a wide range of plans for every content writing need. This varies from small blogs to influencer articles and SEO services to infographics. They are a high-impact writing service that focuses on providing content that leads to higher conversions.

6. Text Master

The biggest translation solution provider globally, Text Master has expertise in about 50 languages. It facilitates brand content, travel content, web content SEO, and e-commerce content services. One of their missions is to provide high multilingual content for international businesses.

7. Text Workers

Mainly involved in SEO content writing, Text Workers believes in high-value audience targeting. They are based out of the US and specialize in offering a full view of a content marketing campaign. They have great e-commerce solutions whereby their content usually attracts more traffic to client websites. They have a high conversion rate and are experts in converting casual surfers as well.

8. SubmitShop

Having offered content writing services to businesses for over 15 years, SubmitShop is also an SEO specialization company based out of New York besides being a fully integrated digital marketing agency. Their niche is in improving page ranks on Google and other search engines. They possess specialized SEO tools.

9. Writer Access

With the largest pool of content writers, Writer Access uses Artificial Intelligence to optimize content and track its performance. Broadly speaking, they are into writing white papers on various topics and specialize in creating organic business growth.

10. Crowd Content

Creating high-value client-based relationships, Crowd Content has a good pool of writers with high scalability from small businesses to multinationals. They value originality and have clients in 81 countries. With a high customer satisfaction rate, they also handle re-writing of product descriptions in case of changes.

11. Content Writers.com

They partner with agencies, publishers, and businesses to aid content and copywriting tasks while having a large pool of talented US-based content writers. For Content Writers, scalability is the main differentiator. The verticals that they support are varied like travel, legal, fashion, travel, medical, finance, education, automotive, etc. They also specialize in offering product descriptions and Amazon content.

12. Media Shower

This Massachusetts-based company helps in improving communication by making a simple yet value-based approach. Media Shower specializes in creating content for fintech, finance, technology, and blockchain companies. They have a monthly package to suit the needs of clients.

These handpicked sources will help you get started if you are looking for content writing firms based in the US. 

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