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Sample: Food and Beverage Trends to Look Out for in 2021

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Want a food blog summing up the trends last year. Want details on how people want their food to be healthy as well as Instragram-worthy. The tone should be friendly.

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I’m a feature writer who has written for brands like Taj and Oberoi. I excel in writing food blogs.

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2020 was an important year for everyone who wanted to always get on the fitness wagon but couldn’t manage to do so due to their busy schedules. No matter how much physical activity you squeeze in your fitness regime, you can’t get anywhere closer to your fitness goal with having a healthy diet. We believe that choice of food will rule over every other choice that people will make in 2021.

Salad covered in ranch dressing

We are in for a number of fresh food trends this year. They include

Healthier meals 

Rather than ordering food online or dining out, people are more likely to cook food at home. Over the last year, people realised that everything can be cooked at home in a controlled and safe environment. This has given rise to a lot of home chefs. Also, people are not only conscious about what they are eating, but also about how social-media-worthy it looks. Creativity combined with healthier food options is going to be a major food trend in 2021.

More beverage choices

People experimented a lot with their drinks and beverages during the lockdown. Since stress levels were increasing, people opted for drinks that could elevate their mood. This trend is going to be pretty popular this year too. Also, since ‘healthy is the new yummy’, people might go for vegan smoothies and natural drinks that have all the necessary vitamins and minerals needed to combat the current times.

Vegan is here to stay 

In 2020, health enthusiasts moved towards cruelty-free foods increasing their dependence on more plant-based food items. Almond milk, vegan cheese and nut butters started trending and we see this trend extend well into 2021. People are going to depend more on plants than on dairy making the lives of our lactose-intolerant friends easy.

Immunity-based food preferences

The pandemic has forced people to resort to a lot of multivitamins and immunity boosters. More and more food items that boost immunity are going to be stacked up in the grocery stores this year as well as a result of the pandemic.

Stock more in better prices

People, last year, were seen stocking up their groceries for longer periods to avoid stepping out again and again. This led to more savings as well since people bought things in bulk, in turn realizing the importance of economizing food choices. This trend is going to be carried forward in 2021 as well. People will buy healthier foods at lower costs.

Food porn

Nation-wide lockdowns forced the public to get creative and come up with ‘Instagram-worthy’ meals. This trend is here to stay. Gone are the days when cereals were okay for breakfast and dal-rice was enough for dinner. Healthier creative meals are going to be a rage in 2021.

Homemade ingredients

Since going out every day to pick up groceries is not a very safe option anymore, people have started making basic ingredients at home. A very good example would be making pizzas and pasta from scratch. People are going to go for homemade ingredients in 2021 too. 

Delivery services

Food delivery services witnessed a massive surge in 2020, and this surge will sustain well into 2021. People will get everything from ready-to-cook meals and groceries to alcohol and beverages delivered to their doorstep.

New food cultures

People will not only cook what they already know but also seek what other cultures put on their dinner plate. With the help of online cooking tutorials and videos, people are going to learn more about other food cultures and their choices and how these cultures sustain.

A lot has changed in the past year. Closet chefs came out and people discovered their hidden gastronomic talents. This year too, people are going to grow conscious about what they eat and where their food is sourced from. Apart from this quick and easy food delivery services are going to eat-up the majority of 2021 since eating out is still considered unsafe. 

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