15 Creative Ideas for Your Brand to be Relevant & Engaging on Twitter

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Posted on 14/09/216 min read
15 Creative Ideas for Your Brand to be Relevant & Engaging on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most effective social media marketing platforms. Its fast-paced reach and real-time conversations make it one of the world’s favorite networking sites for users and brands.

These amazing facts about Twitter and its reach will make you curious to use it for your brand engagement and reach.

  • There are 300 million monthly active users 
  •  145 million daily users on the platform
  • A total of 1.3 billion accounts have been created
  • There are 500 million tweets sent each day.
  •  6,000 tweets sent every second
  • 92% of companies use Twitter once a day  

Using Twitter for brand reach and engagement can allow businesses to reach their target audience and help in the generation of leads too.

But the question is how to reach these 330 million active users and engage them?

You will find the answer to this question in this blog that gives 15 creative tweet ideas for businesses to engage your Twitter audience.

Let us first understand the basics of engagement on Twitter. 

What is Twitter Engagement?


The first thing brands focus on is to increase the follower count; the number of followers matters as it will increase the brand reach and popularity.

The main objective of posting the content on Twitter is to keep the users engaged and interact with them. There are multiple ways the users engage with the brand on Twitter. They include: 

  • Liking the Tweet
  • Retweeting
  • Clicking on the link 
  • Sharing the tweet

The strategies for increasing Twitter engagement and click-through rate (CTR) include how you interact with other content, the words you choose to create your post, and how and when you post your content.

15 Tweet ideas for Your Brand to Drive Engagement

1. Create an attractive Twitter landing page

Since Twitter has a word limit on everything, you can create an attractive separate landing page for Twitter which can be added as a Twitter profile web address. This landing page introduces Twitter users to your business.

The landing should be short and to the point. It should include details about the brand, products, and a personalized message from you.

2. Organize your follow list

Following relevant accounts on Twitter can help in increasing brand reach amongst your target audience. Since you need to follow many people on Twitter, responding and identifying each user becomes difficult. But with the amazing feature of Twitter called Twitter Lists, you can group the users into a list and manage it easily.

 Separate lists can be made for customers, influencers, and many others.

3. Update your profile picture

Your brand image should be associated with each tweet to make an impression on users’ minds. Many businesses use their brand’s logo, which users can easily remember.

Use the correct size of profile image as per the Twitter size guidelines and use high-quality pictures only. The profile image should be relevant to the business and connect with users easily.

4. Increase your visual branding

Uplift the look and feel of your Twitter page by using various colors and graphics. This will increase the visual branding of the brand, and it will be recognized easily by users from among the crowd.

Rich visuals always make your page look appealing and attractive. Twitter also allows customization of your Twitter profile page, which in turn allows you to provide additional information about your business. You can also create a customized graphic as your Twitter background to make it eye-grabbing.

5. Write an interesting Bio

Bio is a brief of your business and what you are dealing with. Write an interesting bio which tells your business story in a short message.

The Bio should include information like:

  • Tell them about your business
  • Explain how you help people
  • Share few benefits
  • Show your passion

6. Make it public

Make your Twitter page public so that people can find it easily everywhere. Add your Twitter account to all the business assets from where users can directly access it.

  • Add your Twitter page link to:
  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Product-related description articles
  • Newsletter
  • Official email signatures

7. Follow your customers

Twitter is a great platform to interact with your customers and engage them. Follow your customers and identify their preferences through a personalized conversation.

This way, you can give updates about your products and services to customers and also answer their queries.

8. Reward the users who retweet you

You can set up contests and reward programs on Twitter and recognize users who retweet you. It will encourage more users to retweet and share your content.

Twitter can also be used to drive traffic to your blogs or ebooks. You can design a reward program for those who comment and click on your links. This is one among some excellent Twitter campaign ideas to boost engagement.

9. Bookmark the favorite tweets

Bookmark the important tweets and use them later for your content strategy. Use the browser’s bookmarking tool or an online bookmarking service to track important tweets to use in the future.

10. Choose relevant tweet topics

Select relevant topics to discuss and share on Twitter. Provide content that adds value to the users instead of just posting something irrelevant. Understand your users, talk about topics that provide information, and help people overcome their challenges.

When it comes to sharing, don’t be ambiguous or too complicated. Sometimes, the best way is to directly discuss users’ pain points and how your brand can help them.

Although it can be difficult to grab users’ attention, don’t tweet too often and drown yourself in your content. Posting too many tweets will not increase engagement, but it will instead make your page clumsy.

Try to provide the right information and correct data to users. Such rich content ideas for Twitter will increase the loyalty of users towards your brand. 

11. Know the best time to tweet for you

Study your users and find out the timings of when they are active on the platform. Analyze their behavior and mark the peak hours. Even though you might possess rich content and visuals, it will not reach the right people if not posted at the right time.

Try to post your tweets in peak hours for maximum sharing and retweets. There is always a pattern of when more users are active during a day or in a week. Use these peak hours to gain maximum clicks and engagement. This is one of the great Twitter engagement ideas.

12. Make use of Twitter ads

Start experimenting with Twitter ads if your Twitter engagement is still low after using all the tactics mentioned above. They will help increase your engagement and also the number of followers on your page.

Twitter’s ads have higher click-through rates (CTR) and can drive traffic to your brand. You can create your ads from the same tab from the dropdown menu where you have the analytics option.

There are various advantages of using Twitter ads. These include: 

  • Better CTR
  • Payment for objective achieved
  • Mobile optimized
  • Faster reach and higher potential
  • Increase in offline traffic

13. Use hashtags

Hashtags are very crucial on Twitter. A Tweet with a hashtag has 33% higher engagement when compared to the tweets that have no hashtags, says Statista. 

Tweets with specific or relevant hashtags of your business are more likely to be retweeted and reach the right audience. Hashtags can also help find an audience relevant to your brand.

14. Share live videos

Video content always has higher engagement compared to textual content. Incorporate live videos in your tweets since they can help you rank higher in the Twitter algorithm and move upward in the user’s feed. 

You can also go live on Twitter using the supporting application and gain popularity among users.

15. Tweet briefly

Keep your tweets short and simple. Don’t overwhelm and post lengthy tweets to gain engagement. People like a straightforward tone. Briefly convey your thoughts to the users and be precise and clear in your tone to gain followers’ trust.

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The tips mentioned above can help you be relevant to your brand and increase users’ engagement with your brand on Twitter.

Twitter is an effective platform to drive traffic to the website. It acts as an interactive medium to communicate with users and brand influencers.

You don’t have to spend a lot to gain engagement on Twitter; just a few adjustments to your content can make your brand popular and trending on this platform.


1. How do brands engage on Twitter?

Brands usually create engaging content so that they can interact with their audiences on Twitter. Twitter tracks engagement every time a tweet is clicked. Engagement can be in the form of replies, follows, favorites, links, cards, embedded media, hashtags, etc. 

2. How do you get creative on Twitter?

You can get creative on Twitter with the help of: 
– Asking questions or conducting polls 
– Talking about industry news
– Having brand announcements
– Posting interesting and relevant GIFs and memes
– Using promo codes or flash sales

3. What should brands use Twitter for?

Twitter is a platform for brands where they can have meaningful conversations with their target audiences and users. It is a place where they can ensure that the right people hear their messages. Statistics say that as many as 50% of Twitter users follow brands.

4. What is the best time to post on Twitter?

The best time to post on Twitter varies from brand to brand. However, some statistics suggest that the most appropriate time is between 9 am and 3 pm on Wednesday and between 9 and 11 am on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.