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Top 11 Press Release Writing Services You Should Watch Out For

Team Pepper
Posted on 4/05/228 min read
Top 11 Press Release Writing Services You Should Watch Out For
Learn how to take your brand’s popularity to the next level with a these top 11 press release writing services.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Press Release?
  • Top 11 Press Release Writing Services
  • Why You Need Professionals to Handle PR
  • How To Evaluate a PR Writing Service

Have you ever wanted to become the talk of the industry with your exceptional marketing strategies? This can be done with an efficient PR writing service for your brand. Gone are the times when you had to put in backbreaking efforts to land yourself a satisfactory press release.

Right from traders to industrialists, they’re all using the formula of hiring a writing service to mitigate competition in the market! A well-chosen PR writing service helps strengthen a brand’s public image. If you want to tell your story and reach a million users, a PR writing service is a one-stop solution.


What is a Press Release?

In the simplest terms, a press release is a brief story crafted by a public relations (PR) professional and distributed to several media outlets. Yes, the PR gets the word out. The key to a well-written press statement is keeping it concise.

Basics of a Press Release

Press release length

Keep the writing to the point. A typical 350- to 500-word press article is ideal and considered optimum. Anything beyond that is long and unnecessary.

Rank in order of importance

All the essential information that can’t be missed should be covered in the first paragraph of the article. The details can be shared in the subsections of the PR.

Call for attention

A press release is usually sent out for announcements to a target audience or to grab the readers’ attention regarding something important. These articles shouldn’t be mistaken for advertisements. PR is fact-based; therefore, avoid using subjective words.


The Importance of a Press Release

A press release is an informative article or story allotted to reporters, editors, and/or different media contacts informing them of a particular issue to elevate that subject’s media profile.


In a well-written press release, the message conveyed must be done so virtually, concisely, and objectively. Since a press release isn’t about boosting company sales, customer-targeted language need not be hired.

Ultimately, press releases are supposed to deliver newsworthy statistics, including upcoming activities, employees’ information, new company strategies, and so on. Good press release distribution should ascertain that the facts are sent to the most significant and relevant media outlets to reach as many targeted readers as possible.

Top 11 Press Release Writing Services

1. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is India’s leading content management service, with various services available in one place. From writing content to social media to press releases, it is a one-stop shop for your content marketing requirements.

Pepper offers top-notch press release writing services. Handpicked writers shape your announcements in well-crafted words and weave a narrative across multiple press releases to keep the audience engaged while delivering your message seamlessly. The team behind Pepper also lets the media and your target audience know about the product or service you are announcing and spreads the word about your business.

2. Newswire

Newswire is a world-leading press release company that offers exceptional writing services to its clients. When you look at the affordability scale, this might not rank high, but it’s a good option given that its writers are experts in the field, and its turnaround time is 48 hours on average.


Its benefits don’t stop here; Newswire also provides you with unlimited revisions and a money-back guarantee. It’s a steal, right? Newswire is hands down the best press release writing service for businesses that wants a well-crafted article within a stipulated period. If the price factor isn’t a priority, you can give this service a shot.

3. Goodword PR

This top-notch PR writing service has launched various services ranging from social media strategy execution to brand strategy and consultation. This is one of the many advantages of hiring Goodword PR, as they offer an umbrella of services under one roof.

Their customized plans catch the clients’ attention. No doubt the services might be a little high on the price scale, but it’s justifiable. The return on investment is promising and yields good results. Look at their website to know more about their differential pricing and offers!

4. PR Distribution

PR Distribution claims to offer a 100% guarantee from their PR writing services. If you’re looking to create a buzz before your product launch, this writing service will do the job!

The company holds a panel of promising writers who get the work done within 2-3 days. The best part? Their services are available all round the clock! At PR Distribution, the packages start from $149 and go on until their premium package of $249.

5. Class PR

The coverage you get from the media by using this PR service kick-starts your brand strategy—the more people you reach, the more your brand will be discussed.


Class PR plays its role by recognizing the right news angle your brand needs. Their writers are sincere and provide quality work in an interesting layout. To work with Class PR, one must fill out a form, which will take not more than 20 minutes. Their price range starts from $197.

6. Brand Dignity

This PR writing service serves as the echelon of the PR market. If you choose Brand Dignity, be rest assured that your brand will receive extraordinary visibility. No questions asked. Trust this writing service company to steer the crowd in your direction and make a solid appearance on the news channels.

Brand Dignity has a variety of PR packages to match different client needs. Skyrocket your popularity at an affordable price. Moreover, the PR service also provides proper distribution services as well. If you’re still not convinced, you can check out their website and make a call for yourself.

7. CorpWriting

This place is all things corporate. CorpWriting works as a corporate press release writing service company and reaches targets in a similar or complementary field. Let’s explain this with an example: You’re looking to sell your gym’s franchise, and a corporate press release for all those interested in franchising would be the perfect PR for you.

