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Sample: 10 Ways to Don a Silk Scarf

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For a fashion enthusiast, limiting any apparel to just a few styles and wearing it the same way every time is equal to a lot of missed fashion opportunities and jaw-dropping ensembles. If you own a beautiful silk scarf and are running out of ways to use it more innovatively, have a look at the list below. 

Here are ten different ways you can use your silk scarf to create new, captivating looks. 

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Take the scarf head-on

  • Style it with your bun: A bun is the simplest, most comfortable yet fashionable way to style your hair. Do you know how to make your simple bun hairstyle become a crowd-pleaser? The answer is silk scarf styling! Make your usual bun. Fold the silk scarf twice or thrice depending on the width of the scarf and tie it around the bun, and you are ready to roll.
  • Turn it into a bandanna: Nothing can be better than using a silk scarf as a bandanna. Take your favourite scarf, style the knot in the centre or anywhere else you like and tie  the remaining length of the scarf neatly at the bottom of your scalp. 
  • Replace your rubber band: Simple rubber bands or scrunchies are good to keep your ponytail in place, but not good enough to make a fashion statement. You can use a black rubber band to make a ponytail first. Then, layer it by tying your favourite silk scarf around the ponytail. You can make a single or a double knot. Try making a bow with the knot for an elaborate version.

Go neck-to-neck

  • Cowl neck: Cowl neck is a chic way to amp up your look. It can enhance and beautify your simple top or slip dress. Gather and fold the silk scarf around your neck, and the stage is all yours.
  • The classic loop: Not in the mood of making an effort to enhance your look? The classic scarf loop will save the day. Just wrap the scarf around your neck and pair it with a classy white shirt or t-shirt to ace the look.
  • Pin the ends: If you have a tiny scarf and cannot fold it around the neck, you can pin the ends of the scarf to make a loop. Wear the loop around your neck for a stunning look. 

Accessorize it

  • Replace your belt: Pep up your casual t-shirt and jeans look by adding a neatly folded scarf in your belt hooks. Fold the scarf three or four times to make a long band. Tie it like a belt and knot the ends.
  • Tie it around your tote bag: You want to add a splash of freshness to your ensemble, but don’t want to hide behind a scarf? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. You can don your favourite scarf without really wearing it. Confused? Tie your scarf around the belt of your tote bag. This simple tip redefines your outfit without much effort.

Mask your scarf!

How can you miss the mask when we are still in the COVID-19 era? Safety masks have become a mandate these days. So, it’s a good idea to bring some fun to these boring masks by DIYing. Make your customised mask using a small silk scarf. Make a rectangle and tie a knot at the back. 

Top it up! 

Turn that square scarf into an amazing scarf top and complete your casual look. Fold your silk scarf into a big triangle. Place the longest edge of the triangle along your chest and tie a knot using the remaining edges at the back. You can pair this funky top with a denim jacket and denim shorts. Wear flip flops if you want an awesome, beach-struck look.

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