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Sample: Factors that Will Influence Hiring Strategies in 2021

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Need a blog on how the dynamics of businesses are changing due to the pandemic. Provide facts and figures as well to show the factors that will influence recruitment strategies in the months to come.

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Content writer with exposure to Human Resource Management, I have been in the industry for the last 5 years. I also provide strategies and business model guides.

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Prediction of the influencing elements for hiring employees in 2021 is not based on assumptions; rather it’s based on our previous year’s experiences. 

Although technological innovations have always kept the door of connectivity open, taking up crucial work digitally has never really proved to be as necessary as it is now during the raging pandemic.

Indeed COVID-19 has almost radically changed the outlook of jobs and recruitments. Digitization of work has been setting trends for 2021 and forecasting them will prepare businesses to remain flexible and keep growing in this highly competitive landscape.

Let’s scroll through the factors that can influence recruitment strategies in 2021.

  • Hiring will be focused on DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion): A team will be united with diverse talents. The goal would be to encourage creativity that comes from all around the globe. Even employees are positively inclined towards only those workplaces which allow equity and have a diverse work culture. According to research, 62% of employees can turn down a job offer if an office culture is not supportive of a diverse team. Organizations will need to analyze where they stand in terms of a diverse workforce and invite equity with inclusive practices to follow the trends of hiring. 
  • Working remotely will continue to be the new normal: Just going with the trend of acknowledging a diverse work culture will not be sufficient to lead the way forward. Recruiters will play an important role in planning and managing a diverse culture and strive to make businesses as productive as they would have been if they were to work from offices. Employees will continue to work from home even after the pandemic recedes. A recent survey also stated that 64% of organizations believe that remote working is here to stay. Talent hunts will know no geographical or social boundaries. However, reaping the benefits of work-from-home through various innovative measures will be on the rise. 
  • Virtual hiring will dominate the future of recruitments: The pandemic era has propelled recruiters to digital hiring. Video interviewing and phone connectivity with potential employees have proved to be meeting the expectations of organizations. Virtual hiring has also led to other benefits like saving money and time. With 70% of professionals acknowledging the fact that virtual hiring will be the new standard, companies will have to adapt to the latest technologies in order to scan through boundless applications. 
  • ‘Employee branding’ will enhance brand image: Candidates will no longer be attracted to lavish office spaces or the amenities that an organization provides. Instead they will look for responsible actions of companies towards society and how well they support employees during any crisis. Recruiters have to be empathetic towards employees and should try to reach out to candidates if they need any assistance. The employee branding will not only help attract and retain employees, but will also enable quality hiring. 
  • Recruiters will keep pace with the changing trends: Like 2020, 2021 will also observe a series of changes in the process of hiring. Recruiters will have to balance the switch between candidates and companies. They have to design new skills for employees that comply with the situational demands of organizations. They will need to analyze if employees are adaptable and flexible, and will respond positively to the changing business needs.


Global hiring requires top management skills to ace the process of building a diverse team that is adaptable to every situation. To attract the best talent from all over the world, recruiters need to be prepared for technological changes in the hiring process and keep the organizational goal at the forefront while selecting a candidate. The key factor in the hiring strategy would be to make the outcome of the hiring process fruitful for both employers and employees.

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