This is when CorpWriting comes into the picture. The standard turnaround time is two days and includes a money-back guarantee. This makes it a competitive PR writing service company that one should not miss.

8. Fiverr

Businesses that want a more affordable writing service can opt for Fiverr. Fiverr is a freelance marketing portal where you can find services for as low as $5. This is probably one of our ultra-affordable writing services on the list.


However, you might have to spend between $200-300 at the max to get your desired combination of quality, quick turnaround time, and release length. Most press release services don’t let you have direct contact with the writers; however, at Fiverr, you’re personally in touch with the writer. This makes the process fluid and easy.

9. RightlyWritten

RightlyWritten is the expert writing service that offers brands that need a short press release written for an affordable fee a high-quality press release writing service. It’s unique in the sense that it has a smooth-to-use, self-carrier platform wherein you may choose the precise service you want regarding the type of content material, creator skill stage, and turnaround time.

It also has a monthly subscription that’s perfect for a continuous flow of press coverage. RightlyWritten permits you to save money building a custom package that fits your needs. It’s one of the cheapest services for writing press releases under 400 words. However, fees soar up for releases with a higher word count and faster turnaround time.

10. Press Machine

A company that was founded in 2002 and still holds a winning seat in the PR industry., Press Machine has terrific writers who get repeated orders. Press Machine is an independent PR company that will not disappoint you.

11. BKA Content

Their excellent press release writing plan starts from $43.40. BKA Content’s high-quality PR writing services make them a corporate favorite. Its community is spread internationally, and having worldwide contacts is a very common phenomenon for this PR website.


It gives out small segments of PR packages with less expensive pricing. Its editorial feedback, SEO, and proofreading centers will by no means disappoint you.

Why You Need Professionals to Handle PR

Writing a press release is one of the most crucial steps for your brand. The PR expert determines whether your brand is a hit or a miss in the public eye. You do not want to make the mistake of letting an amateur handle this; therefore, using the services of a professional press release writer can help leaps and bounds. You may ask: Why only a qualified person for this task?


Here’s why:

  • A professional will deliver authentic writing compared to any amateur who might be caught in plagiarism.
  • A professional will have experience with SEO. This will help improve your website ranking if done the right way.
  • They will deliver results on time.
  • A professional PR writer is much more affordable than a marketing agency.


How To Evaluate a PR Writing Service

  • Consider the turnaround instances every press writing carrier gives and whether they match your business’s needs.
  • Think about your average press release duration and consider this variety while calculating the expenses for added phrases. Most press writing offerings begin at the least 400 words.
  • Look at the one-of-a-kind media you can upload in your press release, including photos and videos, and find out if this option is provided within the base rate.

Here’s a list of some more factors that come into play while evaluating press release writing services:


Always remember you get what you pay for. If you use a cheap service, the benefits might not be as good as an expensive PR writing service. Besides the actual price, one must consider a service that has an easy-to-understand pricing package.


Media outlets are a crucial factor, so let’s cover it next. Ask yourself, “How many media outlets does the service cover?” One should keep in mind that it’s not a “the more, the better” notion here, although it increases your chances of getting coverage.

Intended audience

Who is your target audience? Is it local or multinational market segments? Based on these considerations, find out the press release service company’s geographical options.

In Summary

You can earn valuable visibility with a fruitful process of the press release. If you ask us, the hunt for choosing the best PR writing service for your brand is worth putting in an effort.

The bottom line: Press releases will take the load off creating the most amazing content so that you can focus on more important things related to business.

There are all kinds of options for services out there; it all boils down to your PR budget and ultimate objective. So, pick wisely for a world-class PR writing experience.

Key Takeaways

  • It’s always advisable to look out for all the PR service’s additional benefits, like customizable, interactive content.
  • The service should have a solid customer team that is quick and proactive.
  • SEO visibility is one of the best possible advantages of PR writing services.


1. How much does writing a press release cost?

There are many price packages to choose from because, in the end, it all depends on your budget. However, prices may be between $24 to $399 for a piece.

2. What is the difference between a press release writing service and a press release distribution service?

A press release writing service drafts the press release on behalf of a character or enterprise, often getting to know, writing and proofreading the content. A press release distribution carrier sends finished press releases to various media outlets.

3. How many words should a press release be?

Your ideal length shouldn’t be more than 500 words. Most press release writing services start at no less than 400 words.

4. What is a post-press release?

A post-event press release is written to share some highlights of an event, the keynote speakers, topics addressed, and other such metrics.

5. What is the difference between a blog and a press release?

A press release is sent from a company perspective and should be written in the third person. A blog post is from a personal perspective and is typically written in the first person.