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Sample: Chic Outfits for Your New Year’s Eve Party

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A holiday soiree with family and friends is a grand affair, and while 2020 has been particularly difficult, there is no reason why you shouldn’t kick off 2021 with a grand celebration. Party planning comes with choosing something gorgeous in the arsenal that is your wardrobe!

Selecting a perfect outfit that is elegant and chic takes effort. To stand out in a crowd is not an easy feat, but do not fear. You have all the help you need, right here!

Here are some stylish outfit ideas that you will fall in love with:

Keep it classy with neutral tones

You can usually never go wrong with earthy tones. Pick up a beige top with white accents and pair it with simple yet stylish jeans. This chic outfit with neutral tones will accentuate your style and the impartial colours will make sure you look classy at any party. 

Athleisure is the way to go

2020 has been a year of virtual appearances with a laid back style. Why not bring that unique sense of fashion into the party? You can never go wrong with athleisure when it comes to finding comfort in a smart outfit. Party PJs with fur filigree or feather trimmings are totally in the season, especially when the air is nippy at this time of year!

Lazy fashion doesn’t go wrong

If looking effortlessly elegant is your thing, lazy fashion will suit you just perfectly! Tousled hair with a simple jumpsuit accessorized with dainty jewellery and a sleek belt is a recipe for a fabulous look. Pair it with a chic pair of heels, and you will find yourself becoming the centre of attention at the party.

Simple and sleek is the next ‘in’ thing

Pair your little black dress with a blazer, knee-high boots and minimal accessories, and you have yourself a sleek, simple, yet sexy outfit to welcome the new year. A dress cut from rich satin will never fail to mesmerize anyone who passes you by. What better way to party than being the belle of the ball?

Monochromes are all the rage

Gone are the days of bold colours and bright prints. Instead, mesmerize the party-goers with simple, elegant and classy monochromatic tones paired with simple accessories. Layer your outfit with turtlenecks and blazers to look chic-comfy. Never miss an opportunity to flaunt this style.

Some sparkle and shine never hurt anyone

The dance queen—Gina Linetti—has spoken to us all. A little sparkle, surprise and pizzazz is always a great way to capture the attention of the party. Besides, a sparkly outfit is sure to let everyone know that as difficult as 2020 has been on all of us, it has not dulled your shine!

It’s time to go retro

Are you a fan of retro classics such as ripped jeans, plaid shirts, bootcut pants and leather vests? Well, retro fashion will suit you just fine! Don on a pair of bootcut jeans paired with neutral heels, a plaid or floral shirt, and a simple yet elegant jacket, and no one will miss your tasteful choice at any party.

Go BIG on the party life

Looking gorgeous in an oversize sweater vest with tight leather leggings to ward off the nip in the air is a wonderful way to welcome the new year. 

Cozy, classic and chic

Simple, elegant and classy is a fashion statement that has stood the test of time. All you need is a well-fitted dress (monotone works wonders), the perfect pair of hoops and possibly a neck chain paired with pump heels, and you are ready to roll. 

As whimsical as Alice in Wonderland

A puffy layered dress, a little black dress or beauty in athleisure, the choice of clothes is yours. What matters the most is that you wear it with confidence and a dazzling smile. Let your outfit show off your unique personality!

New Year’s party is a perfect occasion to make your fashion statement; and now that you have the entire catalogue in front of you, the sky’s the limit. If you need more tips, we are here to help you. 

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