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Sample: Tips You Can Follow to Write Clean and Good Code

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Need a good article on coding. Like, what to keep in mind while coding, it’s tips and tricks, do’s and don’ts. Avoid long paragraphs. Write short and concise bullet points.

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Content writer and a coder, I have expertise in different programming languages. I know my way around with words and languages. I have been in the industry for the past 5 years

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The foundation of good software is based on complex programming solutions designed and developed by software engineers. A well-written program always highlights the logic behind the whole concept of the inner functionality of the software. The flexibility of any code is judged by its easy-to-modify steps defined in the program’s structure.

The etiquette of writing fine pieces of code always starts with well-defined documentation. Most programmers skip the ethics of writing clean code to meet deadlines. But if written correctly a clean code is always bug-free and easy to understand.

Usually, software projects are divided into sets of modules, which are assigned to different teams for implementation. Each team member then contributes to coding with an aim to write code that is easy to understand logically and functionally.

A clean code is simpler to understand, easy to read and can be modified during software upgrades. Software writing is an art that is developed after years of experience of handling different projects. Beginners can fall into the trap of writing messy code, but a proficient software developer always adheres to the basic guideline of writing good code. The code written by them is as good as well-written prose. 

Here are a few tips to write code efficiently: 

  • A software programmer’s most important task is to assign meaningful full names to various variables, arguments, functions, classes and directories. It’s a good habit always to use meaningful naming conventions, which should relate to its purpose in the program logic.
  • Grouping similar variables together in categories helps improve the code’s readability offering a better understanding of the pieces of the code.
  • The structure of a well-written program is organized with the proper use of classes, functions and methods. Easy to understand function depends on two factors of the single responsibility principle. First, it should be small, and second, it must do one thing at a time and do it well.
  • Programmers should avoid using nested structure in function, and it should not have more than two indent levels. This programming methodology makes the code easy to understand and clean posing fewer difficulties to other developers to grasp the code and add further features.
  • Programmers must assure that the function should not exceed more than three arguments. Although more arguments perform more tasks, it is recommended to limit arguments so as to control complexity. Having too many arguments makes the code confusing, thus making it difficult to debug.
  • As an ace programmer, you should reduce the number of parameters. Fewer the parameters, the easier it is to understand and debug. Passing objects rather than the variables is a good practice for writing clean code.
  • Writing unit testing is essential in generating a flexible clean code that is easy for bug fixing and making changes in the code.
  • While implementing try/catch/finally statements, make sure to use a separate function. The name of the function should be descriptive and should specify the purpose.
  • The presence of comments in the code is necessary as it helps other developers grasp the logic easily thus, giving insight into the code’s purpose. As the code is often transferred from one place to another, comments can create problems as they remain in the same place.  

The software industry is always progressing, and new advanced versions of programming languages are today helping to reduce language complexity. Most high-level programming language syntax is similar to English, which can explain the significance of the code.  

Proper use of indentation, white space and line breaks can create a good clean code that programmers can appreciate. Such a programming practice is beneficial in the software development process as other users can easily understand the code’s logic for easy maintenance related tasks.

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