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Sample: Must-see Horror Films of 2020

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Should talk about upcoming horror movies. Language should be fun and informal. Should be in the form of a commentary.

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Content writer who loves to watch films, I write down my commentaries for every movie I see. I have a blog called “Movie Direction”. I have been writing since past 4 years.

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One more year, and we have another set of fantastic horror flicks. During an outstandingly unnerving year, film buffs had the chance to seek comfort in a macabre series of inventive horror films. 

With its unique horror treats, 2020 gives film-goers a wide array of choices. In fact, several titles in this genre perfectly encapsulate the concept of isolation forced upon us during quarantine. 

Let’s look at some of the best horror films of this year that promise quite a hair-raising experience.

The Invisible Man

Leigh Whannell makes an instinctive spine-chiller with another refreshing interpretation of this timeless story by H.G. Wells that was originally published in 1897. This film has brilliant content and fabulous visuals. Whannell has a sharp eye for detail and it shows in the film. Elizabeth Moss delivers an extraordinarily committed performance. There are numerous scenes in this film that you won’t see coming, and the mercilessness with which the makers have presented them serves the general story well.


This Australian horror flick is an engaging one as it doles out one scary scene after another right till the end! It is equally chilling and emotional to see how a family of three is captured by an entity. Relic moves at an unhurried speed, but it never drags. Alongside the strange and spooky atmospherics, it investigates the most fundamental of all human feelings.

The Dark and the Wicked

As the title suggests, the story is about how the existence of a pair of siblings is threatened when some blood-curdling incidents occur in their lives. There’s the far-off country setting, the dread, the sadness, and that sinking feeling. And a fear that unfeeling powers will slaughter you and torture you just for the delight of watching you endure and die. 


This provocative, unnerving and horrifying film features sharp perceptions of a homegrown life, absence of friendship and a lack of affection. This one will make you cry. Haley Bennett delivers her best performance to date. “Swallow” is a cautiously and calmly formed mental examination, dressed up in pastel-like tones with skilled, clean cinematography. The watcher follows Hunter (Haley Bennett) as she struggles to find peace in her new life.


This is an ideal film for the pandemic year. Numerous studios have acknowledged the fact that occasionally, less is ideal. An environmental chiller with conceivable characters who attract you to their joint Zoom sessions. The film, though low-budget, is a work of great creativity and planning. The only shortcoming is that it looked more like a scene in a ghastly TV show, and thus ought to be viewed in that light to appreciate an hour’s creepiness.

Color Out of Space

This amazing horror flick is a nervy and mesmerizingly out-there attempt at cosmic horror. It is a wild, powerful, over-the-top and stupendously fulfilling film. While imperfect, it works nearly as much due to its defects as it does due to its highlights. All things considered, each Lovecraft fan has a smart thought about what ought to be part of a film, regardless of whether he knows what needs to be added. 


This is a sci-fi horror film that delivers a claustrophobia spine-chiller with a stellar cast and performances, tense music score and a bearing that feels like this film is attempting to bring back a 1980s science fiction thrill ride like The Thing or The Abyss. Survivors are attempting to make a path to the next station to discover the clearing units. While the tremor that shook the office was not an ordinary shudder, the penetrating station stirred something on to the surface of the sea with animals attempting to chase the survivors away. This certainly deserves a watch. 

There are many more films in the pipeline, like the sequel to ‘A Quiet Place’ by John Krasinski, Sarah Paulson’s ‘Run’ and ‘Antebellum’ starring Janelle Monae. All the horror film fans out there, 2021 looks a lot more promising. 

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