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Are you experiencing pain and stiffness in the body after putting in long hours at work? Does continuously sitting in a chair leave you feeling tired and uncomfortable? These may be ominous indicators that your body posture might be less than ideal. 

Sitting in an incorrect posture for long periods of time puts the spine, neck, and limbs under stress. Sustained negligence of one’s body posture may take a toll on physical health and also affect your mobility in the long run. To a large extent, our body posture is governed by the chair we sit in. 

Each individual is unique in terms of physical body structure — height, body weight, length of arms and legs, etc. If you believe that a ‘one size fits all’ approach is apt for chair selection, you may be surprised to learn that the selection of a chair is a highly personalized decision. A chair should be primarily based on comfort and ergonomics, as per the individual’s requirements.

An ergonomically designed chair will ensure maximum comfort and also take care of your body posture in the best possible manner. Here are the ergonomic factors one should keep in mind before buying a chair.

What factors should be considered while choosing a chair?

  1. Seat height

The chair should be adjustable according to your own height and the height of your table. For seamless control of the height of the chair, it should have a pneumatic lever. The height should be adjustable to a level such that your hands can easily rest on the table.

  1. Foundation

As is true with any standing structure, a chair should also have an excellent foundation. If you’re looking for an office chair, the base and the caster wheels should be made of premium, durable materials. For maximum stability, select a chair with a five-pronged base. This kind of base also carries the least risk of toppling during sideways or backward movements.

  1. Lumbar support

Lumbar support is one of the most, if not the most, important criteria to consider in a chair. For long working hours, the chair should support your back and prevent any slouching. Look for a chair that provides an adjustable tilt option, i.e., the backrest can move back and forth as per your movement. In this way, you can sit on the chair for a longer duration yet adjust your body posture from time to time.

  1. Arm and neck support

It’s common to find chairs with additional arm and neck support attached to the main body frame. While having neck support is an obvious advantage, do check out if the arm support becomes obtrusive in your regular movement. Opt for a chair with an adjustable arm and neck support, and also with adequate cushioning for comfort.

  1. Optimum seating space

The core functionality of any chair is that it should be comfortable to sit. The seating area should be large enough to accommodate your lower body (till the knees) and provide adequate under-thigh support. The back cushion should be high and wide such that the back and shoulders regions are properly supported.

  1. Use of cushioning material

Touch and feel the fabric used on the chair to get a sense of the material’s quality. It should be non-abrasive to reduce any discomfort due to friction. Also, the fabric should be breathable, thereby minimizing sweat and heat formation.

While the selection of fabric is crucial, cushioning is equally important. Regular usage gradually reduces the cushioning effect of the foam and can make sitting very uncomfortable. As the chair is expected to last for a few years, the foam should be of a supreme quality that lasts that long. The cushion should not be too hard or too soft; otherwise, you won’t be able to sit for long durations at a stretch.

Neo Lite Chairs

If you are looking for a durable and ergonomic chair for regular usage, check out the Neo Lite range of contemporary chairs. Each Neo Lite chair comes with adjustable lumbar, arm, and neck support for maximum comfort. The premium-grade fabric and mesh back allow unrestricted airflow, while the saddle-style foam seat is sure to keep you snug throughout the day.

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