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Sample: Warning Signs You Should Resign from Your Job

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Many of us spend more time at work than at home, and that makes our work-life an important part of our overall wellbeing. Thus, it is necessary that our jobs impact us positively and ultimately, help us grow in life. However, if this is not happening, it is time to analyze whether to continue or call it quits. Work should be one’s asset and not a looming liability. Here are some signs that should act as your red flags and help you take THE decision more confidently. 

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Going to work in the morning doesn’t excite you anymore

Everyone struggles to get up during the start of the week to go to work, and that is why the whole concept of Monday Blues exists. However, if the blues extend throughout the week, it is time to re-evaluate your job scenario. The reasons could be anything from a bad boss to a monotonous work schedule. Once you analyse the real reason for the dread you can think about either leaving or discussing new opportunities with your reporting head. 

Work not getting valued

When you know that your work is worthy, but you are being told to change your working style again and again while strictly following the company’s work pattern, it is time to understand that your work is being taken for granted. If you feel your ideas are not appreciated and not even shared with the management, it is a strong sign that you should put your talent to better use elsewhere. 

No guidance from the management 

Management plays a very crucial role in keeping the employees motivated by rewarding them by offering promotions and increments from time to time. It also helps employees chart their future map within the company. However, if your management is doing no such thing with you in spite of all the time you have given to the company, it is definitely time to move on. 

No scope for growth

Sometimes, you might feel that you are doing your work, but it is not getting appreciated. This can be very discouraging and unsatisfactory for most of us. Get out of this toxic environment and start looking for a new and better opportunity.   

Monotonous work pattern 

Monotony, while common, is a dangerous thing at work. It makes you non-productive and starts affecting your mental health. Flexible and exciting work patterns make employees stick to a job for a longer time. 

No sign of getting promoted internally

Internal promotion is very important for an employee’s growth. It not only helps companies hang on to critical institutional knowledge but also boosts employee morale and career growth for the staff. If your boss shows no signs of promoting you internally and prefers to have an outsider, it is time to shift to a place that understands your capabilities. 

No increment         

Increment is a powerful tool to assess one’s growth in a company. If your company doesn’t show any sign of giving you an increment in spite of the challenging nature of your work, start looking for new opportunities.   

No family time 

Lastly, if you are unable to take out any time from work for yourself and your family, it is a sign that you are overworked. Hence, switching jobs now would be absolutely fine. 

What next?

Your workload shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the little things in life. To better understand the job’s negative and positive sides, look for all the above signs and then take a decision. Look for better opportunities before you decide to finally put your foot down.

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