15 Uses of Content Generator Tools and Why You Need Them

Team Pepper
Posted on 12/07/227 min read
15 Uses of Content Generator Tools and Why You Need Them
There are several uses of content generator tools. This blog lists 15 of them.

Without content, the whole idea of a business would cease to exist. It is the cornerstone for any business to grow in cyberspace. Today, 97% of consumers read about a product online before purchasing it. Content idea generator tools help businesses form content that distinguishes itself from the horde of online marketing strategies.


What Are Content Idea Generator Tools?

Generating content for your online business website can be tedious. Content idea generator tools came into existence to make it simple. Whether it is a blog topic, blog post idea, content topic, article idea, free content idea, or content marketing idea, online content idea generator tools can create them for you using artificial intelligence (AI) powered tools.

AI-powered tools produce unique content ideas for your blogs, articles, listicles, infographics, memes, videos, podcasts, audios, GIFs, tweets, images, slogans, one-liners, captions, posts, and more.

Content topic generators or blog topic generators save a considerable time spent thinking, procrastinating, ideating, and looking for nearby inspiration. Besides that, it creates intriguing content for the people of today who want something that stands out.

These tools are particularly productive when you need to know which topic you should choose for your website blog. For instance, let us use one of these as an example.




Artificial intelligence does all the thinking, generating, creating, and analyzing for you. 57% of B2B marketers struggle to make ideas, topics, or grab content now and then. Online content generator tools became concrete to solve this very pressing issue.

Top 15 Benefits of Content Idea Generator Tools

More than 37% of companies use content idea generator tools. What could be the numerous benefits of content generator tools present in cyberspace? Let us find out.

1. Saves your time

A writer needs a lot of time to complete a topic. Of course, some writers can submit articles within hours. But when you are stuck with a writer who takes an eternity to write, you can depend on a blog post idea generator.

It saves the precious time that you can devote to gathering customers.

2. It is all-encompassing

Creating headlines is not an issue. How about collecting fresh ideas from Pandora’s box? Not a predicament at all. Do you need automated alt text for your image assemblage? That will also be done. Or maybe you want your content to possess no plagiarism. There are no hassles. Does your content need to be researched? That has never been a problem. Or do you have issues with lead magnet creation? Online content generator tools can do all this and more.

3. Keyword generator

Today’s AI-powered content generator tools are way ahead of their time. They can give you keywords in no time. Keywords that are not just SEM (Search Engine Marketing)-oriented, but SEO (Search Engine Optimization)-oriented.


Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more check for unique content through keywords. Keywords generated by an online content generator tool bolster your content to reach the top section of a search engine.

4. Fresh ideas out of the box

Think of a website made for doctors. It sells gifts designed for doctors. How would the blog section of this website look? Take another example.

A website intended for selling embroidery patches, leather accessories, letter patches, enamel pins, and anime pins. How should a product description for this website attract a crowd aged between 18 and 35?



For such obstacles, online content generator tools come in handy. They have fresh, unique, automated, and trending ideas out of the box.

5. Defeats writer’s block

Writing gets so hectic and brainstorming for a writer sometimes is challenging. Writers stare at the blank screen, distracts themselves with music, scroll through social media platforms, or go through old emails.

In short, the writer suffers from writer’s block. In such a case, a blog topic generator or a content topic generator proves to be advantageous.

6. You don’t have to look for inspiration anywhere else

A content creator looks for inspiration in his daily life. It could be in the form of a coffee mug or a wall painting. Perhaps, it is the top of a tree. Creating content comes naturally to them.

But it can sometimes not happen when they look for inspiration. In such a context, content idea generator tools are of ample use. These tools can prevent you from looking for inspiration elsewhere.

7. Creates headings for you to give to your writers

Your website is ready. Your products have descriptions. Now you want to drive visitors to your website’s blog section. You do not know how to begin.


That is when you can knock at the door of an article idea generator. Just enter your keyword, and you will get ample headings. In no time, you can share headlines with your writers and watch how they flourish in your blog section.

8. It gets all the dirty work of research done for you

Any topic is incomplete without thorough research. It is like looking at the sun without goggles. You know your eyes will hurt, but you did not search for goggles before looking straight at the sun.

A content marketing ideas generator performs extensive and vivid research on the topic of your likes. And it gives you the blog or article you desire on a silver platter.

9. Checks for plagiarism for you beforehand

Plagiarism is a huge writing or blogging mistake and it taints your reputation like no other. The Google police discards your content if plagiarized using utmost scrutiny. You do not want that to happen to your precious content. Every sentence in today’s world feels like an old tale. Only an AI-powered tool can distinguish itself from the masses.

