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Sample: New Year’s Style Guide for Men

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Need a fashion blog on menswear. It should be cool and trendy. Don’t want facts, just a good and opinionated read.

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I have been writing on fashion related topics for a good many years. I completed my Bachelors in Fashion Studies from one of the most reputed colleges in India.

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Every time a new year begins, we aim for makeovers in several spheres of our lives. Make sartorial changes a part of this metamorphosis as well. In short, new year, new wardrobe. Period.

Yes, we are talking about a basic new year style makeover for men. Whether you want to mingle with the crowd or stand out from your peers, selecting the right attire is important. If you want to make heads turn, here’s how you can refresh your fashion mindset this new year. 

Time for spring cleaning

Declutter and sort out your wardrobe, pronto! Do away with clothes that are worn out or overstretched, torn, faded and badly stained. This will help you make a clear decision about what you would need to kickstart a mini fashion revolution in your life.  ‘

Denim jeans

A pair of denims is timeless. So it’s a must-have in your wardrobe. A pair of jeans can easily help you dress up or tone down. If you want to have a more stylish or dynamic appearance, you can try straight fit/straight leg jeans in darker hues. For a more laid-back and off-duty look, opt for lighter shades. You cannot possibly go wrong with denims, really. 

T-shirts and shirts

T-shirts are comfortable, stylish and quite versatile pieces of clothing that can be teamed up wonderfully with a pair of jeans.  Classic crew neck cotton T-shirts in plain colours are a splendid choice for any occasion. You can also go for V-necks, Y-necks and polos. Make sure that the shirts you buy fit you well. When you want to look sharp, casual wear can be your best choice.

Jackets and blazers

Refine your look with jackets and blazers that contrast with your basic outfit. A lightweight jacket can be fashionable and can make you stand out from the crowd. A sports jacket can also make you look uber cool. If you want to make it more formal, you can try a waistcoat. 


Well, you may wonder how accessories can be a part of styling? Accessories like watches, sunglasses, hats, caps, wallets, belts, cufflinks and ties can add an extra dimension to your style statement.  So, invest wisely in accessories. A classy timepiece on your wrist can raise your fashion quotient by several notches. 

Classy footwear

Classy footwear can make you look abundantly fashionable. From loafers to work boots, you can choose from a wide variety of options available in the market. Sneakers are a rage as well – buy that pair of leather sneakers, if you are in a mood for experimenting. Or don’t limit yourself to sneakers – you can try boat shoes, desert boots and derby shoes as well. 

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