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Sample: Emerging Fitness Trends to Look Out For in 2021

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Need a detailed guide on the emerging fitness trends to look out for. Write on topics like high-intensity workouts, home gym, breaks, etc.

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The year 2020 brought a lot of unprecedented changes in our lives. From working from home full-time to wearing masks everywhere, life since 2020 has been unusual. Nationwide quarantine orders also limited the activities of millions of fitness enthusiasts who could not adhere to their respective health schedules. This also negatively impacted the overall health and fitness sector.

With ease in the quarantine rules, it is now time to get back to our fitness regimen while following the advised safety measures. Live streaming classes from the comfort of your home, home gyms and virtual workouts are becoming the new normal. Now, what does 2021 have in store? Here are some trends to look out for in 2021:


Digital workouts

Fitness apps and online fitness streaming services have become popular in the times of coronavirus and are likely to gain more popularity thanks to the advantages they offer. Digital workouts allow people to work out whenever it suits them. It also means people can save money since travelling to the gym has been entirely eliminated. Apps present a massive buffet of workouts to select from. 

The leaderboard is another useful feature that keeps people motivated and engaged. Posting your achievements to inspire people and helping others achieve their fitness goals gives a dopamine rush that pushes us to go harder the next time. 

Since equipment-based workouts cannot be done at home, people are considering hybrid classes for a mix of both online and in-person experiences. Recently, a person took a class with his favourite boxing trainer in Hawaii and did a full workout from Ireland using his Oculus headset. Virtual reality has opened up a whole new world with boundless possibilities. 

HIIT workouts

High-intensity interval training workouts (HIIT) tend to remain a popular fitness trend in 2021. These high-power workouts can deliver quick results in a short period of time. Young adults are likely to prefer these workouts at home rather than chair aerobics. There are several health benefits attached to HIIT such as enhanced aerobic capacity, elevation in muscle growth, healthy body weight, etc. Research has also shown that it elevates BDNF, a protein that stimulates the growth of new brain cells which further helps in the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s when you get old.

Valuable use of social media

Social media continues to be the primary source of information on fitness, diets and exercises for people in 2021. Fitness professionals today also have strong social media influence and leverage platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc., to reach more people. This gives them an edge over traditional means of attracting potential clients. By providing relevant information for free to many people, they can build their own brand as well.

Fitness equipment to set up a home gym 

As the lockdown made fitness clubs and gyms inaccessible for a long time, people started buying fitness equipment to build home gyms. Consequently, the demand for fitness trainers also increased as people needed experts to teach them how to effectively workout at home. 

Lunch break workouts

As the pressures of working from the office eased, people began to adjust their schedules to accommodate a daily exercise routine. This gave rise to the trend of working out during one’s lunch break. A midday workout is good for your productivity levels as well.

Working out to boost mental fitness

With social distancing and isolation affecting our mental health, yoga and meditation played an important role in reducing stress levels and ensuring a positive mindset.


Wellness is now a necessity more than a luxury. Fitness is as important as healthcare. People are interested in following exercise routines when working from home. Even as the world unlocks slowly, working professionals want to continue their workout regimen to remain nimble and healthy.

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