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Sample: Is Technology Killing Creativity?

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Take a look into how much should technology partake in the creative process. Establish the link between boredom, creativity and technology. Tone should be friendly.

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Technology is integrated into our day-to-day lives like never before. Imagine yourself spending a whole week without your smartphone while embracing nature and its bounty around you to the fullest. Will you be able to do that? Will you be able to overcome the boredom caused by abandoning the smartphone and transform that boredom into something constructive and creative?

To do that you have to have a balance between creativity and technology. Creativity is a way to explore our surroundings and present it in a unique and elegant way, while technology is a way to enhance our senses of perception. What we need is the best of both worlds.

How technology affects the creative process?

There are two aspects of how technology can affect the creative process. Firstly, technology provides us with a bridge to make our creative process efficient. It acts as a tool to enhance our perception of something. For example, there are two talented musicians residing at far and distinct places from each other. With the help of technology, they can actually exchange their thoughts and ideas. They can share relevant information with each other. In fact, a number of like-minded people from all around the world can share, discuss, and implement their ideas through technology.

All this would not have been possible without technology. In this case, technology is actually enhancing creativity. Technology can be used by creators all over the world to construct something good and meaningful.

Another aspect is that if we solely depend on technology and do not control ourselves from using it again and again for our own pleasure, then it could actually harm us in the long run. Too much dependence on technology is not a good thing.

Whenever you spend some time on social media watching and scrolling through information that is not relevant to you, your brain does not create unique memories for that time interval. That’s why you feel like you only spent 5 minutes, whereas, in reality, 20 minutes may have passed.

You spent time. But was that time spent well? That’s an important question to ask.

Boredom makes you more creative!

In a study published in the Academy of Management Discoveries, it was found that boredom actually helped to boost productivity and generate new ideas.

Boredom is a way to let your mind wander around and see if something interesting comes up or not. It’s a time when your mind thinks naturally and makes new neural connections, which then lead up to abstract thoughts and ideas.

So the next time you feel bored, just relax and let your mind wander!

Importance of creativity in business

Creativity plays a crucial role in expanding or even starting a business. Coming up with new ideas, testing them out and implementing them is a process that is an integral part of a good business. A business that empathises with its customers and makes room for innovation while meeting business goals is sure to flourish.

Innovation and creativity are what makes a business stand out. There is a huge difference between a business that just makes stuff and puts it out in the market and a business, which first understands its users and then decides what to produce.

Also, businesses that combine technology with creativity have good chances of becoming successful. For example, Netflix uses technology and creativity to deliver the best possible experience to its users.

Creative thinking allows you to explore different perspectives of acknowledging a particular problem and solving it. Creativity is not just about art; it’s about exploring different possibilities.

Combining creativity with technology

Uber was founded based on a simple idea — to make travelling more efficient and cheap. Instead of waiting for a cab for a long time, you could just order one yourself in a click or two right from your smartphone. This idea gained traction because of two things: It acknowledged an underlying problem and tried to solve it from a different perspective and it took the help of technology, which was already prevalent at that time, in this case, your smartphone.

That’s how you can come up with different ideas by just observing the world around you and implementing them to make the best out of something. Sometimes, you will fail, but remember, failure is a process through which you learn something new and get to explore multiple possibilities.

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