A blog topic generator has the potential ingrained power to omit repeat sentences. You certainly would wish to possess it for your business’s website.

Pepper Docs leverages AI to ensure that you get the most unique content out there.

10. Creates an outline for your team to follow

Without content, there is no basis for digital marketing agencies. One needs a format to follow when it comes to creating content.

Devoid of a proper outline, the content is bound to look haphazard. Outlining is no less than a tedious task. A free content idea generator creates outlines for your writers to make it easy. It aids in formatting content like no other.

Pepper Platform offers Outline Suggestions to enable a streamlined content creation process.

11. Provides suggestions for word count

At times, content falls short of words. Or sometimes, there are a lot of words that make no sense to the reader.

The resolution to this lies in adapting a content marketing idea generator. It gives the exact number of words you need to impress netizens.

From word count to readability level suggestions, the Pepper Platform can ensure the creation of high-quality content.

12. Offers automated alt text for images

Alt text images do all the talking for your content. It is the “why” behind an image. It connects the image to your content.

Imagine if a tool could generate automated alt text for your images? It would read your image and write content for it automatically. Well, that is what an online content generator does for you.

13. Hunts for relevant images for your text

After content writing comes the research skills application, i.e., relevant image posting. Your content is interesting, but if it lacks relevant images, it will not deliver the impact you wish to with your content alone.

Research says the human brain processes visual images 60,000 times faster than texts. Many star-studded websites offer far too many relevant pictures. But the search for it takes a lot of your time, effort, and attention. A free content idea generator does it in less time and effort for you.

14. Helps you with lead magnet creation

Leads are your customers. The magnet is attracting them to your website. Lead magnet creation means asking for contact information from netizens in exchange for something highly-valuable to them. Check out this image.


An online content generator tool can create such lead magnets. It will attract a lot of client bases for your online business.

15. Delivers meta descriptions for your blog topics

You have headlines. You have body content, too. But you do not know how to put everything into 165 characters of the meta description. Like in the newspaper, two to three sentences mentioned below the headline in italics give an idea to the reader about the whole article.

Meta descriptions can make or break your article. If it is not powerful enough to grab a reader’s attention, it will go in vain. Worry not; a blog topic generator can help you create meta descriptions.

Final Words

There is no guarantee that AI-powered tools would replace the human brain. But there is a lot they can offer you in terms of lessening the load.

Get hold of free ideas for your content pieces using online content generator tools. We have curated the fifteen benefits of using them. Now, it is up to you to make it worthwhile.

Understand the limitations of each AI writing tool before you jump to opt one. Here are some eye-openers for you:

  • You might still have to edit it with your human eyes
  • When it comes to research, it might still lack a human eye for detail
  • It might take over a writer’s job
  • The content could seem irrelevant
  • The content might lack context or point of view
  • Machine-generated tools or AI tools come with hidden costs
  • The AI-generated tools may lack the creativity of a human mind
  • You may risk your content being penalized by search engines. It could be full of plagiarized content or mistakes

Key Takeaways

  • A content idea generator produces attractive, short, crispy, quippy, and Google-worthy copies in no time and at a press of a button. Look for tools that are not only free but also all-in-one.
  • If you cannot decide on a business name, slogan, blog topic, or caption for your Instagram post, or random comments on memes an AI content idea generator will help you with everything you need to build usable and reliable content.
  • These tools create ideas, topics, articles, blogs, posts, listicles, memes, captions, slogans, one-liners, etc.
  • Even if the content lacks the human touch, you could edit and personalize it. It is far better than writing from scratch. 
  • Some AI-powered tools have the power to give you suggestions from the varicolored fields of expertise.


1. What is Article Forging?

Article forging is an AI content generator tool. It scans various web pages, analyzes the content, and rewrites content in its language. The articles are SEO-friendly.

2. How should I create content for my website online?

– Include relevant content
– Write compelling copy
– Use grammatically correct sentences
– Identify your niche
– Map the content to the client lifecycle

3. What are some examples of an AI content generator tools?

– Smart Copy
– Zyro AI Writer
– Rytr
– ContentBot
– Writesonic
– Jasper AI
– Anyword
– Copysmith
– Kafkai
– Simplified

4. Who writes website content?

A website content writer or a technical writer writes content for a website. If you are not in touch with one, you can easily use one of the online content generator tools to write website content.

5. What is AI writing?

AI writing is a process that leverages artificial intelligence to create content in terms of tone, style, structure, ideation, and unique skills. It gives marketers a creative boost.