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5 Zomato Digital Marketing Strategies To Learn From

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 12/01/224 min read
5 Zomato Digital Marketing Strategies To Learn From

Table of Contents The Zomato Digital Marketing Strategy How Zomato Approached Twitter Zomato Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19 5 Top Digital Marketing Campaigns By Zomato  Key Takeaways Conclusion FAQs Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah launched Zomato. The idea to kick off Zomato came to them after they observed that finding restaurant menus online was tough.… Continue reading 5 Zomato Digital Marketing Strategies To Learn From

Table of Contents

  • The Zomato Digital Marketing Strategy
  • How Zomato Approached Twitter
  • Zomato Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19
  • 5 Top Digital Marketing Campaigns By Zomato 
  • Key Takeaways
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah launched Zomato. The idea to kick off Zomato came to them after they observed that finding restaurant menus online was tough. They decided to address this central pain point of customers and floored FoodieBay – their startup. It emerged as Delhi’s leading online restaurant directory by 2008 and was soon renamed Zomato. 

Zomato has taken a giant leap ever since its inception in July 2008. What started as a food review website has emerged as a major food ordering giant catering to the masses. Zomato is a multinational entity serving more than 65 million customers every month. 

From food reviews to food ordering and entertainment and more, Zomato has come a long way. So much so that its digital marketing strategy has become a case study. And its success may not have been possible without a robust Zomato digital marketing strategy. Zomato has consistently invested in its digital marketing campaigns, and the result is for everyone to see! The brand is present internationally and in tier-I, -II, and -III cities across India. 

The Zomato Digital Marketing Strategy

The crux of Zomato’s digital marketing strategy is agility and innovation. They have stayed relevant by changing food delivery dynamics. And being able to click across all regions has worked wonders for them. The company has constantly analyzed its performance across all spheres and changed what didn’t work. The image below depicts how customers are using Zomato’s services across India. 


The company also set up business in key markets like Dubai, Qatar, England, the Philippines, and more in 2012. They based their overall marketing plans on two approaches: launch their own products and acquire rivals like Uber Eats and more.

They also introduced Zomato Gold – a subscription service offering extra and customized services to customers that helped them get more customers on board. Their usage of bold colors and to-the-point messaging has added to their innovativeness. 

How Zomato Approached Twitter

The most vital Zomato digital marketing strategy has been its ability to communicate easily. The tone of their ads is engagingly unconventional, making them invincible in their niche. Interacting with the audience on a platform like Twitter has given them immense visibility.  

In July 2019, one of their viral tweets asking their customer base to order less and have more home-cooked food made them earn super brownie points. Since this tweet was precisely the opposite of what they do, it resonated with the Twitterati and offered the impression of a caring and responsible brand. Reverse psychology worked as an influential tool that tempted more customers to order meals on Zomato. Eventually, other brands used similar tactics to prove that they were responsible brands, too. But everyone knew who the original trendsetter was!


Zomato Digital Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

Zomato has a vast delivery and logistics network, making it a perfect platform to deliver during a crisis. And this is what happened when COVID-19 hit India. The Zomato digital marketing strategy included delivering groceries and food, which made them grow their base because it depicted their responsibility. They also focused on helping daily wage earners and the Zomato community at large. 

5 Top Digital Marketing Campaigns By Zomato

1. Zomato Premier League (ZPL)

IPL is when most people order from restaurants and watch cricket matches without any hindrance. Zomato unlocked the IPL code by launching ads to lure foodies into ordering more. What’s more, their deals and discounts made those orders even more attractive.  

Zomato Premier League (ZPL) is a top Zomato digital marketing strategy that other brands can learn from. They promoted the sport, tempted customers to order, focussed on the match, and saved money via deals and discounts. More than 4 million customers made the most of the ZPL.


2. Zomato Gold membership

Zomato Gold is a premium subscription-based service that offers consumers much more. It comes with a complimentary dish at any outlet participating in the membership. It makes customers feel like a king as they get perks with every meal. 

Restaurants did not find this profitable for them when it was launched in 2017. But in 2018, this program accounted for 12% of ROI for the giant. The company has now collaborated = most of its loyalty plans and made them available under Zomato Gold. Zomato Gold is available in 23 cities in India and 6 countries.    

3. The launch of Zomato Food Delivery

After being a food review and menu directory, Zomato launched its food delivery service in 2015. It set up quirky launch campaigns, which helped them grab more eyeballs. The bright red hoardings placed strategically across the country made people decide to try the delivery service.


4. On-time or free delivery

Zomato came up with an “on-time or free” offer in 2019, which promised that if food were not delivered on time, it would be free of cost for the customer. Customers could ask for a refund. This strategy was conveyed via TV ads and online creatives, along with social media.


5. Mother’s Day

The Zomato Mother’s Day campaign was one of the best marketing strategies that left users awestruck. Under this, kids were encouraged to order their mothers’ favorite food via the Zomato app. Children living away from their mothers were able to connect with this campaign, leading the company to enjoy a sea of orders. Zomato made it possible in 200+ locations across India.


Key Takeaways

  • Simple and direct messaging works. Humor works as a great tool and must be employed when needed.
  • Bold colors and compelling visuals can make you stand out from the crowd – from hoardings to online ads – they work everywhere.
  • Connecting with users and touching their lives in any way can help you earn loyalty.
  • Giving “out of the box” deals, discounts, along with on-time delivery or making it free, makes users feel that a business values them.
  • Creating a loyal community base can help you continue earning your bread and butter.
  • Helping people and being a warrior in any form during a crisis like COVID-19 can make them remember you for long – increasing your loyal user base.


You are now well versed with the leading Zomato digital marketing strategies that helped them emerge as one of the most recognized brands in India. This just shows that if you employ out-of-the-box ideas and invest in your content strategy, you can do wonders with your brand. 


1. What is Zomato?

Zomato is an Indian multinational food delivery and restaurant menu directory brand. 

2.  Who founded Zomato, and when was it launched?

Zomato was established by Deepinder Goyal and Pankaj Chaddah in 2008.

3. How does Zomato work?

Zomato works via its widespread food delivery business through an app. The company charges restaurants commission based on the frequency and volume of orders. Users pay a delivery fee (based on their subscription). The commission collected is again split between the delivery executive of the company and the organization.

4. What’s unique about Zomato?

Zomato has employed super innovative digital marketing strategies making it a hot favorite in India. It has helped users get better access to all kinds of food and restaurants.

5.  Is Zomato available across India?

Yes. Zomato is available across India in major cities, including small towns. You can order your food online on the Zomato app in more than 200 cities.

6. How many countries is Zomato available in?

You can find Zomato delivering your favorite foods in 19 major countries.

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