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Top 20 Video Production Companies in 2022-23

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Posted on 22/12/227 min read
Top 20 Video Production Companies in 2022-23
Looking for an agency to make the perfect corporate video? This article provides a curated list of the best video production companies for your business.

Videos are a powerful tool for storytelling. Whether it is corporate video production or content about a philanthropic cause, more than 80% of businesses and marketing professionals admit that video marketing is the most effective communication channel in the world. 

With the increasing demand for video production, more and more video production companies are coming to the fore as businesses look to outsource this important task. But with the rise in the number of agencies offering video production services, it can be a tough decision to zero down on the best fit for your brand. 

To ease the process, here is a list of the top 20 video production companies of 2022 that have been making ripples in the market!

20 Best Video Production Companies of 2022-23

1. NinjaPromo

A leading digital marketing agency with a global presence, NinjaPromo’s USP is explainer videos. They curate video production packages that are tailored to the client’s needs. Their video production services range from social media videos to brand promotion videos. From ideation to post-production, everything is handled by their team of experts, including scriptwriters, directors, camerapersons, and editors. They would also guide you with a marketing content strategy that best suits your business needs.

2. ASL Productions

Another leading video company, ASL, has been a global player in the market for over 15 years. Its success rides on its talented pool of producers, directors, camerapersons, editors, and crew members. Because they work with a pool of experts, you can always negotiate the rates to fit your marketing budget. 

Corporate video production, customer testimonials, animations, etc., are some of the best services offered by ASL Productions. What’s more? They cater to all sorts of clients, from BMW and McDonald’s to local businesses.

3. DemoDuck


DemoDuck is a homegrown Indian video company specializing in animation videos. Their explainer videos can provide tough competition even to the world’s most established video production companies. Promotional videos, corporate videos, ads, or animes, you want it, you got it with DemoDuck.

4. Brafton

Brafton is a well-established digital marketing company that offers video production services like animation, on-location shoots, explainer videos, testimonials, corporate video production, etc. But their forte is creating brand videos to promote on social media channels like Facebook and YouTube.

5. Broadcast2World

Broadcast2World, or B2W, is your go-to video company if you want to win over new customers. Powered by SaaS and enterprise technology, the B2W team creates compelling corporate videos that strike the perfect chord with customers. Each video is custom-made and comes fueled with ideas fresh from the oven. Their rich clientele includes McAfee, Petuum, Omnivore, and others.

6. Razzmatazz Productions


Razzmatazz is one of India’s leading video production companies delivering stellar content for the last two decades. Although film production is their main genre of work, it has been making a mark in other categories of filmmaking like corporate video production, animation videos, etc. Their video production services include short films, documentaries, corporate videos, and photography.

7. Dragonfly

One of London’s top video production companies, Dragonfly offers 360-degree solutions to all your video marketing needs. If you want to increase your click-through rates which will lead to conversions, you can trust Dragonfly to do the job. 

Their services include explainer videos, animes, promotional videos, aerial and location filming, and corporate videos. Their most noteworthy project so far has been with Sony PlayStation.

8. Indigo Productions

If you are looking for a one-stop shop for all your video marketing needs, go for Indigo Productions. Their expertise lies in virtual events, advertising, corporate video production, and videos for entertainment. Their star-studded clientele includes brands like Sony, Accenture, Samsung, and others. They are based in Los Angeles, USA.

9. Moburst


Not everyone can creatively tell a story. But trust Moburst to do that to perfection! One of India’s most innovative video production companies, Moburst, burst into popularity because of its compelling way of weaving a story into a commercial. 

Their products, corporate videos, or brand promotions are bound to leave a mark on the viewers because of the gripping visuals. Other video production services from the house of Moburst include app reviews, business visuals, product ads, etc.

10. Lemonlight

Think performance video marketing; think Lemonlight. This video company has been delivering some stunning and captivating videos that produce incredible impact. Their clientele is spread across industries like food and beverages, beauty, fashion, health and fitness, education, and home and garden. 

They specialize in video production services like corporate videos, people-related videos, promotional and marketing videos, and tutorials. Some of their most notable clients include Amazon, Meta, Airbnb, KFC, and Audi.

11. Printful

If you are looking for a budget-friendly video company that can deliver high-quality work, you must check out the video production services from Printful. It provides print-on-demand services along with stellar videography. 

Product video creation is their field of expertise, and some of their product videos are so realistic that they will compel the viewer to buy your product the very next second. 

They provide holistic packages from pre-production to editing. Or you can send them the footage, and they will deliver the final product after editing. Video editing, in that sense, is their forte.

12. Creamy Animation


Creamy Animation, as the name suggests, is an animation video production company specializing in product launch videos, brand promotions, and corporate video production. Their videos can truly instill life in your ideas, thanks to the expert team of animators and graphic designers. Their animes are catchy and leave a long-lasting impact on the viewer that basically serves your purpose of connecting with the latter.

