SEO Strategy 2023: Core Web Vitals and Their Impact on Rank

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Posted on 22/11/224 min read
SEO Strategy 2023: Core Web Vitals and Their Impact on Rank
Digital marketing is a dynamic aspect of any marketing strategy, and marketers must be constantly updated. This blog focuses on core web vitals and SEO strategy in 2023

Ranking high on search engines has always been essential for businesses focusing on digital marketing. Search engines like Google constantly change their algorithms, and it can be challenging to keep up with the trends. But, we know that ranking better on search engine pages is necessary for your business to attract traffic. Hence it is vital to remain up to date by understanding the SEO strategy for 2023. 

Read on to improve your SEO strategy in 2023 and learn more about Core Web Vitals and how they contribute to a website’s ranking

Core Web Vitals And Their Importance

User experience is of utmost priority for Google. Keeping that in mind, Google released a page experience signal in 2021. Page experience signals measure users’ perception of their experience interacting with a web page. These signals include Core Web Vitals and search signals. Let’s dig deeper and understand Core Web Vitals and why they are essential to SEO strategy in 2023. 

Core Web Vitals


Core Web Vitals are measures that assess real-world user experience regarding page loading performance, interaction, and visual stability. Google released these new updates to improve its SEO strategy. These mainly include three things:

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): The speed at which the web page may load.
  • First Input Delay (FID): How the page responds to interaction with whoever visits it. 
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): The time needed for the page to become stable. 

Websites that met all these Core Web Vitals requirements were meant to rank higher than those that did not. However, the Core Web Vitals’ influence was not as far-reaching as Google had planned. But they have improved upon it further. Let’s see how you can rank better using Core Web Vitals as part of your 2023 SEO strategy.

How To Rank Higher with Core Web Vitals

As we said earlier, ranking high on a search engine is extremely important for web pages. Core Web Vitals will help you to plan your SEO strategy for 2023 by giving you regular feedback on what improvement is needed. 

Core Web Vitals Statistics


This section will discuss how you can rank higher with Core Web Vitals in 2023. 

  • LCP

If your website loads the most meaningful content for users within the first 2.5 seconds, it meets Google’s Best practices standards. LCP comprises the largest piece of content that becomes visible to the user in the first 2.5 seconds of clicking on it. 


The elements mainly considered for LCP are images, videos, and elements with background images sourced through URL and block level elements. 

If you want a good SEO campaign for your website, you must work on your LCP score. And for that, you need to do a few things: 

  • Remove unnecessary third-party scripts 
  • Set the lazy loading for your website 
  • Update better web hosting for faster LCP 
  • Check Google Page Speed insights for any slow element
  • Remove bulky CSS.
  • FID

Keep track of the website’s FID to ensure a good SEO strategy. FID counts the number of clicks, key presses, and taps on a webpage, improving your FID score. FID is important as an SEO strategy because it measures users’ first reaction when they visit your website. 


A good FID score helps a website rely on conversion, for example, through a newsletter sign-up or login. The FID score will only improve if the user clicks soon enough on the features. But users usually are impatient and click on various components; therefore, it is up to the website to offer a response under 100 ms, which is acceptable according to Google.

To improve the FID score, one would need to minimize javascript, remove third-party scripts and use a browser cache. 

  • CLS

These features are essential to know if you want to have an SEO strategy in 2023. Have you ever noticed when you open a webpage that its layout changes to fit your viewing? The primary function of CLS is to measure the total of all unexpected layout shifts that occur in the lifetime of the webpage. 

According to Google, the best CLS score is to stay below 0.1. When visitors navigate and engage with your website, they will become accustomed to a standard and norm; if items on your website change around as the page loads, this can create dissatisfaction and even undesirable repercussions.


But, if a user is not used to the layout changes, they will have to navigate around the website to learn where the buttons are. For example, if a user wants to add an item to the cart but clicks on the “buy now” button due to an unexpected layout shift, they will make an accidental purchase. 

To improve the CLS score of your website, you have to set proper dimensions for any video, media, or images that will not shift when the webpage is opened. It is also important to have a booked space for page elements, so they don’t end up scattering the content on the page. And lastly, keep UI elements stable on the page.

In the End

Core Web Vitals are very important, and they are here to stay. Core Web Vitals contribute towards 45% of your website ranking on the search engine. So you will need to design your website to include the Core Web Vitals. At the same time, keep updating your knowledge by focusing on the SEO strategy for 2023. 


1. Why are Core Web Vitals important for SEO?

Google Core Web Vitals are tangible SEO performance measures that provide insight into how visitors interact with your website. They give you particularly quantifiable data points to help you enhance your website’s overall user experience. Users are more inclined to return when they have a positive experience.

2. What is a good score on Core Web Vitals?

If you score 2.5s or less on CWV, then you are good to go. 

3. What are the three Core Web Vitals?

The three core web vitals are responsiveness, performance, and visual stability. 

4. What exactly is the Core Web Vitals update?

The Core Web Vitals algorithm upgrade is intended to provide website visitors with a more enjoyable and secure page experience.