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Why Should You Translate Your Content?

Translating your content into other languages allows you to appeal to a wider range of customers and make more sales.

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Be local, bo vocal

Translation is not just about the language, it is also about cultural representation. As your business grows, you will be marketing to countries not just in your language, but in the language of your local customers, and if you want to give your business a head start, set up a translation plan. A translation plan is a priority if you intend to enter an international market.

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Speak their language

Content written in another language can be shared on your social media accounts with that language setting, allowing you to get more traffic within seconds.

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Break barriers

The transition from one language to another will allow your readers to explore a new way of thinking, which can be welcomed in developing nations and regions.

About Chinese to Greek Translation Tool

Our Chinese to Greek translation tool is powered by the Google Translation API. Simply type a word in Chinese on the left-hand text box and click on the "Translate" button. Our app then translates your Chinese word, phrase, or sentence into Greek within seconds.

At the moment Google translate has been developed to convert one paragraph of 500 characters from Chinese or Greek to English or the other way round. Although the translation is not 100% accurate, you will already have a rough clue about what is being said and this will be better with time! The Google team is working on ways for Google Translate and all translating software to become more reliable over time.

Lao is the official language of Laos and, like many other southeast Asian countries, Lao is a tonal language. Tonal language is when a single word inflection, or even the tone it is spoken in, changes the meaning of the word. For this reason a pronunciation guide can be useful when you first begin to learn Lao to avoid any misinterpretations.

Commonly spoken Chinese to Greek phrases

  • 我来接你。

    Έρχομαι να σε πάρω.

  • 你能帮我翻译一下吗?

    Μπορείτε να μου το μεταφράσετε αυτό;

  • 我希望你和你的妻子旅途愉快。

    Ελπίζω εσείς και η γυναίκα σας να έχετε ένα όμορφο ταξίδι.

  • 好的。


  • 没关系。

    Είναι εντάξει.

  • 够了。


  • 出色的。


  • 我不喜欢它。

    Δεν μου αρέσει.

  • 我不会说印地语

    Δεν μιλάω καλά χίντι

  • 我很好。你?

    Είμαι καλά, εσύ?

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