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Sample: The Future of E-Commerce

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Write down the best tips to follow while choosing an apt eCommerce platform for your business. It should be a 360 degree overview of setting up e-commerce business. Use layman’s language.

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I’m a content writer who has written for avant-garde brands like Nykaa and Amazon. I have been in the industry for over 4 years.

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With the onset of the era of technology, e-commerce has grown in unimaginable ways. It has dramatically transformed the way consumers interact with brands by empowering them to shop more effectively. Because of the great comfort and convenience it provides, that of getting products delivered at your doorstep, e-commerce has now undoubtedly become a significant part of our everyday life.

Since it has made the consumers’ lives easier in many ways, it is crucial for sellers to accurately understand e-commerce platforms and make the most of it. Strategic planning, competitive marketing and a seasoned workforce are factors every seller must understand to capture the buyers’ purchasing intent.

Types of e-commerce platforms

  1. SaaS-based platforms: Software as a service or SaaS-based e-commerce platforms can help you build your e-commerce store since they are easy to manage. You will need the assistance of a coding or a technical team to conduct your business swiftly. You only need to pay the cost of using the platform. 
  1. Open-source platforms: These are ready-to-use online store builders with open-source code access that you can install on any web-host and easily set up your online store in a few hours. It also provides you with complete control over your site and business while giving you the freedom to personalize your online store and enhance it the way you like. 

Features of an e-commerce platforms

Since there are many e-commerce platforms available today, one has to be careful and consider several factors to make a wise and informed decision. The primary function of any e-commerce platforms is to enable businesses to accept online payments and collect relevant information to ship the products to the customers. Some more features are mentioned below: 

  1. SEO-friendly: Your e-commerce platform must offer SEO-friendly features that help it to rank high in google results. Some of the SEO features used for e-commerce platforms are custom domain name, meta-tags, meta descriptions and API integration amongst others. 
  1. Mobile-friendly: Nowadays, a large number of people search for products on their mobile phones making mobile-friendly sites a must feature of your e-commerce strategy. You can choose a mobile responsive theme as you set up your shop on an e-commerce platform. 
  1. Security features: In the times of increasing fraudulent activities, no customer will engage with your site if their data is not protected. You should choose a secure platform that supports HTTP or SSL. You can also activate captcha on different forms on your site so as to avoid spammers. 
  1. Order and return management system: For quick and hassle-free business, use features like order tracking, email notifications and shipping information to ensure that the product is being processed and will reach within the due date. It is also crucial to implement a robust return policy so that your customers are happy and satisfied. Some of the typical return features include return or exchange charges, return date limit, auto refund, return invoice, etc. 
  1. Multi-channel integration: To make sales faster, it is essential that your products be listed on multiple channels. You can easily integrate your dashboard on your e-commerce platform and synchronize your products. This way, all your products will automatically appear on different channels, and you can connect multiple marketplaces with your site. 

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