Want People To Sit Up And Take Notice Of Your Blog?

Team Pepper
Team Pepper
Posted on 22/09/203 min read
Want People To Sit Up And Take Notice Of Your Blog?

Upgrade Your Presentation

Consider this situation: you are an ardent blogger with wonderful and innovative ideas to present to the world. You start a blog where you build your content with the utmost care and spread the word across social media. You even use some amazing content writing services who provide you with solid content. However, your blog isn’t getting the desired traffic.

Is this your story? The blog visiting traffic is a moody one with a special brand of impatience. Today’s readers are more likely to scan through the content before deciding to read it in detail. This is why, as a blogger, it is important for you to capture their attention within the first few seconds. Studies have shown that the first 8 seconds are key towards deciding the quality of a blog.

What you need to do is to present your content smartly so that you can get your point across without compromising on the objective of the blog.

Keep It Short, Buddy!

Split your content into smaller paragraphs and introduce subheadings to the text.

For a visitor who is reading your content on the go or amid breaks, long-winded texts about even an interesting topic can put off the reader and inspire them to move on to the next thing.

Another point that must be factored in is that those readers who read your blog usually do so with a handheld device, precisely speaking, a mobile phone. Huge blocks of content are tiresome enough to read on a desktop/laptop screen, but the same experience on a mobile screen can be downright painful and frustrating.

As a solution to that, we recommend that you use cleverly written subheadings and follow them up with content in small paragraphs. This will help in capturing your reader’s attention long enough to get the gist of the blog. Soon the reader is drawn into the content and ends up reading the entire blog. If well-written, the reader might take further action and even share it across social media, thus drawing more attention to your blog.

Who Ya Talkin’ To, People?

Before you write your blog, you must understand who you are writing it for and write accordingly.

There are many ways of presenting a particular topic because it carries along with it a treasure trove of information from surrounding subjects too. To be able to put forward your message effectively, it is important to understand who your audience is.

Say, for example, you are an expert at gardening and landscaping, and you write about those topics. There would be no point in talking about the basics of landscaping to a reader who is as well versed in it as you are, if not more. To a peer landscaper, your content should maybe discuss the latest trends in landscaping or common issues that crop up in a big landscaping project.

But such a heavy topic would go right over the head of a novice or a home-based gardener for whom it is a one-time project. For such an audience, you should first start with the basics of landscaping and ask questions to ensure that their progress is on track.

So, you see, the topic is the same: landscaping. But the content is different for a different audience.

Deck The Content With Boughs Of Formatting

As mentioned before, for a reader who is browsing content on a mobile phone or other hand-held devices, it can be a painful experience to go through long-winded blocks of content.

It doesn’t end with splitting the content into small paragraphs and subheadings. You can make your content more readable by introducing a dash of formatting. Use bold and italic formatting to emphasise your point. You can also use bullets/numbering to split a list of items or a process description respectively.

Respect Whitespace

Nobody loves clutter. No matter how attractive the objects lying around are, the fact that they aren’t making the space beautiful make them an eyesore.

Same with words. If you use too many words cluttered together, you are likely to scare the reader away. That’s why it is necessary to place appropriate spaces within the content. Well placed white spaces allow the reader to take a breather while reading and therefore not bounce away from the page and move on to another.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

A visual appeal to a blog goes a long way towards sparking the reader’s interest.

Add relevant visuals to your blog post to convey your message in a more effective manner. Studies have shown that a person is more likely to be attracted to content that has bright visuals than a mere black-and-white stretch of words that goes on and on.


Clearly, blogging is no longer just a matter of typing our content and putting it out there. Unless it is a personal journal, but then that’s a whole different scenario.

Today, a blog is not just about expressing yourself but expressing yourself in the right way, media-wise. In today’s world, it is first important to be able to get the reader to scan or skim through the content before reading it thoroughly.

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