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Sample: 10 things to know before you adopt a shelter dog

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The article should write down things to be kept in mind before adopting a dog. Should include things like taking it for a walk, grooming him etc.  Pointers should be short and simple.

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Adopting a shelter dog is a wonderful experience. Since it is also a big decision, it should not be made lightly. Before welcoming this new member into your home, it is important to know your responsibilities. 

Here are 10 things you need to know if you want to adopt a shelter dog. Keep scrolling to read them.

1.     Are you ready for a new dog?

Adopting that adorable ‘fur baby’ can be tempting, but you need to understand that they come with great responsibility. Discuss with your family and make sure they understand that this decision involves giving time, spending money, and taking good care of your pet. 

2.     You are going to need a big wallet

A dog has needs that can be expensive. You will need to spend on their food, veterinary visits, treats, toys, grooming, etc. This can quickly add up to a significant number. So make sure you are ready to handle the expenses.

3.     He is going to be scared and will take time to adjust

When you adopt a shelter dog, you are a stranger for the first few days. You may not know the circumstances in which he reached the shelter and what frightens him,   and thus he can be scared of you in the beginning. Be patient. Give him a little time to adjust, show him that he is safe and that you love him to make him comfortable in his new home.

4.     Your home needs to be baby-proofed

Just like a home needs to be baby-proofed for newborns or toddlers, your shelter dog will also need the same protection. Ensure that your house is free of items that can be harmful. It can be food items, medications, stray wires, plants, etc.

5.     He will need training

You cannot expect your shelter dog to be perfect.  Train and guide him consistently. .  Give him treats for good behaviour. Do not threaten or scold the dog if he misbehaves because that can scare him. You can also watch training videos on YouTube or refer to books that can help you train your pet. 

6.     Use a tag or a microchip for your new dog

You never know when your shelter dog gets lost or runs away. Get a collar with proper tags that carry your dog’s name and at least two phone numbers. You can also microchip your dog at a vet’s clinic with your current contact information.

7.     Show him your love

A dog’s life is about 10-15 years which is much shorter than the average human life expectancy. Show him  your love, be his best friend, and he will shower you with love  every day!

8.     He will need exercise

A dog needs exercise. Exercise will keep your dog in shape and it will also keep him fit mentally. Walk your dog at least once every day. Play games like fetch or hide and seek with him. It will also help you bond well. 

9.     He will need grooming

Just like humans, dogs also need regular grooming. It includes hair and nail trimming, washing, and bathing. You also need to brush its teeth. Learn how to groom him, or you can take him to a groomer.

10.  You gained a best friend for life

Once your shelter dog and your family are used to each other, your furry friend can be the most loyal and loving friend you will ever have. Dogs are also wonderful with children. They are very affectionate animals, so adopting them can guarantee you years of fun. Just make sure they are properly trained and choose the right shelter dog according to your family and lifestyle.

Getting a dog has so many benefits. You get a partner for life.  However, like a kid, they also need a lot of attention and care. You give them what they need, and they will repay with all the love in the world. 

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