13. True Film Production

True Film Production specializes in storyboarding, the result of which is a fascinating video that captivates your audience. They will work closely with you to understand your brand vision and share ideas that cater to specific video needs. Some of their best video production services include explainer videos, drone videography, corporate videos, and animation. They have collaborated with brands like Pfizer, Google, Uber, and Samsung to belt out powerful commercials.

14. Wild/Factory

Wild/Factory specializes in the domain of creative content marketing and is one of the global leaders among video production companies. Do you have an idea? Let Wild/Factory turn it into a powerful video for your brand that beautifully tells a story. They have created hundreds of commercials and videos for clients like Google, Mac, Canon, HBO, and others. Besides videos, they also create 2D and 3D animations and provide services in live-action filming.

15. Happy Making Films


Happy Making Films has made a name for creating videos that are a treat to the eyes. They are known to approach each new project with any client with the freshness of that first-ever idea. So, this video company makes videos that are innovative and tells a completely different story than its predecessors. Happy Making Films specializes in ads and commercials. They also use the latest technology to deliver the best results.

16. BluBlu Studios

One of the few video production companies managed and driven by designers, BluBlu Studios helps you develop sophisticated and highly advanced animated videos. It has been featured in the Top 15 Global Explainer Video Companies list. 

It offers video production services like animated series, explainer videos, corporate video production, and even music videos. The most notable clients of BluBlu Studios include The New York Times, Lenovo, Panasonic, Singapore Airlines, Nickelodeon, Deloitte, Macmillan Publishers, and many others.

17. Early Light Media

This is a very popular video company that has been around since 2013. It is run by three award-winning creative directors and has made the rounds of many international film festivals, winning 51 Emmy Awards. It has served more than 500 clients across the globe and offers video production services like commercials, corporate videos, 3D animation, documentaries, and just about everything in video production. Its most notable clients are Discovery Channel, Johns Hopkins University, National Geographic, McCann, Audi, Under Armour, and Microsoft.

18. Warewolf Films


Corporate video production is the expertise of Warewolf Films. Its unique take on branding inspires every commercial and promotional video that it has made for its clients. This makes it a brand favorite, and many Indian startups go to them for its affordable video production services. 

It mixes creativity with the latest technology, making it a unique production house and a hot favorite among its clientele.

19. New Pace Productions

New Pace Productions is a 15-year-old company creating high-quality digital video content for various purposes – from educational to entertaining. Its driving force is its dedicated team of producers, directors, and crew that are central to belting out affordable and unique video production services. This video company offers services across myriad industries, including healthcare, real estate, and the not-for-profit sector. Its most specialized services are corporate video production, promotions, commercials, web videos, motion graphics, and 3D animation. Its rich clientele has covered brands like AstraZeneca, The Wharton School, Capital One, Headstrong Foundation, and others.

20. Bastian Elevate

Bastian Elevate is a California-based video production company that offers a suite of video production services, including corporate videos, promotional ads, photo media production, influencer marketing collaborations, social media management, and even web app design and development. Influencer Marketing Hub lauded the services of Bastian Elevate by enlisting it in the prestigious Top 30 Social Media Agency. This video company has served clients like UCLA, Boston University, Guess, and others.

The recent hype around video production services is real. So, searching for good video production companies becomes tough, given the demand and the increasing supply of service providers. As a brand, you must constantly consider your audience’s wants. 

Accordingly, you have to choose a video company that will share that vision, understand your objectives, and delivers the desired results. While video production may seem a little part of your content strategy, it is extremely important. 

And like any other task, it requires dedication, hard work, and expertise. So, weigh your options well before zeroing down on the video production company. The above list of 20 is just to give you a sense of the trends and why you should only settle for the best.

Key Takeaways

  1. Video production is a key content marketing strategy of any 21st-century business.
  2. To choose from the best video production companies, you must consider your own budget and check the services offered by the video company.
  3. The best companies offer a range of video production services to cater to one or more of your business needs.
  4. Try to align your brand vision and goals with the video company to ensure the best results.
  5. Keep your audience in mind while choosing a video production company.


1. What are the key qualities of a good video company?

A good video company should have a professional portfolio, good client testimonials, high-quality standards, and multiple specializations.

2. What are video production services?

Video production services may range from ideation to pre-production to shooting to editing videos and/or moving images.

3. How to choose a good video production company?

To choose a good video production company, you can refer to customer testimonials, check the video company’s professional portfolio, including former clients, and review their services.

4. How to make a corporate video?

You can outsource corporate video production to a video production company or shoot it yourself in-house and then edit it with the help of experts

5. What is corporate video production?

Corporate video production is a creative way of presenting your business or brand, including snippets of your products and services.